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From a distance away, Priest Hua took a glance at Ji Hao. His gaze swept passionately across the Pan Gu bell, while his hands slightly moved. But next, he seemed to recall some old things, that made him stop, helplessly and in fright. Slightly shaking, Priest Hua transformed into two enormous lotuses and drifted into the water, followed closely behind He Tu and Luo Shu, disappearing as well.

Ji Hao didn’t turn around as he rode on the golden bridge, flying to Pu Ban City as fast as he could.

The Feather Mountain sub-formation was destroyed already. Hou Tu had the Hou Tu divine seal, that allowed him to take back all of the breathing earth anytime he wanted. The sealed water was like evil dragons chained and kept in cages. Being sealed for such a long time, the density of the water had raised to an unreasonable point. Once the sealed water flood out of the water-sealing formations, the entire Midland would be facing a destructive disaster.

Ji Hao even burned his spirit blood to boost up the power of the golden bridge, to fly to Pu Ban City at the highest speed he could possibly reach with his current power. The golden bridge left a long stream of clear light behind. Wherever the clear light flashed across, the space was torn open, showing a clear black crack. A magical power inside Ji Hao was agitated, under the effect of which, the crack of space had been vibrating, without being able to heal itself for a long time.

Si Xi’s body turned heavier and heavier, and the star power had been leaking out from his body. The ninety-nine star-sealing magic formation could no longer control this real star. Si Xi’s soul hadn’t completely merged with the star core. Therefore, he could now only affect this star in a small range, but could not control it.

At first, Ji Hao felt that he was flying with a rock carried in his arm, but soon, the rock turned into a mountain, that forced Ji Hao to hold Si Xi with both arms to carry his body that was getting heavier and heavier. In a short while, Ji Hao had no choice but to activate the cultivation method with nine turns to boost up his physical strength to an extreme degree, to bear Si Xi’s weight and the raging-dragon-like, rampant star power coming from Si Xi’s body.

By the end, visibly, waves of yellow-colored, misty glow surged out from Si Xi’s body, striking Ji Hao’s arms and body. It made Ji Hao’s body buzz out loud, putting a great pressure on him.

Ji Hao’s flying speed turned slower and slower. He had been quivering slightly, and his spirit power couldn’t lock on the golden bridge anymore. His arms bones were almost shattered. By this moment, Ji Hao finally understood what kind of power was represented by the name of Supreme Magus, and how strong the power contained in a real star was.

He admired those wise, powerful human ancestors who invented the ninety-nine star-sealing magic formation, and pioneered the method of dragging real stars into human bodies. What kind of unusual yet wonderful thinking allowed those wise human ancestors to create such a magical cultivation method?

The golden bridge buzzed slightly, and flashed across thousands of mountains along with an ear-piercing noise. Ji Hao gnashed his teeth tight and held Si Xi’s body. The Taiji cloak had been resealing clear light streams to fend Ji Hao against the fatal star power coming from Si Xi’s body. But still, Ji Hao’s internal organs were injured, and bleeding slashes appeared all over his skin.

"Minister Si Xi!" Ji Hao helplessly gave a long sigh.

Deep inside the star core, Si Xi’s soul sighed slightly and said, "This is the fate! Ji Hao, you go back to Pu Ban City. Tell Wen Ming…"

As Si Xi was going to leave some important words to Ji Hao when from a towering mountain in the front, a bright light shone to the sky. Soon, a large group of people darted out of the light. With the great eyesight, Ji Hao saw Si Wen Ming rushing ahead of everyone else.

"Uncle Wen Ming!" Ji Hao screamed, "Minister Si Xi is barely hanging on! I can’t…"

Crack! Ji Hao sensed a piercing pain from his arms while the star power burst from Si Xi’s body. In an instant, Ji Hao’s arm bones were shattered into pieces. Under the effect of the star power, Si Xi’s body had already become a yellow-colored crystal. That crystal body of Si Xi fell down heavily to the ground, smashing on a tall mountain. The mountain was flattened immediately, and turned into a puffing cloud of ash, drifting all over the sky.

A ten-miles wide pit was left on the ground. Si Xi lied in the middle of the pit, and was still sinking down.

Si Wen Ming dashed over, and followed closely behind him were Emperor Shun and the other human leaders. Seeing Si Xi’s headless body and Ji Hao covered in blood, everyone’s face turned pale with fright. Si Wen Ming even roared with a crying voice.

"Abba…Ji Hao, what happened?!"

Ji Hao didn’t say anything. Under the current situation, language was not enough to explain the whole thing. He closed his eyes and emitted a clear light with his erect eye, showing everyone what happened. Si Xi and him being ambushed by a group of Chaos monsters, then Kun Peng showed up with Zhu Rong and Hou Tu. All this happened so fast, yet within a blink of an eye, Ji Hao replayed everything.

"Kun Peng!" Si Wen Ming quivered in a fury with his teeth gnashed tight. Along with a cracking noise, he crumbled all his teeth, and squeezed blood out of his own mouth.

Thud! Si Wen Ming kneeled beside Si Xi and held Si Xi’s ice-cold, heavy, transparent, dark-yellow colored crystal body with both arms.

Si Xi’s voice came out of his stomach, "What are you crying for? I have lost nothing but a human body! My soul has connected with the core of a real star. When I completely merge with the star core, I can still create a body with the star power and become a human being again!"

"But Abba, with a body created by the star power, you will no longer be you!" Si Wen Ming cried.

Si Xi smiled and said gently, "Wen Ming, you misunderstood this…Ever since I triggered the ninety-nine star-sealing magic formation and turned myself into a Supreme Magus, I am actually not a pure human being anymore. A body of flesh and blood, or a body created with the star power….As long as I still have this soul, as your Abba!"

Sighing deeply, Si Xi continued in a harsh tone, "Now, I am telling you something important. You have to listen carefully! And, Emperor Shun, I’m afraid that the true disaster coming to our humankind has just started for real…Facing the great challenge, I, Marquis Chong Si Xi, am no longer able to serve the humankind. Fortunately, my son, Wen Ming, is reliable. All that I failed to accomplish, he will take over the responsibility!"

Gasping for air, Si Xi continued with a strong voice, "Emperor Shun…This time, what Gong Gong has been doing is aimed at turning human beings into slaves to be under his command, to serve his kind…This is against nature, this is evil…You can no longer be kind, or try to educate the evils…The ones who should be killed, you kill them! The ones deserving to die…They have to die!"

Crack! Countless cracks appeared on Si Xi’s body, then bright yellow starlight shone from his body.

Si Xi growled in that thunderous voice of his, "Emperor Shun…You can no longer have mercy in your heart… You have to kill…Some people, they must die! You can no longer be softhearted!"

Buzz! Emperor Shun, Si Wen Ming, Ji Hao and all the others were sent flying away by a terrifying force to tens of thousands of miles away.

A dazzling, dark-yellow colored star blasted Si Xi’s body from the inside and rose straight into the sky, leaving a millions of miles long stream of light in the air. In the middle of the star, Si Xi’s soul was faintly visible, hazy and blur, trapped while sitting in a magnificent palace inside the star.

In the sky, countless stars with the nature of earth dazzled simultaneously. A yellow-colored mist suffused the entire sky. Within a twinkling of an eye, Si Xi’s star reached to the starry void, hanging in the higher sky and sparkling with a cold and dim light.

Si Xi had gone up into the sky. Before his soul completely merged with the core of his star, he could never show up in the mortal world again.

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