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The sky was covered in dark clouds. Kun Peng flapped his pair of wings and created a hurricane that roared across the great defensive magic formation of Pu Ban City. Kun Peng’s heartbreaking roars sounded like a poor orphan, who had just lost an entire family, shrill and sad.

Ji Hao found the perfect way to deal with the divine Gods. He approached them with the golden bridge, then trapped them with the Pan Bu bell. After that, no matter how strong the divine God was, he or she could ever escape, just like rats trapped in iron buckets.

What happened next was Ji Hao banging the bell as hard as he could. Those divine Gods might be incredibly powerful, they might have amazing abilities, but eventually, their bodies would be crushed bit by bit by the Chaos power released from the Pan Gu bell. Their flesh and blood would be absorbed by the bell, and at last, their entire bodies would become nourishment for the bell.

After killing Gong Gong, with the power of the golden bridge, Ji Hao swiftly darted behind Hou Tu, who was severely injured already, and trapped them with the Pan Gu bell. Ji Hao sealed Hou Tu’s power with the Taiji Universe mirror, then penetrated his head with the Taiji divine sword, and soon turned him into streams of Chaos mist.

Zhu Rong was the next. He successfully burned all the food brought over by Tushan old man, and had been laughing exaltedly. Even Kun Peng didn’t manage to tell him to run before Ji Hao swished across the air and showed up right before his face, covering him with the Pan Gu bell.

Within the span of around ten breaths, Zhu Rong was destroyed by Ji Hao, despite the fact that he wasn’t injured at all. None of the thousands of fire divine warriors survived either.

Kun Peng screamed hoarsely and cursed hysterically, but right in front of him, Ji Hao ignited the extremely negative power contained in the bodies of countless water-kind spirit creatures with the power of the Taiji Universe mirror. The extremely negative fire burned all those water-kind spirit creatures and turned them into pure extremely negative power, which was then absorbed by the Taiji Creation cauldron.

Kun Peng wasn’t powerful enough to stop Ji Hao from slaughtering those water-kind spirit creatures. He could only order the ones who were still attacking the transport troop to run.

Without saying anything, Ji Hao sent up the Taiji Universe mirror and launched a lethal attack at Kun Peng. Kun Peng howled in fear and hurriedly darted up into the higher sky, fleeing desperately. He ran too fast. Therefore, Ji Hao gave up on chasing them. Instead, Ji Hao took the transport troop from Tushan Family back to Pu Ban City.

Seeing Ji Hao return to Pu Ban City, Kun Peng couldn’t restrain the fire of anger in his heart, as he ragingly rushed to Pu Ban City with a giant group of water-kind spirit creatures. He raised strong waves outside the great defensive magic formation of the city while yelling at Ji Hao, "Ji Hao! This won’t go for long! Without the food from Tushan Family, I’d like to know how long it will take you to give up!"

Kun Peng opened his mouth and let out tens of enormous black thunderbolts that struck on the great defensive formation, then barked viciously, "I will be guarding in here myself! Tushan Family won’t be able to send a single grain into the city! I’ll wait for you to kneel under my feet and beg for mercy after the starvation softens you all!"

People in Pu Ban City all heard him. Those ordinary people were instantly thrown into panic. Unlike them, the leaders of those large human clans hurriedly rushed to the Town Hall in excitement.

Ji Hao followed Si Wen Ming into the Town Hall. He carried a tray with both hands, and placed on the tray, were Hou Tu divine seal, Zhu Rong divine seal and Gong Gong divine seal. Today, he killed the three true Gods. Without a doubt, the three divine seals all fell into his hands.

Ji Hao gently placed the tray in front of Emperor Shun, took a few steps backward, and didn’t say a word.

Si Wen Ming explained the whole thing with the simplest language. Traitors among the humankind colluded with the water-kind and sent an army to attack the food transport troop from Tushan Family, in coordination with the water-kind army. Tushan Family warriors fought back effectively, but Gong Gong then sent down divine Gods from the heaven, who burned all the food from Tushan Family.

The hall fell into a deathly silence. Many people had their eyes fixed on Ji Hao in shock.

Not to mention the food, it had only been a few years since Ji Hao became famous in Pu Ban City. But how could he kill divine Gods from the heaven?

The heaven had fallen. Although no one knew where did those divine Gods come from and exactly how powerful they were, they were indeed able to manipulate supreme magic treasures like the Hou Tu divine seal. This proved that even though their identities were suspected, they were true divine Gods without a doubt.

Ji Hao killed three true divine Gods, with what?

Gradually, among the crowd, Yi Di and Yi Ren, and the couple of core princes from a few super clans showed greediness in their eyes. In their eyes, Ji Hao was ‘not powerful’. Therefore, they hadn’t been taking Ji Hao’s individual strength seriously at all. Ji Hao killed three divine Gods, this meant that he had one or a few terrifyingly powerful supreme treasure, right?

‘If the treasures are mine’…At the moment, thoughts like this popped up in the heads of many people in the hall.

Si Wen Ming had finished stating.

"Where are those people who colluded with the water-kind?" Emperor Shun said harshly in a strong tone, with a badly darkened face.

"All killed, every last one of them." said Si Wen Ming with a deep and calm voice, "Hmm, I handled it quite brutally. Those people were all crushed, not even a corpse was left. Therefore, we failed to identify any of them."

Emperor Shun’s tightened dark face loosened a little bit. He straightened his waist and seriously looked at those human leaders gathered in the hall. The dark faces of a few clan leaders and elders blushed, showing all kinds of complicated microexpressions when looking at Si Wen Ming.

A muffled cough came from the crowd. Gong Sun Sword slowly walked out of the crowd and said, "Tushan Family failed to deliver the food to Pu Ban City, Emperor Shun. The rule you set yesterday…Does it count? Our Gong Sun Family have quite a lot food in store. Si Wen Ming, how much can you give?"

Gong Sun grinned delightfully, "This time, our Gong Sun Family carefully selects our Prince, Gong Sun Xuan to shoulder the flood-control mission. Xuan!"

Gong Sun Sword waved his hands while speaking. Following his voice, a handsome young man walked out from the group of Gong Sun Family elders in an elegant manner. He smilingly bowed to Emperor Shun, then slightly raised his chin and stood beside Si Wen Ming.

Si Wen Ming was just average in appearance. He looked as ordinary as the earth. Unlike him, Gong Sun Xuan looked like an exquisitely carved piece of jade, every single detail of him being flawless.

Sui Ren Flame didn’t want to fall behind. He stepped up as well and said, "Emperor Shun, the opportunity belongs to everyone. Our Suiren Family is also a member of the humankind. We surely should contribute what we have to the humankind. Suiren Ling is a genius among us; he is extraordinary in all spheres. For this flood-control mission, he will be representing our Suiren Family."

Another exquisitely carved piece of jade, ah, no, another tall, strong and handsome man with an elegant manner, who looked like a divine God, walked out of the crowd. He slightly bowed to Emperor Shun, then stood side by side with Si Wen Ming.

Followed behind Suiren Flame, elders from many other clans walked out and introduced those young people selected out from their clans for the flood-control mission. In fact, those people were selected for the competition for the throne.

Within a blink of an eye, including Si Wen Ming, thirty-six people stood in the middle of the hall. These people represented the strongest, most thriving human clans and families, which possessed the noblest bloodlines among all human beings. Behind each of these people, was a powerful super clan or family.

Emperor Shun narrowed his eyes. Tushan old man abruptly began talking, "Emperor Shun, in a day, another installation of food will arrive from Tushan Family. As for the flood-control mission…"

Ji Hao took a big step forward and laughed out loud.

"Emperor Shun, undoubtedly, my Uncle Wen Ming will be in charge of the flood-control mission. The other clans won’t be able to provide more food than we are about to, not even by joining hands. Therefore…"

Before he finished, Gong Sun Sword and Suiren Flame had already shouted out in anger.

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