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Liang Zhu City…

The twelve emperors in power stood on top of the highest divine tower in Liang Zhu City, looking towards the South.

Different sized divine towers stood on the ground. The tallest divine towers, such as the twelve standing in the central area of Liang Zhu City, representing the twelve emperors in power, were hundreds of thousands of meters tall. The bases of these towers were over ten miles in radius. Floating above each tower, an erect eye shone brightly, creating terrifying power vibrations and dispelling the dark clouds in the sky. No moisture could be sensed ten-thousand miles around each of these enormous divine towers.

Middle-sized divine towers stood in cities built by powerful non-humankind families. Among these towers, the larger ones were around tens of thousands of meters tall, while the smaller ones were around ten-thousand meters tall. The erect eye floating on each divine tower was dazzling, the power released by each of these divine towers was strong enough to dispel the dark clouds within the area of a thousand miles.

Smaller-sized divine towers stood in mansions of those lower grade non-humankind nobles. Groups of lower grade non-humankind nobles pooled their money, took out all they had and built divine towers together. The divine towers they built were thousands of meters tall, each powerful enough to protect the area within a hundred miles radius.

Divine towers spread all over the territories of the non-humankind. The erect eyes on top of these divine towers shone on each other, lighting up large part of the Midland. Day and night, the northern part of Midland stayed bright.

Many of these divine towers were recently constructed by Xiu Clan masters, working around the clock. All different sized divine towers were put together and set up into a magical and powerful formation, which was of a smaller scale than the ten-thousand dragons water-sealing magic formation, yet was even more effective.

Under each divine tower was a dense mass of people. Those were countless non-humankind warriors, armed to the teeth, guarding around each divine tower and prepared to take any action at any time.

Yu Clan people who mastered all kinds of magics, Jia Clan warriors who were good at fighting and killing, and Xiu Clan people with wisdom and wide ranges of knowledge were present. There were also dark-kind warriors and non-humankind slaves serving as the main strength of the regular armies of the non-humankind. Even enslaved human warriors, who were at the bottom of the non-humankind society, and had normally been treated like animals, we’re all armed to the teeth.

Normally, not to mention armors and weapons, these enslaved human warriors wouldn’t even have a rag on their bodies. Those non-humankind beings wouldn’t allow them to have even a wooden stick, which could cause injuries.

But today, all enslaves human beings, as long as they could carry armors and wield weapons, each of them was given a set of high-quality armor crafted by Xiu Clan masters, a shield with a superb defensive power, and a sharp weapon that had been strengthened with powerful spell symbols, and could penetrate metal and rock.

Ever since the non-humankind invaded Pan Gu world, these non-humankind beings had been stocking up armaments. But today, all armories that belonged to Yu Dynasty were emptied. Enslaved human beings, non-humankind slaves and dark-kind warriors were also given highly lethal bows or crossbows; some elite warriors were even equipped with powerful battle puppets to help them fight.

Flying forts floated in the midair, and floating mountains were chained together by thick chains, connected with those flying forts above Liang Zhu City.

On those flying forts and floating mountains, countless well-trained flying mounts hid quietly. Sitting straight on the backs of these flying mounts, were heavily armored Jia Clan archers, who had been preparing to fly into the sky and start an intense fight.

Countless heavy ordnances with amazing lethality stood on these flying forts and floating mountains. Many of those were expensive pieces, and the non-humankind didn’t even use when launching all-out attacks on the Chi Ban Mountain. Nevertheless, under the orders of the twelve emperors in power now, all these pricy heavy ordnances were moved out from armories, no matter how valuable they were.

Above the highest divine tower, twelve erect eyes floated in the air, with an emperor in power inside the pupil of each erect eye.

As usual, Fan Hai was surrounded by a strong death power. He laughed out loud abruptly, "Yemo Luoye, no offense, but a woman is a woman, no matter what! Our defensive system is going too far…Look at all these divine towers, look at the armors worn by those lowly slaves, look at their weapons, look that those heavy ordnances, which have cost us a fortune…!"

Fan Hai shook his head, scornfully glanced at Yemo Luoye and said, "Woman, you’re way too cowardly! In fact, with thirty percent of our current defense, no one in Pan Gu world can ever defeat us!"

Dishi Yanluo chuckled, spread his arms and raised his eyebrows towards Yemo Luoye as he said, "Yemo Luoye, dear Yemo Luoye, if you’re afraid, you are welcome to depend on my broad and warm chest! Haha, we don’t have to be so nervous, actually!"

Jialou Min looked blur and misty like a ghost. He chuckled as well, "Indeed, we don’t have to be so nervous. In Pan Gu world, and all surrounding worlds targeted and invaded by us, not a single force can ever rival us. We can defeat all enemies, especially when we combine our powers!"

Piji Nu from Red Moon let out a heavy breath and coldly growled to the others, "Enough! Shut up! If you’re not nervous, if you’re not afraid, why are you still here talking all this nonsense?"

Piji Mu’s growls transformed into a bright red light that shone to the surrounding area, spreading a violent aura of killing. Everyone was stimulated by the terrifying power vibration released from his body and frowned. "Didn’t you all agree Yemo Luoye’s suggestion? You’re all afraid, aren’t you? You’re all nervous, aren’t you? Look at those divine towers standing on your territories… Without your permissions, how could they build so many divine towers so quickly?"

Fan Hai, Dishi Yanluo, Jialou Min and the others shut their mouths, lowered their heads, and no one said another word.

Piji Nu continued coldly, "We’re all nervous, we’re all hesitating, doubting, and we’re all afraid…Therefore…my friends, if any of you still have any useful thing that you haven’t taken out, just take it out. Take out everything you have, because no one can tell us what we will encounter this time…"

Piji Nu threw a glance at the other emperors in power and said, "Days ago, a sense of a supreme destructive weapon appeared in the world, do not forget about it! I have been having a bad feeling!"

The sky suddenly turned brighter, while twelve hundred-miles wide black holes abruptly appeared in the sky above Liang Zhu City.

The portals built by the twelve families in power were out of control. The powers of the twelve portals started to improve, generating splendid streams of white light, reaching straight to the sky. In the sky, those black holes grew larger and larger and turned thousand-miles wide within a blink of an eye.

Surging dark clouds emerged from the edge of every black hole, rotating swiftly, and causing a thunderous buzzing noise.

In the next moment, the sky seemed to collapse. From those thousand-miles wide black holes, tremendous water streams roared out. They descended from the sky, striking on the defensive magic formation above Liang Zhu City with a sky-shatteringly loud noise.

From within those water streams, boundless armies of water-kind spirit creatures darted out, showing their teeth. No one could tell exactly how many water-kind creatures came along the water, because within a couple of breaths, the air within tens of thousands of miles in radius had been filled up by those water-kind spirit creatures.

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