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The enormous Hou Tu divine seal floated in the sky.

Si Wen Ming gripped the hilt of the sword and slowly stood up from the rock, pulling his sword out. Raising his head and looking at the divine seal, he said slowly to Ji Hao, word by word, "Ji Hao, thanks for listening…Hehe, as your Uncle Wen Ming, I am ashamed. I’m a man now, but seeing what happened to my Abba, I have…"

Let out a long breath, Si Wen Ming flashed across the air and disappeared.

On the mountaintop, along with the roaring gale, nothing was left except Si Wen Ming’s especially determined voice, "Do what we have to do! Do what a man should be doing! We can be sad, we can shed tears, but not before we get everything done."

Ji Hao raised his head, looking at the divine seal, then gnashed his teeth and said in a cold voice, "Do what we have to do! Since I am now living in this world as who I am…In my previous life, I never bowed to anyone, and in this life, no matter who you are, Gong Gong, Black Emperor, non-humankind monsters…I will wield my sword and take your lives. No one can bend me!"

A few simple, dark-yellow-colored spell symbols sparkled on the Hou Tu divine seal. Everyone living in Midland could see those glowing spell symbols on that millions of miles wide seal.

Midland and the four wastelands began quaking simultaneously. In the starry void, all stars with the nature of earth let out muffled, rumbling buzzing noises. The earth power from the entire Pan Gu world was agitated, surging rampantly under the control of Hou Tu, the true Earth God from the heaven. The earth power was stable and strong, but at the moment, it was restless, like unsettled thunder power.

An earthquake was started in the Midland and the four wastelands.

Ji Hao stood on the mountaintop, that allowed him to see things in far away. He saw many mountains around Pu Ban City collapse, rivers in valleys buried by sands, and waterways blocked.

Earth power spurted out from cracking earth in streams. Controlled by the Hou Tu divine seal, the earth power sent Hou Tu’s voice to every corner of the world. Every area with mountains and hills, everything covered by earth, Hou Tu’s deep, slow, imperatorial voice could be heard.

"Emperor Shun, the human emperor in the mortal world, went against nature. Human ministers are mostly evil and unruly, and human beings are showing no respect to the world. You are arrogant, and you have neglected the power of the heaven… You are sheltering evil. Therefore, the world has been enraged. Under the order of the Divine Emperor, a water will descends to clean the mortal world, to wash off the evil and to uphold justice!"

Dense dark clouds gathered in the sky, while the Hou Tu divine seal suddenly shone with countless sharp beams of yellow light on Midland.

All sub-formations of the Ten-thousand dragons water-sealing magic formation designed by Si Xi were struck by the yellow light. As the most important component of these water-sealing formations, the breathing earth transformed into flowing streams of yellow light and flew up into the sky. They all flew into the Hou Tu divine seal like birds flying out of the woods.

Sub-formations collapsed one after another, and the giant amount of water accumulated in these sub-formations flooded out, roaring in every direction.

Ji Hao closed his eyes. His heart was twitching in pain, and he felt as if his internal organs were all frying in oil.

By now, he was so powerful and capable that his spirit power could easily cover the entire area millions of miles wide. Within the coverage of his spirit power, he saw the water surge out from two collapsed sub-formations. Near those two sub-formations, a few human residences were turned into nothingness by tens of thousands of meters tall waves, within a blink of an eye.

That impact force was destructive. Even Ji Hao could only protect himself with the Pan Gu bell. He couldn’t stand steadily in the surging waves, not even with his great strength. Among people living in those residences, the strongest ones were merely Senior Magi. All those people were crushed into blood mist by those violent waves before they could even realize what was happening. All living beings in the few residences died, and not even a chicken or a dog managed to survive.

"We, have tried our best." Ji Hao gnashed his teeth and helplessly lowered his head.

All human leaders, and himself, they had all tried their best.

They watched Si Xi fly up into the sky, after which, only Ji Hao stayed in here to comfort Si Wen Ming, who was thrown into a great panic. Emperor Shun and all the other human leaders headed to different places with their people, trying everything to move more human beings to safe places, such as Pu Ban City, You Xiong City, and Yao Mountain City. These places protected by powerful magic formations were the safest places in the world now. Therefore, all human leaders tried whatever they could to send more human beings to these safe places.

Nevertheless, Human clans were scattered all over the world. The number of human residences was way too huge. Even though every human leader had been working restlessly, they couldn’t send out all the people from every place of residence. What made Ji Hao and those human leaders even more despairing and helpless was that not too many safe places existed!

How many among all human beings could be as generous and wealthy as Ji Hao, who had built a heaven and earth great formation in his city?

Pu Ban City was the only large-scale place of safety that existed in the human world, built by the entire humankind with combined resources.

There were top-grade and super-scale human clans, such as You Xiong Clan founded by Emperor Xuanyuan, whose You Xiong City was indeed under the protection of a strong defensive magic formation. The flood might devour the sky, but it could never harm You Xiong City. However, how many human beings could You Xiong City ever contain? And how many super-scale human clans like You Xiong Clan existed in the human world?

Not to mention the fact that Emperor Shun and the other human leaders had tried everything possible, but still failed to earn a chance to save those people living in further areas of Midland and the four wastelands.

The population of the humankind was way too large!

Human Maguspriests, Senior Magi, Magus Kings, Divine Magi…Even peak-level Divine Magi, they were all top-grade brave warriors in battlefields. But facing the roaring flood, they didn’t know what do do. They didn’t know where to put forth their strengths!

The water was soft, yet it could kill all living beings!

A peak-level Divine Magus could destroy a giant wave with a single punch, but he or she could protect one human settlement at most! How many peak-level Divine Magi existed in the world? But how many human settlements existed?

After Si Xi went up to the sky, it had been less than two hours since Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming returned to Pu Ban City.

Less than two hours! But, Gong Gong and his people had started an all-out attack already!

The ten-thousand dragons water-sealing magic formation was destroyed, and the flood struck once again!

The dense dark clouds covered the sky, with streams of water pouring from the heaven. The stormy water roared down, and smashed on the ground, sending up white watery mist that suffused the world immediately and covered everything.

Within the watery mist, beams of light flashed across from time to time. Long streams fluttered in the mist, transforming into flowing, shaking protective screens, shielding cites, towns and villages.

Ji Hao sent out all of his disciples from his Palace of Dao, who brought out all magic-formation-building tools in the treasury of Yao Mountain City.

Three to five of his disciples could build a magic formation with a decent defensive power, with a set of magic formation steamers, flags or other tools, by joining hands. This magic formation could barely, yet effectively protect an area and people living in it.

Wherever Ji Hao’s spirit power reached, lights of magic formations like that sparkled from time to time. However, many magic formations were destroyed immediately after they were built.

Ji Hao closed his eyes. Those defensive magic formations were destroyed, and those disciples from his Palace of Dao could never survive with their low-grade cultivations.

"We, we have really tried out best…"

Ji Hao gazed at the sky, murmured, "To the ones who have fallen, watch, watch us… We will bring justice back to you!"

"You’re nothing but Gong Gong, the Water God. Even if you’re truly the Black Emperor, you wouldn’t have the right to do this for your own greed!"

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