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The human world was filled with sufferers. The flood drowned everything. Only on the mountains, in highlands and central areas of those large families and clans, human beings were still struggling for survival.

In the sky, beyond the strong gales, drifting clouds, and countless natural barriers, the heaven was standing, surrounded by beautiful rosy clouds and splendid glow,.

Before, the heaven was cold, quiet and empty. But now, things were different. Heavily armored elite warriors had been patrolling around. Every important area was heavily fortified. Divine warriors from the Divine Origin Pool mixed with water-kind spirit creatures from the North Sea. Divine powers mixed with the powers of spirit creatures, looking strange, disordered, yet somehow lively.

Magnificent divine halls, which belonged to divine Gods, were occupied by Ms. Green Toad, Fei’lian King and the other Chaos monsters. These powerful Chaos monsters were now wearing luxurious clothes and surrounded by a divine glow, that made them look like true divine Gods.

On those jade pillars, which used to be coiled by divine dragons, colorful boas squirmed their coarse bodies, widely opening their jaws. Sticky and smelly venom flowed down from those crystal jade pillars into the lotus pond down below, turned the blooming lotus pond into a pool of poisonous liquid.

Those golden nests on top of those divine halls used to be the dwellings of divine phoenixes. But now, a group of flying fish and devil batoid proudly stood in those golden nests, waving their feathered wings and letting out shrill screams from time to time.

A strong spirit creature power had suffused the heaven. Broken body corpses scattered all over the ground. Some spirit creatures still had their old eating habits of eating raw meat and drinking blood. They turned the beautiful divine palaces in the heaven into kitchen. Bones, meat pieces, and stinking internal organs just piled on the ground.

Under this thick stench of blood, some weak spirit creatures, who had no strength and could only serve the others like slaves, had been sneakily walking around. They were picking up rotten meat pieces and throwing them into their mouths, or hiding outside a palace of an ancient divine God, leaving an effluvial puddle of piss.

Gong Gong’s raging roars suddenly resounded across the entire heaven. These Spirit creatures paused instantly, simultaneously shut their mouths and stopped moving.

In the central palace that belonged to the central divine emperor, Gong Gong had been glowering at the brightly glowing divine magic mirror in the air with a badly darkened face. He watched Ji Hao activate the great formation based on the city on the water and almost sneakily release the strong sword power that shredded tens of thousands of water-kind creatures instantly. Gong Gong was so angry. But at the same time, he was surprised by Ji Hao’s ability.

Through the magic formation he created, he condensed natural powers into sword power and severely harmed his enemies. However, this type of magic formation wasn’t created by the Magi Palace. In other words, the humankind never used this type of magic formation before!

Back then, Gong Gong was in a high position in the human society as well. He fought Zhu Rong for years over the position of Great Libation. Therefore, he could tell for sure that human beings didn’t create this type of magic formation that could turn natural powers into sword power!

Did Ji Hao create this kind of a magic formation himself? Or did anyone help him? Did those powerful beings who hadn’t shown up in the human world for centuries finally begin making moves in the darkness because they couldn’t tolerate Gong Gong anymore?

In both anger and worry, Gong Gong gave another thunderous roar, then leaped up and cursed out. His voice quickly reached every corner of the heaven through the magic mirror, and also reached to the sky above Chi Ban Mountain. It turned into rumbling thunders and reached the ears of countless people.

In the central palace, a group of beautiful clamshell girls with thin and translucent dresses had been singing and dancing. Gong Gong abruptly burst with a great roar which startled those clamshell girls and made them scream in fear. They threw out all gemstones and jewelry in their hands, then huddled on the ground and shut their shells firmly.

In a corner of the palace, a few musicians shut their mouths and eyes, covered their ears with their hands and dared not to make even the slightest sound, neither dare to hear a word Gong Gong said.

"This bastard, what is he doing? He’s heading north with such a great army, truly for preventing the invasion of the non-humankind? Or, is this a scheme?" Gong Gong anxiously shouted, "A sun has appeared in Pu Ban City! How many more hidden powers does the humankind have? No! I’m leading a troop down! I’m going to destroy this army of Ji Hao myself!

Yemo Tian was lazily lying on a soft cloud, his upper body bared, with two naked spirit water snake girls huddling around him. Hearing Gong Gong, he leaped straight up and yelled in excitement, "Aha! That Earl Yao Ji Hao? Lord Gong Gong, let me go with you! I’m going to crush that b*stard with my destructive weapon!"

"I could have killed him the last time, but a strange person showed up and threw me into the Chaos! I nearly lost in there! I have to wash this shame off myself!" Yemo Tian shouted happily and even waved his arms.

Gong Gong nodded heavily, then said in a deep voice, "Lord Yemo Tian, It’s the best if you can do it yourself. So…"

Dishi Cha was sitting in a luxurious large armchair, which was carved out of a gemstone, and also surrounded by a large group of beautiful water-kind girls. He helplessly stood up and spread his arms as he sighed carelessly and said, "My dear Lord Gong Gong, dear emperor, why are you so anxious?"

Struggling out of tens of snow-white, smooth arms, Dishi Cha walked to Gong Gong, intimately put a hand on Gong Gong’s arm, and said, "Since the beginning of all this, since we opened the twelve portals, this has become unstoppable!"

"We need to nothing but to wait, quietly, and patiently. Once the law of water from the twelve world intrudes Pan Gu world and the natural system of Pan Gu world loses its balance, the power of water will become the strongest law of this world…Gong Gong, my dear divine emperor, the supreme Black Emperor, you, will be the most powerful being in this world!"

"We only have to wait!"

Dishi Cha put his hands before his chest, clenched his fists, and shouted at Gong Gong, "We only have to wait quietly in this heaven, a safe place. You will grow stronger and stronger, and so will the ones under your command. Your water-kind armies will expand every single day speedily!"

"We don’t need to fight them now! No matter how many plans they have, eventually, the power will control everything!"

Gong Gong remained silent, lost in his thought.

"The heaven is safe!" Dishi Cha looked at Gong Gong and said in a deep voice, "We’re safe in heaven…If you lead troops down yourself, if you push yourself away from the protection of the heaven…Once those powerful beings make a move, the ones who showed up when Buzhou Mountain collapsed, would you be able to ensure your own safety."

Gong Gong was still hesitating. Ji Hao was bringing such a strong army to the north, and Gong Gong had a very bad feeling about it.

At the moment, a female spirit creature, who was a white wading bird, flew into the palace and yelled thrillingly, "Emperor! Emperor! The queen is pregnant! The queen is pregnant! Octuplet! Octuplet!"

Gong Gong paused for a second, then laughed out wildly.

He waved his hand and responded loudly, "Take me to her, now…Award everyone! Open the treasury in the heaven, award everyone!"

"As for that kid Ji Hao, let him do whatever he wants!"

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