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Above the sky, in the boundless Chaos.

Pan Gu world floated in the Chaos, like a giant egg. Countless Chaos power streams twisted and roared around the screen of the world, stirring up an indescribable, splendid glow.

The screen of the world remained perfectly motionless. Pan Gu world quietly floated in the Chaos, silently following the great Dao of nature of itself. If one could stand in the Chaos and look at Pan Gu world from far away, one might feel that one had ‘eternality’ in their eyes.

Twelve tiny and dim light spots had been sparkling in the Chaos around Pan Gu world, yet far, far away from Pan Gu world. Those were twelve small worlds. Threads of faintly visible light connected Pan Gu world with the twelve light spots. Pulled by an unknown, strong force, the twelve dim light spots had been slowly drifting towards Pan Gu world.

Pan Gu world was following some mysterious natural law, floating in the Chaos, merged with the Chaos. From outside the world, no one could easily discover it. However, because of the acting forces between Pan Gu world and the twelve dim light spots, strong waves of Chaos power vibrations were stirred up, spreading out in all directions.

The strong Chaos power vibration was like a lighthouse. In the Chaos, some unimaginable beings had been wandering without destinations, but because of the Chaos power vibration, those beings quickly locked this area.

The twelve dim light spots scattered around Pan Gu world, and the distances between them and Pan Gu world were about the same. When Chaos power vibrations spread out from all the twelve lights spots simultaneously, some terrifyingly powerful beings in the Chaos directly located Pan Gu world through the Chaos power vibrations coming from the twelve sources.

In the Chaos, not a single world would reveal its own location without reason; this was a basic self-perpetuating principle in the Chaos. Power vibrations spread out from twelve worlds simultaneously, without a doubt was a message for some mysterious beings, that something special existed in this area.

Yu Yu stood in the Chaos, with the blueprint of his sword formation spread out. Four sharp sword power streams seemed even to reach every corner of the universe.

Po, Gui Ling, Jin Ling, Wu Dang, the famous four disciples of Yu Yu, led over a thousand Yu Yu’s disciples, each guarding under a sword power stream. Glowing gates were generated by the sword power. Po and the other disciples sat with crossed legs, fingers locked together, sending out flame-thunderbolts to the sword power streams from time to time.

An enormous, oddly-shaped creature stood outside Yu Yu’s sword formation, carefully and vigilantly observing things. The creature was scrawny like a skeleton; its head looked like a beetle, and it was tens of thousands of meters tall. A black streamer was held in the left hand of this creature, and a large sickle in the right. Behind this strange creature, countless different sized beetle men stood in the Chaos, lined up perfectly, forming a square-shaped battle formation. On their dark shells, dark-red sell symbols released a strong power, transforming into an enormous dark-red glowing screen that covered them all. The Chaos power streams struck on the glowing screen from time to time. Every strike made these beetles scream, some even had green liquid gushing out of their mouthparts. Clearly, Chaos power strikes had been causing them great damage.


The enormous beetle man slowly let out a shrill, high-pitched sound, that was highly unpleasant to hear. That strange sound was quite rhythmed. Apparently, it was a language.

"Human language!" Yu Yu stood in the middle of the sword formation, holding an ancient-style longsword which was coiled by cyan light. He impatiently picked his left ear with his left pinky finger, grabbed the wine calabash tied around his waist, and poured some wine into his mouth, then yelled, "What the hell did you say? Your Master Yu Yu can’t understand you!"

The strange creature paused slightly. Abruptly, the creature opened Its mouthpart wide and roared in a hissing voice, seeming to be enraged. From its scrawny spine, bones straightened up, and from between those bones, over a thousand dark bone wings reached out. They spread loudly, around twenty-thousand meters wide.

Those bone wings buzzed quickly, and the shrill noise generated dark light streams that tore the Chaos apart, striking towards Yu Yu overwhelmingly. Meanwhile, the creature waved the long streamer in its left hand and sent out a wave of twisted and hideous things, which seemed to be the heads of some weird creatures, and also looked like the shadows of ghosts. Along with ear-piercing screams, these hideous, misty things flew towards the sword formation.

"Weak, evil things!"

Yu Yu didn’t activate the sword formation. Instead, he made the Big Dipper step, and conveniently launched a hack with the longsword held in his right hand. A cyan-colored stream of sword power transformed into countless spinning cyan lotuses, drifting all over the universe, crushing those ugly, ghost-like things. A bright beam of cyan light flashed across the Chaos, and next, the strange creature quivered intensely, because that sharp sword light tore its body apart, from his head to his crotch. Black, stinky and smelly liquid spurted out from his scrawny, skeleton-like body ceaselessly.

Chaos power streams flooded over and swirled away all the black liquid that came out from the creature’s body. The strange creature trembled in fear, with its enormous pair of eyes filled with shock. It failed to take even a quick hack launched by Yu Yu, and this was absolutely unexpected.

This was the Chaos. Creatures surviving in this place were all incredibly strong, and the living environment in this place was cruelly poor. Back in Pan Gu world, if a powerful being suffered a sword hack from Yu Yu, as long as it weren’t dead, it would have the time to rest and recover. Even in millions of years, it would always have a chance to recover completely.

But in the Chaos, once a powerful pre-world being was wounded, nothing would be expecting it but endless hunting and chasing.

The strange creature screamed. It covered the wound on its chest with both hands, turned around, and fled to deeper Chaos while roaring in fury, leaving a black stream of light behind. The creature seemed to forget all those beetle men standing behind him.

The sword hack launched by Yu Yu didn’t cause the creature a severe injury; at least, it could still fight. However, the creature was wounded; it was frightened so badly that it dared not to continue troubling Yu Yu at all. It could do nothing else but run desperately.

"Since you have already come, don’t leave!" Yu Yu laughed out loud. He flashed across the Chaos and showed up right behind that strange creature, beheading it with another sword hack.

"Hmm, these two pieces are not bad." Yu Yu grinningly threw the long streamer and the sickle into his bag, then closed his eyes, silently sensing the rising power of natural reward inside his body. He killed a Chaos monster that had been drooling towards Pan Gu world. Therefore, the world awarded him!

All of a sudden, Yu Yu popped out his eyes in both surprise and shock.

"This, this is…." murmured Yu Yu.

A stream of purple mist swooshed straight up from Yu Yu’s head, from within which, the figures of countless kowtowing people were faintly visible. Yu Yu’s primordial spirit was already immeasurably powerful, but now, it was even stronger and more sensitive than before. Meanwhile, Yu Yu suddenly gained a deeper understanding towards the great Dao of nature, and the power of Chaos!

Po, Gui Ling and the other disciples all gasped or shouted out in shock. They stood up, one after another; and couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Tens of millions of people in Pu Ban City kowtowed to Ji Hao, appreciating him for what he had done. The natural fortune given to Ji Hao by these grateful people raised Yu Yu’s power and abilities by around ten percent. Yu Yu was an unspeakably powerful one, but even he was improved by ten percent; the abilities of Po, Gui Ling, Jing Ling and Wu Dang were improved by whole ten times; as for the other disciples, they were improved by tens, hundreds of times!

"The fortune of our sect…Ji Hao, my good disciple, well done!" Yu Yu smilingly took a glance at Pan Gu world.

Deep roars came from the Chaos. A dragon-whale-like creature, wearing a scorpion-shell-like armor, approached slowly from the Chaos. This hundred-thousand miles long creature opened its jaws and swallowed those beetle men.

Yu Yu’s look turned serious, as he slowly raised the sword.

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