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Pan Gu world, in the starry void.

Deep in the void was an immeasurable area, filled with sparkling stars. Enormous, bright stars floated in the void, tens of millions of them, slowly moving along complicated orbits, which were undetectable to the humankind.

The powers of all tens of millions of stars were mixed together, suffusing every corner of the whole area. Ordinary people could never approach this area. Even if they could, once they broke in, they would be crushed into nothingness by the pure and heavy star power, immediately.

With a pre-world magic treasure, a man might barely withstand the star power. However, the star formation naturally formed by the tens of millions of stars would make this man lose his way. He would either be lost in the star formation forever, or start vomiting and faint, then be thrown out by the star formation.

In the center of this era, a five-colored crystal palace floated on a dense, colorful cloud.

A group of beautiful, colorful birds had been singing and hovering around the palace. From time to time, a bird would fall from the air, land on the cloud, shake its feathers and then turn into a beautiful girl.

Many pretty girls with flower baskets and mini hoes had been walking in and out of those nursery gardens on the cloud, carefully taking care of all kinds of magical plants.

An extremely strong life-force existed in the air. Contained in this life-force was a mysterious power of creation. Therefore, all magical plants in this place were especially thriving; every single leaf had been glowing with a faint light, showing its strong life-force.

Many pre-world magical herbs were quietly growing in this place; ordinary people in Pan Gu world had never have even heard of these herbs. In many nursery gardens, a single pre-world herb was planted. A fruit on any of those pre-world herbs in these gardens could immediately give an ordinary human being an immortal life or a tremendous power.

To ordinary human being, those were all supreme treasures. But now, these herbs solitarily rooted in their own garden, expecting a glimpse from the owner of this place.

In a pond, which was releasing a dense purple mist, countless lotuses were blooming upon broad green leaves; golden, silvery, purple, green. The lotus pond extended for tens of thousands of miles. In the middle of the pond, a ten-mile-wide, five-colored divine lotus had been glowing splendidly, dimming all the other lotuses in the pond.

Above the divine lotus, a lotus-shaped lamp released a long streak of rainbow, silently hanging above the pond. The lamplight was shaking in the lamp, while releasing a calming and refreshing sense of power.

Beside the pond were boundless purple-golden bamboo woods. These woods were thickly covered in faint golden patterns. Every single bamboo released a strong vibration of spirit power. The misty golden light emitted from the bamboo woods had transformed into a golden cloud, drifting above in the air.

Spirit Wa carried a flower basket with her left hand, and a jade knife with her right hand. She had been leisurely walking in the bamboos woods. From time to time, she would stop and observe few purple-golden divine bamboo. She might cut off some bamboo fungus, dig out a bamboo shoot, or pick up a few fresh mushrooms from the ground.

Ximu held a dragon-head walking stick and walked side by side with Spirit Wa with big steps. Looking at Spirit Wa for a while, Ximu abruptly laughed out, said, "Spirit Wa, you’re living such a free life. Hehe, the human world is a mess now. Are you truly not going to step in?"

Spirit Wa put a snow-white mushroom into her basket, slightly narrowed her stunning pair of eyes, and smiled faintly.

"Step in? How? The injuries I suffered back then haven’t recovered yet…The others have all been intriguing against each other, trying whatever they can to snatch things like starving dogs. Each one of them has helpers, but I am alone, and I am a woman. How am I suppose to fight them?"

Xi Mu carried up her walking stick, then stomped heavily on the ground.

Thud! The ground slightly quaked. Ximu looked at Spirit Wa and said in a deep voice, "So you’re going to let them do whatever they want? Dachi, Qing Wei, Yu Yu and that bloody dead Shifu of theirs, they went to the Chaos to earn the natural reward. Not to mention them…Priest Hua and Priest Mu have been working quite hard. Aren’t you afraid that they might tear the humankind apart?"

Spirit Wa had a cold glimpse of light flash across her eyes, but her tone turned softer and gentler, "What can happen? Those two brothers are completely bound to each other. They were born before the start of time…They want to cause a disturbance in the human world, and some fools are happy to follow their lead… Then let them be!"

While speaking, Spirit Wa abruptly waved her right hand and let out a green beam of light that flashed through the air and shattered all bamboos in the front, five-hundred-meters in radius. Purple-golden spirit power spurted out from the roots of those bamboos. Instantly, a strong, refreshing sense of power suffused the air.

"Some withered leaves, we have to clean them…Some foolish people, it’s better for them to die." said Spirit Wa coldly, "The dragon-kind, phoenix-kind, and the humankind, these three possessors of the Pan Gu bloodline, none of them is better than the others. When they were newborns, they did strive for excellence. But now, they’re getting weaker and weaker, generation after generation. It’s good for someone to teach them a lesson."

Ximu remained silent for a while, then slightly shook her head and said, "Alright, you’re responsible for the dragon-kind, phoenix-kind and the humankind anyway. You can punish them, you can teach them a lesson, that’s all up to you. But Gong Gong has committed monstrous crimes. Aren’t we going to do anything about it?"

Spirit Wa’s facial expressions turned especially complicated. She smiled faintly, then pointed her finger at those destroyed bamboos. Immediately, all those shattered bamboos grew back out. Within a twinkling of an eye, the destroyed bamboo woods recovered completely, and were even more thriving than before.

"We can’t let him be like this." Spirit Wa gave a cold smile.

Pointing her finger out again, a round-shaped cauldron flew slowly out of a five-colored flame, glowing with a five-colored light. Spirit Wa gently stroked the cauldron and said with a soft voice, "Ximu, you know that I am controlling the great Dao of fertility of all living creatures in the world…Even those divine gods, their fertilities are also under my control!"

"What have you done?" Stunned, Ximu stared at Spirit Wa. Abruptly, a few short hair on Ximu’s forehead stood straight up, one after another.

"Hmm, didn’t Gong Gong’s only son die?" said Spirit Wa blandly, "I gave him eight precious sons. An evil soul, which lived ten lives as evil human beings, once killed his own parents; one cold-blooded soul, which lived ten lives as beasts, once devoured all its brothers; one lascivious soul, lived ten lives as well, and in every life he lived, he destroyed an entire clan…"

Spirit Wa told Ximu about the ten ‘wonderful’ souls she selected. She erased all previous lives memories of the ten evil souls, but retained the evilness in the deepest areas of those souls, then threw them all to Gong Gong as his sons.

Those were the eight sons Gong Gong was about to have. However, to Gong Gong, these eight sons were actually more like life-takers.

"I went through the entire reincarnation system in this world for those eight evil souls." continued Spirit Wa coldly, "I spent three months to find an opportunity to finally put them into the belly of Gong Gong’s wife."

"Gong Gong is going to drown the whole world, then I’m going to set a fire in his bedroom." said Spirit Wa in that frigid tone, "I don’t show up in the human world and don’t step into human affairs. But this doesn’t mean that…some people are allowed to do whatever they want. Whoever dares to reach the hands to forbidden areas, I will cut off those hands, then kill every last one of his bloodline!"

Crack! An universe-shaking thunder burst in the void, vibrating all buildings in the area.

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