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Chi Ban Mountain, the line of defense had collapsed thoroughly.

Strong barracks were broken through by the flood, and caves with grains stored in were drowned by the water. Even the secret Chi Ban Market had closed because of the flood.

The boundless water roared, surging through the mountains rapidly, creating countless whirlpools. Waves flushed across mountains again and again, generating muffled thunderous noises.

Looked around into the distance, countless peaks could be seen standing above the water surface like a chain of islands. On some peaks, human military camps still existed, and even had human warriors stationed in.

Battle drums could be heard in the area. From a distance, water-kind armies came from the north, along with roaring waves. These water-kind spirit creatures were from other worlds.They marched towards Pu Ban City excitedly, in endlessly long arrays.

Fishes, shrimps, turtles, water snakes, sharks, enormous whales… All kinds of water-kind spirit creatures had been shouting and screaming while heading south. Only a small number of water-kind spirit creatures stayed behind, stationed on mountains, facing the last surviving human warriors.

The elite force under Ji Hao’s command split the water and roared over, stirring up a disturbance in the great water-kind army. Many impatient water-kind spirit creatures shouted shrilly and released simply crafted arrows at the human army from tens of miles away.

Those twisted arrows weakly flew for around a hundred meters before being slapped down by the heavy rain. Those larger shaped water-kind spirit creatures roared in anger, raised their whips and lashed those smaller impatient water-kind spirit creatures.

Hundreds of panicked water-kind spirit creatures suffered the lashes and had their skins torn. They lied on the water surface, crying and howling in pain.

The larger ones roared out again, and following their roars, a fierce group of water-kind spirit creatures rushed up and tore those punished ones apart. They chucklingly threw those body pieces into their own mouths and happily chewed and gulped.

A whole thousand winged dragons flapped their enormous wings right upon the water surface and flew over. They lined up in the air and unrestrainedly released the great power that belonged only to the dragon-kind, putting a tremendous pressure on the water-kind army.

From the great water-kind army, thousands of scarily huge boas slowly split the crowd and crawled out. These tens of miles long boas coiled around mountains, fixing their enormous eyes on those winged dragons. Those eyes sparkled with a dim light of fierceness, as these boas didn’t try to hide their desire of drinking the blood and eating the flesh of these winged dragons at all.

These boas were shockingly enormous. It was extremely difficult for them to transform into flood dragons. But, if they could swallow enough amount of dragon meat and drink abundant dragon blood, they would have a chance to become flood dragons. Those winged dragons were pure-blood dragons, the especially strong ones. If a boa could devour an entire winged dragon, it might even become a true dragon.

The power vibrations released from those winged dragons and these boas clashed against each other over the water surface. The point where their power vibrations met, the water began rising slowly. Gradually, a, hundreds of miles thick water wall appeared between the two armies.

"We’re not here to fight a war!" Mr. Crow carried Ji Hao and swiftly flew over. From a great distance, Ji Hao looked at the tens of enormous water-kind spirit creatures in the water-kind army and said, "We came to rebuild the Chi Ban Mountain defense line, to prevent the invasion of the non-humankind in the north!"

Smiling weirdly, Ji Hao irresponsibly pointed at the south and continued, "If you want to attack Pu Ban City, just go. I won’t stop you. Hmm, many people gathered in Pu Ban City now, and we have inexhaustible sources of food in the city now. If you can break the city, a banquet would be expecting you!"

Dark clouds rolled in the sky. Within the dark clouds, Kun Peng’s tremendous wings were faintly visible.

High-pitched roars came from the dark clouds, hearing which, the tens of gigantic water-kind spirit creatures roared towards the sky. Each of them cast a threatening glance at Ji Hao, then commanded their warriors and continued heading south.

From the dark clouds in the sky, Kun Peng reached out his head, looking at Ji Hao as he shouted loudly, "Ji Hao, what trick have you been playing? Why did you bring so many people to Chi Ban Mountain? What’s the point? The non-humankind? They will never come to attack you through the flood!"

Ji Hao spread his hands and responded blandly, "Who knows? Didn’t you collude with the non-humankind? Emperor Shun is still worrying that you might gang up with the non-humankind again and attack us from the north."

Shrugging, Ji Hao started talking nonsense, "Compared with being attacked in Pu Ban City, it’s better for me to lead an army to Chi Ban Mountain and station in here. What do you think? In fact, I don’t want to be here, to be exposed to the rain all day long!"

Kun Peng frowned and snorted coldly. Then, a dense dark cloud drifted over, gradually covering his body.

Instinctively, Kun Peng felt that it was quite strange for Ji Hao to show up in Chi Ban Mountain with an army. But as Ji Hao said, except for preventing the invasion of the non-humankind, what else could this army under his command do?

Ji Hao couldn’t lead this army to cross the vast boundless void between Midland and the Northern Wasteland and directly attack Gong Gong’s base in Northern Wasteland, could he? That would be way too ridiculous!

"Whatever you want. When Gong Gong reaches the extreme level of his power, all your efforts will be in vain." Kun Peng’s cold voice came from behind the dark cloud, turned into rumbling thunder, and echoed in the sky.

Tushan old man arrived with ten-thousand starry sky spirit turtles. These enormous turtles gasped deeply and heavily, with thick ropes held in their jaws. Each turtle had been pulling a mountain-huge pile of logs.

Warriors under Ji Hao’s command were getting busy.

Three-hundred meters long logs were orderly placed on the water surface. Magi from the Magi Palace incanted a spell loudly. Stimulated by the magic power, the barks of these logs split, and new branches grew out that were hard as iron.

Those new branches wove together, firmly connecting all the logs.

Warriors in logistical support sent over pre-made frames, then began working on those connected logs, generating a long and loud series of metallic clangs. They created rabbets on the logs, then installed those frames sturdily.

A row of houses were quickly built up. Barracks rose from the water surface, with battle flags fluttering in the air. An overwhelming power vibration swept across the entire area.

Three days later, a large-scale city on the water was shaped. Strong ropes reached out from the city and pulled by the ten-thousand starry sky spirit turtles, slowly drifting north.

High up in the air, Kun Peng reached his head out of a dark cloud once again. Looking at this thousand-miles squared city, he popped out his eyes in shock and yelled, "Damn it, unbelievable! Ji Hao, what is he doing? Is he starting a war against the non-humankind? Hehe, that’s suicidal!"

While Kun Peng observed the city, abruptly, countless misty yet especially sharp streams of sword power screamed out from the three-hundred-meter-tall fence wall, of the city on the water, violently striking to the surrounding water-kind army, along with the storm.

Shrill howls could be heard even in the heaven. Those water-kind spirit creatures weren’t prepared for this. Consequently, tens of thousands of them were killed.

Thunders descended from the higher sky. Gong Gong’s raging voice echoed in half of the sky.

"Ji Hao, you are risking your neck!"

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