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Hearing Hou Tu, Ji Hao couldn’t help but pause in shock.

Zhu Rong? The true Fire God Zhu Rong? The one from the heaven? Back in Feather Mountain, Ji Hao had destroyed Zhu Rong. Ji Hao destroyed Zhu Rong’s soul, and even shattered his divine talisman. But, who was this one called Zhu Rong by Hou Tu?

Just now, struck by the pair of fierce water dragons Gong Gong created, ten small divine towers in the food transport troop exploded, and started a great fire that burned tens of floating cities with food in it. The fire was still burning, and the air was suffused by an aroma of grilling grains.

Tushan Family warriors didn’t have the time to fight the fire, and the fire grew stronger and stronger.

Hou Tu growled Zhu Rong’s name, and following his voice, a tens of thousands of meters tall, enormous stream of fire swooshed out from a burning floating city. The purple-red fire transformed into a tremendous fire lotus, spreading to all directions. From that enormous fire stream, a thousands of meters tall silhouette darted out.

The upper body of that creature was a muscular man, but the lower body was a fire Qilin. A red seal hovered above his head. An oil lamp was carried in his left hand, and a long sword was gripped in his right hand, coiled by flame. This man opened his mouth and let out a violent wave of flame once he darted out of the fire.

The purple-red flame surged in streams. The fire released by this man was as sticky as glue, lingering forever on the bodies of human warriors, burning their armors, clothes, skins, muscles and bones. Tens of thousands of Tushan Family warriors were wrapped by the fire. They howled, screamed, and rolled on the ground. But no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t put out the fire.

Some Tushan Family warriors burning by the fire couldn’t bear the great pain anymore. They jumped into the water roaringly. However, the fire remained burning on and inside their bodies, and even the water failed to kill the fire. The howls sounded especially muffled from underwater. The water began boiling, as dense streams began rising.

"You…How did you get in?" Protected by a group of guards, Tushan old man fled away from the fire.

"I can reach anywhere with fire!" The half human and half Qilin man lowered his head, looking at Tushan old man, and responded with a majestic tone, "You set a fire in this place, and the fire is a broad path to me!"

Ji Hao’s eye corner twitched. If what he said was real, if even a candlelight or a torch could become a path for this man to intrude, things would be so out of control. If this were real, in the future, Ji Hao could only use luminous pearls and other luminous gemstones as the source of light in Yao Mountain City. No fire could ever be allowed in the city.

"Damn it. If that’s true, my people won’t even be able to cook food anymore. How can it be? Everyone eating raw meat?" Ji Hao’s scalp numbed slightly. Why was this Zhu Rong so hard to deal with?

From the oil lamp in Zhu Rong’s left hand, streaks of flame had been rising, transforming into fire dragons and roaring in every direction. Wherever those fire dragons landed, the food, the wooden floating cities, those Tushan Family warriors, those whales pulling floating cities and the flood around those whales, were all burned up. Wherever those fire dragons swept across, nothing was left. Slightly touched by those fire dragons, even those divine towers were quickly ignited. Thousands of meters tall divine towers burned ragingly, as spell symbols inside the towers popped. Soon, around ten divine towers exploded, helping fuel the fire!

"I am Zhu Rong!" The man raised the oil lamp, shouted loudly while releasing the fire. "Mortal beings, you showed no respect to the heaven, no respect to divine Gods. Today, I will clean the mortal world with fire to teach you how to be a decent mortal being!"

Ji Hao sent up the Taiji Universe mirror. A great misty wave of extremely negative power sprayed out.

Along with a puffing noise, the extremely negative power violently broke the defensive magic screen created by the divine towers, transformed into bone-piercing cold gales, and screamed across. The frigid gales clashed intensively against the fire, generating countless mirages of icebergs and oceans of flame. Ji Hao slightly quivered, while the enormous body of that man, who called himself Zhu Rong, shook intensely.

"Are you Zhu Rong?" Ji Hao laughed coldly, "What a joke? I killed Zhu Rong in Feather Mountain!"

"So what?" Zhu Rong raised his head, looked at Ji Hao, and said blandly, "You killed a Zhu Rong, more Zhu Rong will naturally emerge from the heaven! Zhu Rong is not only a forename, it’s also a title…The head of the department of fire in the heaven is Zhu Rong! I am Zhu Rong now!"

Zhu Rong opened his eyes. His glowing-red eyes shone abruptly, followed by two shrill sounds. Two fire bees flew out from Zhu Rong’s eyes. The bees had a size of a water tank, wrapped in purple fire, and flew amazingly fast. They pierced towards Ji Hao along with strong streams of purple fire, like two bolts of lightning.

"What the hell?" Ji Hao growled out and swung his arm backward, pulling out the Taiji divine sword and hacking on the two bees.

The Taiji divine sword easily split the bodies of the two fire bees, but Ji Hao immediately realized that he had been fooled, that he made a mistake. Those two bees exploded. Highly compressed, sticky flame burst from their bodies, and expanded to thousands of miles in radius, turning into a storm of fire as they fell to the ground.

"The food!" Tushan old man screamed out.

"The food! Damn it!" Ji Hao lowered his head. The two fire bees were actually two incredibly powerful fire bombs that were sent out to destroy the food!

The temperature of the purple fire was awfully high. Wherever the purple fire reached, with a slight touch, sacks of food and those wooden floating cities would immediately turn into strands of smoke. Over a thousand floating cities were burned within a blink of an eye, and even those whales were burned into ashes.

Ji Hao growled in fury, approaching Zhu Rong with big steps.

Zhu Rong laughed viciously. From all directions, thousands of divine warriors wearing flame armors emerged, holding large burning flags. As they waved those flags, countless streams of flame gathered in the sky, turning into an ocean of flame as they descended. All the food brought by Tushan old man was going to be swallowed by the fire!

Tushan old man helplessly clapped his hands, sighed slightly and said, "It doesn’t matter…If this installment is burned, I have more coming over."

Ji Hao heard Tushan old man clearly. He took a glance at this old man speechlessly. He didn’t know what to say about the wealthiness of Tushan Family.

The eyes of Tao Sha and the other elders all turned red. That was food! That was food! The food that could save lives! So much food, that was enough for any of their clans to live for months!

"You damned thing!" Tao Sha threw out the Taotie teeth while roaring madly. Thousands of silver chains reaching those divine warriors along with shrill swishing noises.

Ji Hao flashed across the air and reached to the Pan Gu bell. He rang the bell, then pointed at Gong Gong, who was still trapped in Chaos power streams and was severely wounded. He sneered and said, "Take back the fire if you want him to live!"

Before Zhu Rong responded, Ji Hao straightened the Taiji divine sword and fiercely penetrated Gong Gong’s lower belly.

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