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The thunder swept across the sky above the heaven, shattered all the clouds in the sky, crushed the few tens of thousands of miles long rainbows, and frightened those boas coiled around the dragon pillars nearly to death. Some lingering thunderbolts and flames fell down from clouds and landed on those poor boas, blasting them into strands of smoke, instantly.

With large steps, Gong Gong had been happily, excitedly walking in an entryway, which was paved by colorful jade. Hundreds of water-kind maids were trotting, followed closely behind Gong Gong, with smiles on their faces.

Madam Ink Cloud was Gong Gong’s youngest wife. She and Gong Gong had been married only for tens of years. She was pregnant now, and that too with eight sons!

Eight sons in one pregnancy! Eight sons!

In the recent ten generations, Gong Gong Family had always been thinly populated. Each of the past six generations of Gong Gong family only had one male member. Therefore, to Gong Gong, this was the greatest news ever! Especially at this time, when Gong Gong raised a flood, pushing to humankind into a hopeless situation. To Gong Gong, this was a sign!

"I am going to become the supreme central divine emperor. From now on, Black Emperor is the noblest divine emperor in the whole world!"

"The world has sensed my power. I am blessed. I finally have sons! Eight sons! Eight sons! Haha! Hahaha!"

Gong Gong was thrilled. He waved his arms in excitement, and even twisted his butt, leaping to Madam Ink Cloud’s palace. While he was happily rushing on the jade-paved entryway, that thunder burst from above the sky and resounded across the heaven. Gong Gong was startled by the thunder, that he even screamed out and leaped around a hundred meters high.

Hundreds of beautiful water-kind maids fell to the ground. That great thunder delivered a strong power and laid a terrifying pressure on these maids. Half of these maids were forced to show their original shapes. At the moment, fishes, shrimps, turtles were seen leaping and crawling all over the ground.

Descending along the thunder was a three-thousand-meters wide, round-shaped, five-colored cauldron. The cauldron roared down and heavily smashed on the gate of the heaven. Followed by a thunderous bang, a dazzling, five-colored divine light burst. The gate of the heaven never broke, but just now, the cauldron created a fist-sized crack on it.

The cauldron bounced back and smashed a troop of water-kind warriors in patrol, then spun in the air and flew towards the ground, leaving a five-colored stream of light in the air.

Beyond the sky, from far, far away, a badly insincere voice could be heard, "Ahyaya, it slipped out of my hand and broke the gate of the heaven. What a huge mistake I’ve just made!"

Pausing for a second, this insincere voice laughed, "Ahyaya…It’s doesn’t matter, the heaven has no owner now anyway. Who would know it was us? When the chosen new divine emperor ascends to the throne, he can fix it himself!"

Crack! The broken gate collapsed, stirring up a dense cloud.

Large groups of divine warriors guarding in or outside the gate were all stunned. They looked at the collapsed gate, then glanced at each other. A strong wind blew loudly across them, but none of them could say a word.

The round-shaped cauldron with five colors was falling straight to the northern side of Midland. The cauldron was glowing splendidly, with countless patterns of thunderbolts and clouds, mountains and rivers, and all kinds of creatures, sparkling and flowing on it.

The cauldron shattered the air and generated an earth-shaking series of thunder. It fell swiftly, compressed the air, and forcibly created a thirty-meters thick layer of strong gale underneath it. The roaring gale was strong and heavy enough to reach to a tangible point. The loud noise created by the gale even cracked the space, leaving countless black cracks in the sky.

Ji Hao stood in the enormous city on the water, holding an arrow in his hand. He had been loudly teaching the over one-hundred-thousand disciples from his Palace of Dao to control a changing large-scale magic formation. Based on the city on the water and molded on Yu Yu’s sword formation, Ji Hao created a great-scale sword formation. Activated by his one-hundred-thousand disciples, this sword formation was powerful enough to threaten Divine Magi.

Countless sharp streams of sword power spurted out from the formation, sweeping across the surrounding area like a storm.

Struck by the sword power, all water-kind spirit creatures near the city were crying and screaming, desperately fleeing backward. These water-kind spirit creatures all had roughly crafted armors and weapons. Many of them could only fend themselves with their own scales. None of them was a top-grade one; instead, they were all weak, bottom-level water-kind spirit creatures. Wherever the sword power reached, blood flowed like rivers while corpses piled up like mountains. Countless oddly-shaped water-kind creatures floated on the water surface, with blood spraying out from their bodies.

Kun Peng’s raging growls could be heard from the sky without an end. Water-kind spirit creatures near the city hurriedly turned away, took a large detour, and avoided Ji Hao’s city on the water, then continued heading to Pu Ban City. No water-kind creature dared to approach the city ever again.

However, once Kun Peng gave a new wave of roar, that giant cauldron smashed down straight to his head, along with a destructive force. A thunderous boom was generated. Fortunately, Kun Peng dodged nimbly, and the cauldron only landed on his wing. That wing of his was punctured directly.

A three-thousand-meters wide hole appeared on Kun Peng’s tremendous body. Blood with flesh pieces mixed in it shed all over the sky.

Shrill howls came from the sky, but soon, Kun Peng yelled in surprise, "A pre-world treasure? Which one?"

The cauldron nearly smashed on his head, but now, Kun Peng greedily spread his claws, reaching to the cauldron.

Buzz! A puff of five-colored thunderbolt dazzled out of the cauldron and struck on Kun Peng’s body like a firework.

Countless five-colored electric bolts covered Kun Peng’s body, sizzling on his body and cutting him like daggers. Kun Peng screamed hoarsely, while those electric bolts cut his skin open, leaving bone-deep wounds on his body.

Screaming in pain, Kun Peng desperately fled to the higher sky, daring not to take another glance at the cauldron. The rain of blood was still falling from the sky.

The cauldron heavily landed in the east of the water city, less than a hundred miles away from it.

Followed by another thunderous bang, a glowing-red mushroom-shaped cloud rose into the air. At least a million water-kind spirit creatures were crushed by the shocking waves brought down by the cauldron.

Ji Hao watched this world-shaking scene in a daze. All of a sudden, he sensed a strong vibration from his lower belly. That small cauldron wrapped in the five-colored flame started to spin swiftly in his lower belly, and a strong attraction force was generated.

Along with a humming noise, the enormous five-colored cauldron, which descended from the sky and created a giant hole in Chi Ban Mountain area, shrunk suddenly. The cauldron spun on the ground, while shrinking to the size of a fist, flying speedily to Ji Hao.

Before Ji Hao could react, the cauldron had already drilled into his lower belly, slowly merging with that small translucent cauldron inside his lower belly.

An inexhaustible power of creation surged out from the merged cauldron.

The Pan Gu bell rang rumblingly, then the small cauldron gave a silvery ring. The ring of the bell and the ring of the cauldron echoed each other, while threads of Chaos power rose from both the bell and the cauldron.

"What…What on earth it that?" Ji Hao shouted out in shock.

No one responded. Weirdly, this cauldron descended from the sky and settled down in Ji Hao’s body just like that.

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