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On the vast water, troops of water-kind spirit creatures could be seen coming from the north. Meanwhile, Ji Hao’s water city was pulled by ten-thousand starry void spirit turtles, slowly moving north.

Those water-kind spirit creatures vigilantly avoided the enormous city, staying at least a hundred miles away from it. They were enemies, but they moved at peace with each other.

The sky was still covered in dark clouds, and the heavy rain never stopped. A thick layer of water mist drifted upon the water surface. The humid mist had been approaching the wooden city wall of the water city, but was dispelled by those enormous sparkling spell symbols on the city wall from miles away.

Human warriors guarded on the city wall, alertly looking around. Their eyes sparkled with bright lights; under their watch, those water-kind spirit creatures couldn’t possibly launch attacks from underwater.

The city slowly moved north. The journey was safe and peaceful, and half a month had passed just like this.

Ji Hao sat in the headquarters, organizing the files sent from Pu Ban City and placing them orderly on the table.

Si Wen Ming had already started arranging manpower and material resources to implement his plan for flood-control. However, the plan was now facing a strong resistance. Once those people walked out of the great defensive formation of the city, water-kind armies attacked.

Within half a month, the human army had already fought over a hundred battles against the water-kind.

The number of those water-kind spirit creatures was way too huge, despairingly huge. Human warriors were well equipped; the individual power of each human warrior was way greater than those weak water-kind creatures. Both sides had suffered damages. Countless water-kind spirit creatures were slaughtered, the corpses piling up like mountains. These water-kind spirit creatures all turned back into their original forms before they died, and their corpses largely enriched the meat reserves of Pu Ban City.

Facing all kinds of difficulties, Si Wen Ming’s great plan came into operation.

"I wonder when can all this end." Ji Hao sat with crossed legs, with a clear sphere of mist floating above his head. Upon the mist, a red sun was shining in the air. The warm red light of the sun created changing shadows in the room, giving rise to a magical and mysterious sight.

Ji Hao’s spirit power surged towards the small cauldron in his lower belly like tidewater.

Observing for a couple of says, Ji Hao basically concluded that the small cauldron in his lower belly before, the one wrapped in the five-colored flame, was only the spirit of a supreme treasure, and the enormous cauldron that descended from the sky was the real treasure.

By now, the treasure had remerged with its spirit and generated a magical transformation. With Ji Hao’s current cultivation and knowledge, he couldn’t tell how did the transportation happen.

However, the Pan Gu bell automatically sank to his lower belly from his spiritual space and hung above the small cauldron, ringing slightly. The space was broken by the bell, as it had now been extracting pure, inexhaustible Chaos power directly from the Chaos and sending into the cauldron.

All kinds of fierce powers were contained in the Chaos power, added with countless types of poisonous powers, evil powers and the other negative energies. Therefore, no one in the world was stupid enough to cultivate him or herself directly with the Chaos power. However, as the Pan Gu bell was sending the raw Chaos power into the small cauldron, the latter glowed brightly with its five-colored light, creating a bottomless swirl that absorbed all the Chaos power. Processed by the small cauldron, slightly turbid yet pure and mellow streams of power were released from the cauldron, merging with Ji Hao’s body.

Half a month after the cauldron settled in Ji Hao’s body, Ji Hao felt that his bones had turned extremely strong and solid, while a strange and especially great power was flowing through his body. This improvement happened only to Ji Hao’s physical body, while his cultivation of Dao wasn’t affected at all.

"An interesting treasure." murmured Ji Hao, "I think this treasure was inside my body before I was even born. So…who put it in me?"

In the past few days, Ji Hao had been observing the cauldron with his spirit power. More or less, he discovered some functions of this cauldron. It could possess an immeasurably great creative ability; simply speaking, this cauldron was a fully-automatic production machine.

Armors, weapons, flags, streamers, warships, magic medicines, magic poisons, with enough materials, this cauldron could produce anything without limitations. Additionally, the products of this cauldron were all top-quality pieces. The cauldron was even powerful enough to turn after-world into pre-world.

Ji Hao’s Taiji Creation cauldron had the same magical function, but it was made by Qing Wei, Yu Yu and that mysterious powerful being together, and was more of a killing weapon. In terms of production efficiency, the Taiji Creation cauldron was far weaker than the small cauldron inside Ji Hao’s body.

Besides, in order to seal the Pan Jia sun, Ji Hao had left the Taiji Creation cauldron on the Sun Tower in Pu Ban City, to restrain is power. Once he left a cauldron in Pu Ban City, an even more magical cauldron descended from the sky. What a coincidence! Ji Hao felt that this was planned, and the planners seemed to have a bigger goal.

"It’s good for me though!" Ji Hao took a deep breath, and with the creation method with nine turns, he sent the Chaos power releasing from the small cauldron to every corner of his body. From his body, a terrifyingly strong power vibration was released. All of a sudden, a beautiful luster appeared on Ji Hao’s skin.

Puff! The door curtain was abruptly lifted. Man Man angrily walked in and conveniently threw the pair of hammers on the ground.

"Ji Hao, those Ten Sun Country people are so annoying! You have to do something." Man Man pouted her lips, standing in front of Ji Hao with her hands resting on hips as she said, "We haven’t fought any battle yet, but those people said that they didn’t bring enough arrows, and they want us to give each archer ten-thousand arrows! And those arrows have to be top-grade ones with spell symbols! So unreasonable!"

"Eh?" Ji Hao raised his head. All the way, the army under his command had been extra peaceful, and Ji Hao was just wondering why anyone didn’t pop up to cause any trouble. As he thought, it was about time for some people to jump out.

Ji Hao released his spirit power and instantly covered the entire city.

By the entrance of the logistic camp, a few Eastern Wasteland warriors commanders with feather armors, along with hundreds of Eastern Wasteland warriors and the guards of the logistic camp been pushing and shoving each other. At the time, an Eastern Wasteland warrior commander was yelling, "Get out of the way! We need arrows! Without enough arrows, are you expecting our Eastern Wasteland archers to fight with blades and swords?!"

"We need arrows! We need arrows! This is such a great army, don’t you have arrows in stock? Did you embezzle all the arrows?" Another Eastern Wasteland warrior commander shouted aloud. Ji Hao clearly saw him violently elbow a guard, even denting half of the guard’s chest.

The guard fell to the ground while vomiting blood. The group of Eastern Wasteland archers shouted even louder.

The Eastern Wasteland warrior commander who attacked the guard just now laughed loud and raised his hands high, telling the others that he was innocent. Suddenly, a silhouette flashed across the air and showed up before his face. That was Shaosi, who was responsible for logistical support of the army. She squeezed the commander’s neck and threw him into the sky.

Swish! The neck of that commander was pulled longer for over half a foot while he was sent swishing to the sky like an arrow.

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