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On the tallest mountain in Pu Ban City, Ji Hao stood by the edge of a cliff. The strong gale rustled the Taiji cloak and made the wide sleeves flutter in the air like the wings of a crane, seeming to bring Ji Hao up into the sky at any time.

From time to time, Ji Hao raised his hand and rubbed his chest bone. Earlier, he was injured by the star power burst from Si Xi’s body when he went up into the sky. After that, he always felt uncomfortable, as if a slight little bit of star power was still lingering inside his body, disabling him from calming down.

Si Wen Ming sat aside on a rock, with his legs crossed. The long sword of his was slantingly stuck in the rock. He raised his head, with his eyebrows knitted tightly, gazing at the starry sky.

For an unknown reason, this night, stars in the sky were especially bright. Countless different sized, sparkling stars were almost next to each other, glowing with colorful, splendid light, that made the night sky as bright as the daytime.

"My Abba’s star, where is it?" Si Wen Ming abruptly raised his hand and tried to find the star, which had merged with Si Xi’s soul.

Ji Hao spread his hands and shook his head.

Every peak-level Divine Magus would absorb the powers of nine real stars, to grow eighty-one inner spirit stars inside his or her body, then build a ninety-nine star-sealing magic formation inside to prepare for the level of Supreme Magus.

As for which stars would a peak-level Divine Magus choose to be his or her spirit stars, that was top-secret.

Even Si Wen Ming only knew that Si Xi had chosen nine stars with the nature of earth as spirit stars, but he had no clue about which ones were those stars. As for which one of the nine stars did Si Xi choose to seal in his body with the ninety-nine star-sealing magic formation and break into the level of Supreme Magus with its power, that was a random decision. None of the others would ever know about that, except himself.

The starry sky was boundless, with hundreds of millions of stars sparkling in it. A large number of these stars had the nature of earth. These stars moved in the sky with complicated orbits, and even those countless years old powerful beings who lived since the prehistorical era could barely figure out the orbit of each star. Only a very few among them could possibly do that.

Which star was Si Xi’s star? And where was that star now? No one was able to answer these two questions, neither did anyone know how to find that star.

"One day, Minister Si Xi will gain a full control of that real star, create a body of a star king with the star power, and show up again in front of us!"Ji Hao looked at Si Wen Ming, who was gazing at the starry sky, and hurriedly comforted him with a warm voice, "His soul is still there, so Minister Si Xi is not dead!"

Si Wen Ming smiled, then shook his head and responded with a deep and strong voice, "But we all know that it’s different no matter how. In how many years can I see my Abba again? Ten-thousand years? Twenty-thousand years? Or even longer?"

Spreading his hands, Si Wen Ming smiled at Ji Hao and said, "Do you know how many human beings truly managed to become Supreme Magi since Emperor Fuxi gathered people with wisdom, created the ninety-nine star-sealing magic formation and developed the new cultivation method for our humankind?"

Ji Hao leaned his head and looked at Si Wen Ming. He was truly curious about that.

"Less than a hundred!" Si Wen Ming gave a number which shocked Ji Hao, and even stopped his brain from working for quite a while.

Was it a joke? Ji Hao didn’t know when was the era of Emperor Fuxi. Emperor Fu Xi was one of the first three emperors of human beings. He was a legendary powerful being, an initiator of human civilization, and even older than Emperor Xuanyuan. However, only less than a hundred human beings managed to become Supreme Magi since the era of Emperor Fu Xi… Was that even true?

Sighing slightly, Si Wen Ming straightened his forefinger, shook it towards Ji Hao, and continued with a soft voice, "I said truly manage to become Supreme Magi, which means the moment when a human being completely merges his or her soul with the core of a real star, gains a full control of that star and achieves a breakthrough, finally setting him or herself free. That is how real Supreme magi are!"

Raising his head as he looked at those sparkling stars in the sky, Si Wen Ming said slowly, "Those real stars are dangerous…A man drags a real star into his body and started merging his soul with the star core. After that, a great perseverance and willpower will be required for him to slowly merge with the star, dispel the true spirit seal left in the star core by the last star king, while strengthening his own body and soul ceaselessly. Only once both his soul and body reach an extreme degree of powerfulness can he gain a full control of the star."

"During this process, all kinds of dangers may occur. With a slight carelessness, this man might be turned into ashes, with his soul perishing." said Si Wen Ming with a low voice, "Abba’s body has been destroyed, and only his soul remained to exist. Without being nourished by his spirit blood…I’m afraid it will take him hundreds of times greater efforts, and much more time to bring that star under his full control."

"Do you know how many human beings had managed to go beyond the level of Divine Magi, and drag real stars into their bodies, since the era of Emperor Fuxi?" asked Si Wen Ming with a faint smile, and a trace of sadness on his face.

"Over a million, Ji Hao. Since the era of Emperor Fuxi, over a million human beings managed to go beyond the level of Divine Magus!" A bitterness appeared on Si Wen Ming’s face as he continued in a lower voice, "But among these people, over sixty percent were controlled by their stars, and became puppets of their stars."

Ji Hao popped out his eyes in shock, staring at Si Wen Ming.

Over a million of human beings managed to go beyond the level of Divine Magus?! This sounded right. Based on the giant population of human beings, and the rich resources of Pan Gu world, this was the number that Ji Hao had been expecting!

Over a million, this fitted Ji Hao’s imagination.

However, what did Si Wen Ming say? Over sixty percent of these people ended up being controlled by their stars?

"Among the rest of them, ten percent failed to withstand the powers of their stars, and had their souls destroyed."

"Another ten percent had their bodies assimilated by the powers of their stars. Their bodies became cages, imprisoning their souls, forever and ever."

"Many disappeared without a trace, so no one could ever find them."

"Other than the other lost ones, less than a hundred human beings truly managed to become Supreme Magi. And by now, around three to five thousand people have still been cultivating themselves severely in the starry void, trying to become true Supreme Magi, I assume."

Ji Hao swallowed his saliva in shock.

Among a million, and only less than a hundred succeeded… This loss rate was way too scary.

Every single one of those people who managed to become peak-level Divine Magi, trigger the ninety-nine star-sealing magic formation and push themselves up to the level of Supreme Magus, was a top-grade elite among human beings. Nevertheless, most of those elites had fallen, and only less than a hundred last till the end. This was shocking.

Ji Hao remained silent. He didn’t know people had to face such a great risk and go through so many difficulties after breaking into the level of Supreme Magus.

But thinking about it, it was completely reasonable.

After all, those human beings tried to forcibly control real stars with their tiny human bodies and fragile human lives, then achieve immortality with the powers of those stars. In this case, such a great risk seemed to be acceptable.

Si Wen Ming shook his head, sighed and said, "Abba is a hero, but look back at the history. Which one of those who had broken into the level of Supreme Magus wasn’t a hero? Although this sounded disrespectful, I am still going to say it… The hope of seeing Abba again is too slim.

Ji Hao wanted to say something to comfort Si Wen Ming, but all of a sudden, an enormous seal appeared from the higher sky, wrapped in strong earth power.

The millions of miles square Hou Tu divine seal suddenly appeared in the sky!

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