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In territories that belonged to Yu Dynasty, countless different sized divine towers were activated simultaneously.

Shaking misty glows were released from the erect eye above each divine tower. Different colored glow wove together, creating an enormous light shield that enveloped half of the territories of the non-humankind.

Waves roared, while living beings screamed. Countless water-kind spirit creatures stood on those giant waves, casting their magics.

Whirlpools spun rapidly, black thunderbolts struck down, hailstones, lightning, hurricanes, ice mists, venoms, poisonous gases, everything had been falling from the sky, landing heavily on the defensive formation of the non-humankind.

Colorful light flowed in streams, while thunders burst without an end.

The twelve emperors in power calmly stood on the tallest divine tower, looking at a few gigantic water-kind spirit creatures through the thick light screen.

A thousand meters long spirit creature, which had nine dragon heads, roared deeply. It opened his jaws and sprayed out a mouthful of sticky venom, then snorted coldly to the twelve emperors in power and said, "You’re not our targets! Do not disturb us anymore. Otherwise, you will not be able to handle the consequences!"

Three heads of that spirit creature raised and roared towards the head, following which, all water-kind spirit creatures who had been attacking Liang Zhu City stopped while complaining. Then, they began yelling and shouting at each other, and started to line up orderly like a well-trained army.

Yemo Luoye held a dark-gold black staff, coldly looking at this enormous and hideous monster and asked, "Xiang Liu?"

The enormous spirit creature laughed maliciously, shook his heads hard and responded, "No, Xiang Liu is my father! I am his oldest son. My name is Xiang Liuzun!"

Swaggering his body, this enormous creature turned around and led the boundless army of water-kind creatures, heading south. His voice lingered in the air like thunder, "Non-humankind monsters, I’ve warned you, do not disturb us. Otherwise, you’d bring yourselves troubles!"

The twelve black holes in the sky turned huger and huger, and the radius of each hole had reached thousands of miles already. Water poured down from those holes, as all kinds of water-kind spirit treasures, and strange types of aquatic creatures came with the water. These creatures traveled across the Chaos, descending to Pan Gu world.

The twelve portals built by the twelve families in power had been quaking intensively, crazily absorbing natural powers and providing powers to the twelve enormous holes, supporting those holes.

Fan Hai murmured to himself, "We have a mole…Something is wrong with all the twelve portals we built. There is a mole among us!"

Yemo Luoye responded slowly, "That’s for sure, but I have one more question…Dishi Yanluo, can you explain one thing. No water-kind creature has come from the new world that belongs to your Dishi Family… Why is that?"

The twelve emperors in power and powerful non-humankind beings floating around this divine tower raised their heads together, looking at that black hole above the portal of Dishi Family.

As Yemo Luoye said, nothing but clear water had been pouring out from that hole. Except for the water, some pieces of broken standard armors of non-humankind armies were flushed out by the water.

Not a single water-kind spirit creature came out along the water, not even a limb of a water-kind spirit creature was flushed out.

Dishi Yanluo paused for a second. Blinking his eyes, he grinned embarrassedly and said, "Did my dear brother Dishi Yanmo destroy all water-kind spirit creatures in that world? Haha, you see, the great Blood Moon has generously gifted us…"

"No!" growled Piji Mu with a deep yet strong voice, "It’s not Dishi Yanmo! Are you two dear brothers? Dishi Yanluo, we all know how ‘dear’ you are to each other."

"Send some people over to take a look. Not a single water-kind spirit creature has come from that world, and it’s not because of Dishi Yanmo. Something we haven’t known about must have happened in that world." Piji Nu continued in that deep voice of his.

An elite troop rushed to the mansion of Dishi Family broke straight into the portal-base teleporting magic formation. Inside the formation, the white light had been shaking intensely, and following shrill screams, this elite troop was torn into pieces by the teleporting magic formation.

All twelve portals had changed. These portals broke the Chaos and allowed those water-kind spirit creatures to intrude into Pan Gu world from the twelve worlds without limitation. However, people in Pan Gu world could no longer go to the twelve worlds through these portals.

Soon, Piji Nu and the others found out what happened. They glanced at each other, then worryingly turned to the south.

"Scheme…" Fan Hai murmured while bitting his own fingernails, "I’ve made countless schemes, but this time, even I sense fear! Perhaps, we should prepare for the worst!"

"Such as?" Jialou Min looked at him, also with a worried face.

"For example, we join hands with the humankind if we have to." Fan Hai responded with a darkened face, "My brothers and sisters, our lives are the most important things to us. Except for that, honor, pride, all is worthless to us in fact. Isn’t this the truth we believed in the whole time?"

The twelve emperors in power raised their hands together and passed the resolution of joining hands with the humankind when necessary.

But of course, it was not yet the time to do that. Those divine towers provided an extremely great defensive power. Therefore, these water-kind spirit creatures were far from enough to make these proud non-humankind nobles give up their last little bit of fake dignity.

Giant water-kind spirit creatures darted out from those dark holes, followed by large groups of water-kind spirit creatures. They didn’t attack Liang Zhu City. Instead, they all lined up, heading to the south.

"Xiang Liu, Henggong fish, Snake Gou, Snake Xiu, Wuzhi Qi, Kun Peng…"

Yemo Luoye counted those powerful giant water-kind creatures in those great water-kind armies with a low voice. All those creatures had distinctive features, as they were descendants of the eight senior ministers under Gong Gong’s command.

These spirit creatures were enormous in shapes, and the power vibrations released from their bodies were incredibly strong. Wuzhi Qi’s descendants were all hundreds of meters tall apes, but in comparison with the others, they were only regular shaped. A few Kun Peng’s descendants showed their original shapes and spread their wings, covering the air for tens of thousands of miles. Their wings were connected, thus darkening the entire sky. No daylight could be seen anymore!

Formidable water-kind armies headed south one after another. Gradually, other than those ordinary water-kind spirit creatures, some strange types, which were obviously not from Pan Gu world, showed up.

Poisonous gases rose in clouds while venoms surged in streams. All kinds of oddly shaped water-kind creatures twisted their hideous bodies and mixed with those water-kind armies, heading south as well.

Through the broad plain area of Yu Dynasty, through the extensive foothill region between the territories of Yu Dynasty and the alliance of human clans, these water-kind creatures moved across the Chi Ban defensive line, which was broken by the flood, marching to Pu Ban City in formidable arrays.

With the help of the flooding water, led by Xiang Liuzun, the vanguard of all water-kind armies showed up in the northern side of Pu Ban City in half a month.

Water-kind armies popped up one after another, and soon, Pu Ban City was surrounded by them completely.

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