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Human beings in this era were terrifyingly powerful.

A Senior Magus could carry up a mountain and wave the sea, not to mention those Magus Kings and Divine Magi, who were much more powerful.

Ji Hao designed the tower, while Emperor Shun gave the order. Within a short couple of days, everything was ready. When Ji Hao said ‘the mirror’, tens of thousands of Magus Kings and Maguspriests on the ground burst with a roar simultaneously. Next, torrents of power surged out of their bodies, transformed into a hurricane, and sent round-shaped mirrors into the sky.

The defensive magic formation of the city was over five-hundred-thousand-meters high from the ground. From the ground to the magic screen, every five-hundred-meters, Si Wen Ming set a layer of ten miles squared, thirty-meters thick, floating islands. A whole hundred layers of floating islands perfectly lined in the air, three-hundred meters away from each other, filling the sky of the entire Pu Ban City.

Countless round-shaped mirrors were sent up into the sky. These mirrors were made from crystals, coated with silver, three-hundred meters in radius. Beside every floating island, a large mirror like this floated. If one looked closer, one would see beautiful, flame-shaped spell symbols carved on the edge of each mirror, glowing with a faint fiery light, resonating with the Pan Jia sun in the higher sky. The higher the mirrors rose, the brighter those flame spell symbols glowed.

Ji Hao stood on top of the Sun Tower, carefully controlled the Pan Jia sun, and merged this sun from another world with the entire tower. Controlled by Ji Hao, the Pan Jia sun looked like a five hundred meters wide fireball. But in fact, if he released the twisted space around the Pan Jia sun, the radius of this sun would immediately reach to a million miles, and the power of this sun could destroy the whole city within a moment.

Ji Hao hung the Taiji Creation Cauldron above the Pan Jia sun, releasing a thin stream of Taiji power, coiling around the sun, maintaining the twisted space around it.

On the Sun tower, the five dragon-claw-like, enormous hooks easily penetrated the twisted space around the sun, drilling straight into the sun.

A tremendous sun power surged into the tower through the five hooks, flowing through the tower into the core of the great defensive magic formation of the city.

The earth of a small half of the city glowed with a dim red light. The temperature of the cold and humid earth began to rise. Faint white steam rose from the soil gradually. More magically, in many areas which were soaking in water, tender sprouts had drilled out of the earth.

Large round mirrors flew up into the sky, being set beside each floating island.

Ji Hao spread his arms, seeming to hold the Pan Jia sun. As he slightly flicked his fingers, a loud buzzing noise could be heard. On the surface of the Sun Tower, tens of thousands of round-shaped spell symbols dazzled suddenly, releasing eye-piercing beams of red light, in all directions.

These red light beams accurately landed on those round mirrors and got reflected by them. Instantly, the whole city was illuminated, and the whole hundred layers of floating islands in the sky of Pu Ban City were showered with the warm sunshine.

Every single floating island, even those in the bottom layer close to the earth, were covered by the sunlight.

The sun, all living things depend on the sun for their growth. With the sunlight, a warm golden edge was added to each floating island. Maguspriests who had been improving the soil shouted in happiness. They straightened their bodies and excitedly looked at those shining round mirrors, even though their eyes were stinging.

Streams of white mist rose from these floating islands, which were dug out from deep underground by Si Wen Ming a couple of days ago, and still had the coldness and moisture from underground. The black soil sparkled with a beautiful luster, looking like melting oil.

Through the Sun Tower, the warmth and thriving life-force of the Pan Jia sun covered every floating island. Floating islands perfectly lined in the air like a chessboard, rimmed with a warm golden edge.

Emperor Shun and a group of human leaders stood by the gate of the Town Hall. They raised their heads, looking at this splendid, magnificent scene, stunned. Some of them were smiling, some were crying, some were frozen in shock, and some had their faces twitching.

Emperor Shun reached out his hand, looking at the warm sunlight in his hands, chuckled and said, "Ji Hao, that kid truly has a sun! And he can control the sun so perfectly! No wonder he killed the three divine Gods, Gong Gong, Hou Tu and Zhu Rong all by himself!"

The first half of Emperor Shun’s words was a praise to Ji Hao, but the last half was a warning to some people.

Ji Hao had a sun, but only one sun existed in Pan Gu world. This meant that the source of the sun that Ji Hao had was…Thinking about it could numb people’ scalps already. Besides, Ji Hao killed the three true divine Gods. With his current power, he couldn’t possibly do that. But indeed, he killed the three gods. Who would know if Ji Hao had any other power, ability or supreme treasure?

Emperor Shun was warning everyone with unfriendly thoughts, ‘Ji Hao is a tough kid. Don’t go against him, don’t get yourselves killed. At the moment, human beings need to combine their powers and overcome the difficulties. If you people provoke Ji Hao and end up being chopped by him like watermelons, nothing would be lost but the strength of the humankind!’

Gong Sun Sword, Suiren Yan and a few others had badly darkened faces right now. The faces of Yi Ren and Yi Di were twisted, which made them look like hideous ghosts.

They were so jealous, they were so angry. They cursed the world for their own bad luck.

Such a wonderful thing, why did it happen only to Ji Hao?

He made such a great contribution to the entire humankind, because of which, Si Wen Ming would undoubtedly be in charge of the flood-control mission. Once the mission was successfully accomplished, would any other person ever have a chance to become the new human emperor?

Emperor Shun clenched his fists and said with a bright voice, "Earl Yao has made a great contribution to human society by solving the food crisis. I am now promoting him to Marquis Yao, expanding his Yao Mountain territory by a hundred times. He now has a right to make all important decisions with the other human leaders…As for the flood-control mission, Si Wen Ming, that will be depending on you!"

Si Wen Ming floated in the air, treading on a giant rock as he solemnly cupped his hands towards Emperor Shun and accepted the mission!

Magi shouted in excitement. They raised strong gales and sent people onto those floating islands. These people then quickly planted those new seedlings into the soft and warm soil. Maguspriests cast their magics and helped the seedlings to grow.

Magic crystals with a nature of green were crumbled one after another. Large streams of cyan-colored mist flew along with the wind. With an abundant sunlight and the rich soil, along with being helped by the green power, the seedlings planted on those floating islands started growing at a visible rate. After a couple of hours, a big half of those floating islands were already covered in six-feet-tall crops. Only with enough green power, the Pu Ban City could be expecting a bumper harvest today.

People cheered in happiness, and danced in joy, waving their hands and hugging each other in excitement.

Dragon-like streams of power of faith flowed to Ji Hao. Around him, faintly purple mist spread out wave after wave, condensing into an invisible purple cloud above his head.

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