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Gong Gong’s bones were even softened by the Pan Gu bell. He screamed in pain, as his body seemed to be split by the Taiji divine sword. The upper half of his body was cold, like a large piece of ice, frigid and stiff. He couldn’t even feel his lower body anymore. As for his upper body, he felt that his upper body was soaking in a stove filled with melted metal. The scorching heat made clouds of steam rise from his body, while thin strands of flame puffed out from his hair. His entire upper body was burned red.

He was the Water God! He was Gong Gong, the Water God! Fire had come out form the body of the Water God, which was against nature, which was killing him! Gong Gong stared at Ji Hao, seemed to cry but failed to shed any tear. He opened his mouth, wanting to talk, but spurted out a long stream of fire.

Zhu Rong paused, and so did Hou Tu, who was still fighting Tushan Zun.

Zhu Rong paused briefly, because a Taotie teeth chain wrapped around his arm. He flicked his arm, and easily threw the chain far away.

Hou Tu paused briefly, and this brief pause nearly got him killed. Tushan Zun seized the opportunity. His large machete created tens of flexible beams of blade light, thickly landing on Hou Tu’s neck. A big half of Hou Tu’s neck was cut broken, as melted-gold-like marrow splashed out and covered his body, making him look like a golden statue.

Hou Tu screamed out loud and covered his neck with both hands, silently raising a strong yellow wind while he rose into the sky.

Zhu Rong threw a strange side glance at Hou Tu, who was wounded seriously, then looked at Gong Gong, who was still trapped. Next, Zhu Rong raised his right arm high, seeming to order his warrior to destroy all the food.

Unlike those old divine Gods in the heaven, Hou Tu, Zhu Rong and Gong Gong were all newborn. They came out from the Divine Origin Pool not long ago, so

no friendship existed between them at all. Naturally, they wouldn’t want to save each other. Besides, fire and the water had always been incompatible, this was the nature. Seeing Gong Gong injured severely, Zhu Rong only wanted to laugh. Why would he ever do anything to help Gong Gong?

A pair of tremendous wings slowly descended from the sky. Kun Peng’s hoarse voice echoed through the clouds, "Zhu Rong, slow down…Earl Yao Ji Hao, you again, you came to ruin our great plan again!"

Ji Hao gripped the hilt of the Taiji divine sword and twisted. Tens of Gong Gong’s ribs were cut broken by the sword edge. Everybody heard the slight cracking noise coming from Gong Gong’s body. Gong Gong looked at Ji Hao in confusion. His lower body had been frozen by the extremely negative power, that he couldn’t sense it anymore. Therefore, he didn’t feel any pain.

"I ruin your plan?" Ji Hao raised his head and looked at Kun Peng, who covered the sky with a half of his body and said, "Funny. So you’re not trying to hurt our humankind? Are we born to be killed by you?"

Kun Peng remained silent for a while, laughed out loud abruptly, and said, "But, it wasn’t our idea to attack this food transport troop of yours. Your own people invited us to do this. Otherwise, how would we know about this transport troop? Therefore, you can’t blame us for what happened this time!"

Ji Hao had fallen into a strange stalemate. At the time, Si Wen Ming had been bringing those flying bear knights from You Chong Clan to crazily slaughter human warriors mixed in the water-kind army. Countless human warriors were torn into pieces by the long spears of those flying bear knights. Their blood surged out and flew into the water.

It seemed that Si Wen Ming was truly going to kill every last one of them.

Firstly, these people colluded with the water-kind and attacked the food transport troop from Tushan Family. To all human beings in Pu Ban City, these people had committed a crime. These people were flagitious, that only with death could they atone for their crimes.

Secondly, Si Wen Ming couldn’t allow those people to go back to Pu Ban City. Human beings were facing a disaster. Under the current situation, the humankind could never split; all human beings had to stay united as one. If Si Wen Ming let these people return to Pu Ban City alive, their clans would be forced to split from the alliance of human clans.

Therefore, these people must die, and they must die miserably. Even their corpses had to be destroyed, so that their identities could be covered for good.

Si Wen Ming was even doing the job himself. With a batch of winged dragon knights under Emperor Shun’s command, Si Wen Ming hunted those human warriors. Some Eastern Wasteland archers luckily survived the attacks launched by those flying bear knights, but soon, Si Wen Ming and those winged dragon knights killed every last one of them. The bodies of those human warriors were all torn into pieces and crushed, so that not even a limb of them remained whole.

Human beings were killing each other, and Ji Hao didn’t know how to respond to Kun Peng.

Remaining silent for quite a while, Ji Hao said blandly, "There’re always a few heartless ones among us. Disloyal ones exist among your water-kind beings as well, don’t they? So, that’s not an excuse…You let Zhu Rong take back the fire, then I’ll let Gong Gong out."

Kun Peng remained silent for a while and asked cautiously, "Disloyal ones exist among us? Hehe, Ji Hao, Don’t try to sow discord. Our Northern Wasteland people are all loyal to Lord Gong Gong…"

Before he finished, Heng Xing squeezed out of the crowd, proudly transformed back into his original shape as an enormous Henggong fish, opened his jaws, and sent a black stream of water up into the sky. He yelled, "Old Kun Peng, I, Heng Xing, am disloyal to you! What can you do? Can you bite off my balls?"

Kun Peng coughed loudly. Within the dense dark cloud, his pair of enormous eyes suddenly shone as he stared at Heng Xing for quite a while.

A while later, Kun Peng abruptly laughed viciously, "You can kill a Gong Gong, that’ s fine. But without this food, Si Wen Ming can’t be in charge of the flood-control mission. Then, how many people in Pu Ban City will starve to death?"

Tushan old man proudly held his head high and thundered, "Kun Peng, how can you possibly know how rich we are? This food can be burned, it doesn’t matter at all. We can send more, the food of our Tushan Family will never run out!"

Kun Peng paused, then sneered and continued, "No matter how rich you are, how long can you feed all those people for? By now, no land in the world can grow crops. Without the sun, no matter how much food you have in store, it will run out eventually! Sooner or later, all human beings will starve to death!"

"The sun?" Ji Hao paused instantly, then turned around and glanced at the food transport troop. Next, he burst into wild laughter.

"Kun Peng, you’re such a nice man! Gong Gong will thank so much… And so will the humankind!" Ji Hao laughed out loud, then raised the Taiji divine sword and chopped Gong Gong’s head off. He then raised the sword and smashed on the Pan Gu bell with all his strength.

Gong Gong’s head fell off. From the spot between his eyebrows, a purple-golden stream surged out, within which was a purple divine talisman.

The Pan Gu bell rang, and turned everything near it back into Chaos. Gong Gong’s body collapsed into puffs of smoke and dissipated in the air. The purple divine talisman of his was also turned into a purple strand of mist, being swallowed by the bell.

Ji Hao laughed coldly, wielded the Taiji divine sword and pounced on Zhu Rong. Meanwhile, he shouted, "Brothers! Together! Kill these stupid evil things!"

Heng Xing, Tao Sha and the others burst with thunderous roars, then released their powers and rushed towards those fire divine warriors. Tushan old man paused slightly, then gnashed his teeth and waved his hand. Under his order, the Tushan army marched as well.

Zhu Rong gave an evil grin, then pressed his hands down. Instantly, the transport troop was covered by the ocean of fire. All foods were burned into ashes immediately.

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