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Ji Hao stood on top of the Sun Tower, smilingly looking at those busy people.

He felt that his primordial spirit was especially thriving and energetic, that every single cell of his body was so rich in life-force. Meanwhile, an indescribable magic power had been surging inside his body, under the effect of which, both his primordial spirit and his body had been improving, nearing perfection.

Added with the erect eye between his eyebrows, he widely opened all three eyes of his. He saw nothing with those eyes but spheres of light, streams of light and thin threads of shadows.

Wherever his eyes reached, he saw nothing else but the great Dao of nature!

For the very first time, the Dao of Pan Gu world revealed itself clearly in front of Ji Hao’s eyes. By now, he could understand whatever he saw, and for whatever he understood, the essence of Dao contained in it would naturally settle down in his primordial spirit, becoming a part of him.

How many people lived in Pu Ban City now?

Emperor Shun couldn’t give a specific number, neither could Si Wen Ming. No one could answer that question.

Every human being knew that Pu Ban City suffered a food crisis; everybody was anxious, was extremely worried. Some people had even fallen into hopeless situations. Children were crying in starvation, and adults were weakened by the hunger.

When people thought that they wouldn’t be able to survive this, Ji Hao gave them a hope that was even beyond their imagination!

A sun from another world, an ingeniously designed tower, countless floating islands with the rich soil, added with Magi from the Magi Palace who combined all their powers… Within a single day, the first batch of crops planted on those floating farmlands was already ripe!

Incalculable amounts of green magic crystals were consumed up. As a result, these crops were now looking amazingly beautiful.

Spikes of rice were as thick and long as human arms; every single grain of rice was as large as a finger. Spikes of wheat were the same as the rice, waving on the floating farmlands along the wind like a stunning golden sea.

Human-head-sized sweet corns, leg-thick sweet potatoes, water-tank-sized cabbages, carrots were even larger than children... All crops were tens of times larger than the regular sizes. Watching these enormous foods, people felt incredibly happy; some people even burped in satisfaction by merely looking at all this food.

They wouldn’t be worrying about food anymore. Children in Pu Ban City wouldn’t starve to death.

Crops harvested today were enough for all people in Pu Ban City to live for six to seven months!

Next, Magi from the Magi Palace would continue accelerating the ripening with green magic crystals. With the rich soil, abundant sunshine and water, ripening crops was easy with those powerful magics!

People wouldn’t be starving anymore; no one would be starving to death, and everybody could eat as much as they wanted to!

Countless human beings were tremendously grateful to Ji Hao. The power of faith from these people flowed ceaselessly into Ji Hao’s body; the natural fortune that belonged to the humankind went to Ji Hao as well.

At the moment, Ji Hao was like a huge transfer station of the natural fortune. The natural fortune gathered and compressed inside his body, then went to Priest Dachi, Priest Qing Wei, Yu Yu and all their disciples. Even Yu Yu was improved by ten percent; the cultivating abilities of Po and the other disciples were strengthened by at least ten times. At the moment, Ji Hao had all the natural fortune gathered in him; he felt like a true, omnipotent God!

Whatever he saw with his three eyes would be understood by him, absorbed by him, and become a part of him.

The great Dao of Pan Gu world was like a boundless ocean, and by now, Ji Hao was absorbing the essence of the sea, strengthening himself.

People were happily working. They laughed loud, reaping the fields with sickles. They bundled the crops up; piles of spikes of rice and wheat were glowing with a golden light, lying on the ocean ground of Pu Ban City, big as a hill.

A refreshing aroma of plants suffused the air. Magi from the Magi Palace were busy at building storehouses. Each time a new storehouse was filled with crops, thunderous cheers and praises for Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming would echo in every corner of Pu Ban City.

The purple mist around Ji Hao’s body grew denser and denser. The extremely negative power and extremely positive power of Pan Gu world came to him from far, far away, drilling into his body and improving his powers at an amazing speed. He had 129600 meridians inside his body, and over a million Magus acupoints. At the moment, inside these meridians and acupoints, pure, sparkling inner spirit stars lit up one after another. Above his head, black and white mist had been hovering and coiling, forming a Taiji Diagram.

People had been singing the praises of Ji Hao, along with which, Ji Hao grew stronger and stronger. As both a cultivator and a Magus, he was improving at a scarily high rate.

Ji Hao’s heart was covered by the mysterious man with an unknown magic. At this moment, gray-colored streams of Chaos blood surged out of his heart, replacing his original blood. Nourished by the gray Chaos blood, his muscles, bones, and entire body went through a thorough transformation.

Under the magical effect of the Chaos blood, even the great Dao of Taiji which was given to Ji Hao by Priest Dachi had been changing and improving in a complicated and immeasurable way. However, Ji Hao couldn’t sense this improvement and changes at this stage.

The Pan Gu bell floated above Ji Hao’s head. From the bell, threads of Chaos power flew into Ji Hao’s body, purifying his body in coordination with his Chaos blood, turning his after-world body into a pre-world one.

An inexplainable great joy rose from Ji Hao’s heart. Looking at those busy people, he abruptly laughed loud.

Si Wen Ming had been busy all he time, but hearing Ji Hao laugh, Si Wen Ming laughed out loud as well.

Si Wen Ming laughed, so did the large groups of warriors and Maguspriests.

These warriors and Maguspriests laughed, following which, all the others laughed out.

Laughter was infectious, spreading out among human beings wave after wave. Old people laughed, young people laughed, children laughed, and even the ones in their infancy laughed as well.

The happier people laughed, the more grateful they were. Almost all people in Pu Ban City raised their heads together and took a glance at Ji Hao with gratitude.

A nearly tangible power of faith surged to Ji Hao, absorbed by him. Suddenly, his spine began changing magically. This unimaginably strong faith power gushed into his spine and made the color and structure of his spine change speedily.

Countless prehistorical marks of great Dao slowly appeared on Ji Hao’s spine. Meanwhile, an original sense of power emerged from deep inside his spine.

No one noticed this change except for the mysterious man inside Ji Hao’s spiritual space. He smiled delightfully, but didn’t disturb Ji Hao.

Laughter from Pu Ban City reached to the sky, vibrated the gate of the heaven, and quaked the few palaces on the edge of the heaven intensively. That was the laughter of human beings. People were laughing together, loud enough to shake the heaven and the earth.

Thunders rumbled and lightning flashed above the heaven. Soon, Gong Gong’s historical screams resounded through the sky.

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