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"That is it, that…Strength!"

In Ji Hao’s spiritual space, the mysterious man silently showed his figure, floating in the air with this eyes shining in a bright blue light. They were like a pair of blue suns, lighting up Ji Hao’s entire spiritual space.

"Pure strength!"

The mysterious man nodded in praise, then raised his right arm abruptly, quickly straightened his fight forefinger, and wielded down.

A straight, strong trace was left in the air by his fingertip, as a prehistorical, wild power surged out from his body. Around him, dense clouds of mist coiled, as a sun had been rising and falling faintly, while stars sparkled in it.

By pointing out his finger, the mysterious man sent his power to Ji Hao’s sword in some inexplicable way.

Ji Hao wielded the sword faster, fiercer, and the power released from the Taiji divine sword was purer and greater.

Zhu Rong gripped his sword and roared shrilly. He didn’t have any time to cut Si Xi’s chest open. Instead, he raised his sword with all his strength, fending against the Taiji divine sword.

The Taiji divine sword burst with a dazzling light. The sword divided into two parts from the middle, one part white, and the other part black. Next, the black and white merged back together. The sword turned Chaos-grey, even barely visible, as if it had merged with the sky. Followed by a sharp cold light, the Taiji divine sword hacked violently on Zhu Rong’s longsword.

Zhu Rong’s sword was surely a divine weapon from the heaven, generated by the power of the great Dao after the creation of the world, along with the heaven itself. This sword contained all three-thousand and six-hundred types of fire in the world. It was powerful enough to destroy the world and turn the sky into a boundless ocean of flame; it was incredibly lethal.

"Kill!" Without thinking clearly, Ji Hao, who was wrapped in the strong Chaos power, gave a thunderous roar. Along that simple and straight trace, the Taiji divine sword hacked down violently and unstoppably.

Zhu Rong’s sword screamed, then was cut into two. Raging flames surged out from the collapsing sword. As a strong gale blew across, clouds of fire spread out and burned the sky red within a blink of an eye.

Zhu Rong stared at Ji Hao, stunned. His self-consciousness was sealed by Gong Gong with an unknown method, but all of a sudden, that seal was broken. The bland, emotionless eyes of Zhu Rong suddenly had a light of wisdom sparkling in it. Meanwhile, he burst with a roar, in both shock and fright.

"No!" Before his voice faded, the Taiji divine sword descended. The raging fires spurting out from Zhu Rong’s cloak delivered no effect, as the Taiji divine sword went through the fires, cut the defensive divine light released by the cloak, then sank into Zhu Hong’s head. It cut his body entirely into two, from the head to crotch, just like cutting a watermelon.

Zhu Rong’s body split up, and immediately transformed into two spheres of fire.

"I am an original god, I am created by the world!"Zhu Rong’s raging roar came from the two fire spheres, "I am immortal, I am indestructible. As long as the world keeps existing, I will too! Mortal being, you can never kill me, even though you are holding supreme magic treasures!"

"Immortal?" A sharp light flashed across Ji Hao’s grey eyes. Subconsciously, he sneered and said, "If you’re truly immortal, where are the first generation of original Gods? Thrones are still in the heaven, but where did those great divine emperors go? The ones who stood high above the masses at one time."

At the moment, Hou Tu stood aside, suppressing the star inside Si Xi’s body with the divine seal. All this happened within a single moment. Ji Hao attacked way too fast, that only by the time Zhu Rong was cut into two did Hou Tu finally realize what had just happened.

The long snake tail of his was straightened as Hou Tu gave a long growl and swung his left arm, waving the Hou Tu divine seal towards Ji Hao. Next, he pulled out a triangle-shaped heavy axe from behind his back and launched a full-strength hack to Ji Hao.

The divine seal gathered the earth power and generated a strong invisible force, attempting to trap Ji Hao. The Pan Gu bell released a wave of Chaos power that dispelled the earth force easily, as if it had never appeared.

The Taiji cloak emitted water-like waves of clear light through the grey and misty Chaos power streams released from the Pan Gu bell. The clear light transformed into a giant glowing lotus that surrounded Ji Hao. Hou Tu boosted up his strength and launched a hack with his axe, which bumped against the lotus. But, as streams of clear light flashed across the surface of the lotus, the power delivered by Hou Tu’s axe was weakened a little bit. Waves of clear light surged out from the lotus, and by the time Hou Tu’s axe touched the Pan Gu bell, it had already become weak and powerless. Only around thirty percent of Hou Tu’s strength managed to be delivered to the bell by the axe.

The Pan Bu bell rang weakly, while the Taiji Universe mirror rose from Ji Hao’s head and sent out a sharp clear light that landed on Hou Tu like a sword.

Hou Tu shouted in shock. Clouds of yellow-colored, mist-like earth power gathered to him, condensing into an armor directly on his body.

Wherever the clear light released by the Taiji universe mirror reached, the earth power armor wearing by Hou Tu disintegrated and melted, like snow under boiling water. Before Hou Tu could make any reaction, the clear light wrapped his body up. The dark-yellow scales covering his body began shattering, transforming into strands of yellow mist and dissipating in the air.

"It hurts!"

Hou Tu shouted loud while drawing back swiftly. The Taiji universe mirror was way more powerful than he imagined. His defensive power, which he had always been proud of, was nothing but a joke in front of the mirror. Obviously, the Hou Tu divine seal could not suppress the power of the Pan Bu bell either, and there was no way for him to trap Ji Hao.

Therefore, Hou Tu could only draw back at his highest speed.

He had just come out from the Divine Origin Pool, and hadn’t reached the peak of his power. He attempted to instinctively stay away from Ji Hao for now, and come back to take revenge once he reached the peak state, as he was supposed to.

But the golden bridge moved faster than Hou Tu estimated. Before Hou Tu could reach back by thirty meters, Ji Hao showed up right before his face. Another simple and violent hack was launched by Ji Hao. As a result, a silvery clang was generated from Hou Tu’s neck, which was wrapped in the clear light came from the Taiji universe mirror. Following this loud clang, Hou Tu’s large head was cut straight off.

Hou Tu howled in pain, while his body transformed into two spheres of yellow light, one large and one small, and flew straight up into the sky.

Ji Hao turned around, gave a frigid grin to the two spheres of fire which were transformed from Zhu Rong’s body, and said, "Did you say that I can’t kill you?"

Without giving Zhu Rong a chance to respond or run, the Taiji Creation cauldron emerged from above Ji Hao’s head. A clear mist puffed up from the opening of the cauldron, wrapping the two spheres of fire up.

"No!" Zhu Rong had a truly bad feeling, as he felt that he was going to perish. He never wanted to die, so he screamed hoarsely, "I didn’t mean it…Gong Gong, it was Gong Gong! He controlled my mind with his evil magic, he controlled…"

The Taiji creation cauldron swallowed Zhu Rong up. Ji Hao sent the Pan Gu bell floating above the cauldron and put forth all of his strength, punching and kicking the bell to generate a series of muffled bell rings. Streams of Chaos power were sent into the cauldron.

A thunderous series of boom could be heard from the cauldron. Abruptly, an immense stream of fire rose into the sky, then an arm, which was wrapped in coiling fire straps, thrust out desperately from the cauldron. It clenched towards the sky, then was dragged back into the cauldron.

Black and white mist rotated in the cauldron like a millstone. Within around ten breaths, Zhu Rong’s soul frittered away.

Seeing this, Kun Peng screamed ear-piercingly in the distance.

"Earl Yao Ji Hao…You, you, you, you betrayed the world…You have, you have, have killed the true Fire God!"

Three streams of Chaos light shone from Ji Hao’s three eyes. He gripped the Taiji divine sword, pointed at Kun Peng, and laughed in a weird tone, "I am killing you now!"

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