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Ji Hao had been swept away by the water. He finally steadied his body after the water sent him thousands of miles away.

The Pan Gu bell rang resonantly, evaporating all the water within tens of meters in radius around Ji Hao. Ji Hao trod on a clear cloud while wielding his arms, sending out a series of Yu Yu’s divine thunder. Every bolt of thunder created a thousands of meters long path in the surging water. Then, Ji Hao growled out deeply and rushed straight up towards the water surface.

Along with a sizzling noise, cyan-purple thunderbolts dazzled out from tens of enormous whirlpools. A miles radius hole was opened up in the rapidly flowing water. With the Pan Gu bell floating above his head, Ji Hao trod on the clear cloud MS swooshed straight up into the sky, flashing to thousands of meters high within a twinkling of an eye.

He opened the erect eye between his eyebrows and released streams of light, flowing around his body. With that shining eye, Ji Hao looked around and immediately saw Si Xi around ten-thousand miles away.

The real star inside Si Xi’s body was suppressed by Hou Tu with the divine seal. Facing the power of the true Earth God, the star merged with Si Xi stayed unmoved. All of the star power was restrained, without releasing a single trace.

Zhu Rong wielded the long spear down and cut off Si Xi’s head. Si Xi’s head was sent flying into the sky and fell into the watery, being washed away by the water, disappearing without a trace.

A bright yellow light emitted from Si Xi’s broken neck. From inside the star core of the real star inside him, Si Xi’s soul roared in a fury, but the star remained unmoved. Hou Tu was the true Earth God, and with the help of the Hou Tu divine seal, he forcibly suppressed the star inside Si Xi!

Hundreds of millions of star kings existed in the ancient time, serving the ancient heaven. All those star kings were given birth by nature, generated by their stars, after those stars absorbed the power of the great Dao of nature, which was created along with the world itself. All star kings were incredibly power, proud, all and refused to obey. The ancient heaven was the ruler of the world once, so divine Gods in the ancient heaven surely had their ways to suppress those proud and powerful star kings.

Hou Tu was the true Earth God; all Gods with a nature of earth, including mountain Gods, star kings and the other Gods of earth, were under his command. Once the Hou Tu divine seal was activated, no star king could release any of his great power, not even a little bit.

This was the will of nature, the law of the heaven. Facing the power of the heaven, no matter how powerful a divine God was, he or she could only obey.

Si Xi was filled with rage. His soul roared in the star core, but he could no longer boost up any of his power.

Ji Hao stood in far away, stunned, watching Zhu Rong behead Si Xi so neatly.

Kun Peng raised his head and laughed shrilly to the heaven. He was trembling with excitement. He proudly pointed at the water surface and raised strong waves. A stream of water rolled Si Xi’s head up, sending it up to Kun Peng’s hand. Si Xi’s eyes were popped widely out in a fury.

Holding Si Xi’s head with both hands, Kun Peng threw it up for a few times scornfully, like a kid playing with a toy. Next, a bolt of thunder struck out from his palms and blew Si Xi’s head into blood mist. Kun Peng opened his mouth, inhaled all blood mist and swallowed.

"Delicious, nourishing!" Kun Peng faced the sky and laughed crazily, "Hahaha, Marquis Chong’s head is so delicious…How about Emperor Shun’s head? And the brains of those clan leaders? Elders? Their internal organs?!"

Kun Peng took a deep breath, greedily looked at Si Xi’s muscular body and growled, "Zhu Rong! Cut his belly open. I’m going to take his heart, slice it and dip in sauce. It will go with the best wine!"

Zhu Rong expressionlessly dropped the long spear and pulled out his sword from around his waist. The sword was wrapped in fire. Zhu Rong lunged it, pointing at Si Xi’s heart, about to cut it open.

Ji Hao was in a daze. He looked at the stain of blood on Kun Peng’s mouth corner, then at Kun Peng’s twisted, hideous, ghost-like face.

This thing ate Si Xi’s head!

This thing wanted to eat Si Xi’s heart with wine!

A sky-shaking, furious roar burst from Ji Hao’s throat. The fire of anger burned his mind, he saw nothing but the red of blood. All three eyes of his turned blood-red. The Pan Gu bell buzzed deeply yet rumblingly, as Ji Hao activated the golden bridge and created a tens of thousands of miles long golden rainbow. He tore the air apart, flying to Kun Peng and the two Gods.

"Earl Yao Ji Hao!" Kun Peng turned around and screamed to Ji Hao with that twisted face of his, "Didn’t you run? Good, I’m going to…"

Ji Hao moved faster than lightning. The speed of the golden bridge went far beyond Kun Peng’s estimation, that he saw nothing but a beam of light dazzle across the sky, before Ji Hao swished over and brushed against his body. The Taiji divine sword was dragged in Ji Hao’s hand. As the golden bridge dashed in the air, the sword edge had already sliced across Kun Peng’s neck.

Kun Peng screamed in shock and pain. When the Taiji divine sword swept across his neck, his body was already wrapped in a dark mist, turning blur and misty.

A cold light flashed across the sword edge, then Kun Peng disappeared. In the following moment, he reappeared on a wave a thousand miles away.

Countless twisted spirit creature spell symbols sparkled on the long black robe worn by Kun Peng, along with a long-lasting sizzling noise. This robe was attained by Kun Peng back in the prehistorical era, and had been worn by him for countless years. But now, it split up from the middle, then shattered into countless black pieces, drifting down from the sky.

"Ji Hao!" Kun Peng’s body was exposed to the air as he stared at Ji Hao. His face twitched, while he screamed heartbreakingly.

Puff! A sharp stream of blood spurted out from Kun Peng’s neck. Kun Peng was incredibly powerful, with unpredictable magics. When Ji Hao attacked him, he had already cast his magic and teleported himself away. Nevertheless, the fierce sword move made by Ji Hao had indeed harmed him.

Half of Kun Peng’s neck was cut by the Taiji divine sword. Blood sprayed out from the wound. Kun Peng hurriedly took out a bottle and poured out faintly golden ointment with a nice aroma, spreading it on his wound.

However, no matter how much ointment Kun Peng put on his wound, that wound never stopped bleeding, neither did the wound created by Ji Hao’s sword ever show a sign of healing.

Moreover, a magical power lingered in the wound, corroding Kun Peng’s body, tearing and expanding the wound. Kun Peng boosted his power up as much as he could and covered that wound with a dark mist. Finally, he had that magical, dangerous power under control.

Ji Hao wounded Kun Peng seriously with a sword move. At the moment, Ji Hao had almost fallen unconscious. Everything he did was based on instincts. He controlled the golden bridge and pounced to Zhu Rong from behind.

He felt nothing, he thought nothing. Everything was chaotic, every single move made by him was natural and smooth, as if it was meant to be like this since forever.

Ji Hao raised the Taiji divine sword high, and at this very moment, he combined everything he had ever learned. Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words, that he brought to this world from his previous life; the moves of sky-opening, earth-splitting, everything-grow and everything-perish that the mysterious man taught him; all those profound, mysterious magics of the great Dao, that he learned from Yu Yu, Priest Qing Wei, and Priest Dachi… Everything disintegrated and became pieces of bits, merging, combining, transferring in Ji Hao’s brain, which was now in a state of Chaos.

From his lower abdomen, the cauldron wrapped in five-colored flame released a bright, five-colored light, that shone in Ji Hao’s spiritual space.

The cauldron continued with an immeasurable power of creation. With its help, all pieces and bits regarding the great Dao of nature merged together in Ji Hao’s head.

A clear stream of light rose from his head, with the hundreds of meter in radius, red sun shining upon it. In the middle of the red sun, an axe-shaped silhouette flashed across, leaving a strong and perfectly straight trace in the sky.

The sword was raised, and following that straight trace, Ji Hao wielded it.

It was all quiet, but all of sudden, thunders burst. Around the Feather Mountain, all natural powers were disordered. The natural system was thrown into Chaos, and no trace could be found anymore.

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