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Zhu Rong died, while Hou Tu escaped. Thousands of divine warriors brought here by Zhu Rong roared thunderously, trod on fiery clouds, and marched towards Ji Hao.

Each one of these divine warriors was over nine meters tall, strong and sturdy. They had been releasing a fierce power vibration. Armors worn by them and weapons held in their hands were all divine pieces from the heaven, each naturally containing a trace of power of the great Dao of fire.

Ji Hao held Si Xi’s headless body. Above his head, the Taiji universe mirror let out a clear stream of light that landed on the thousands of divine warriors. Even Hou Tu failed to withstand the power of the mirror, not to mention these divine warriors who were merely as powerful as human Magus Kings. Wherever the clear light reached, thousands of divine warriors howled in pain, as fiery clouds under their feet disintegrated, and their armors turned into streams of clear mist, dissipating in the air.

The clear light contained the mysterious, unexplainable power of Taiji, which could transform life to death. The fire power inside the bodies of those divine warriors was dispelled by the clear light. Immediately after this, their bodies, which were created by the inexhaustible life-force in the Divine Origin Pool, based on the great Dao of fire and spirits of flames, began shaking. Countless cracks appeared on the skins of these divine warriors, as if they were fragile glass statues.

"Ji Hao! Don’t you dare!" Kun Peng covered his neck with his hand and tried his best to stop the bleeding and heal the wound, while screaming at Ji Hao in rage.

Ji Hao laughed out loud, then a clear stream of mist puffed out of the Taiji creation cauldron, rolling up all the divine warriors and dragging them into the cauldron. Following a thunderous bang, these divine warriors were turned into fist-sized, glowing-red, top-grade fire magic crystals, flying out from the cauldron.

"I even killed Zhu Rong… These little ones are nothing!" Ji Hao raised the Taiji divine sword high with his right hand, holding Si Xi’s headless body with his left hand, and activated the golden bridge. He transformed into a streak of golden light and flew to Kun Peng.

"Kun Peng, old bastard, taste my sword. You may survive if you have the luck!"Ji Hao wielded the sword and roared, as the sword edge sparkled dazzlingly.

At the moment, Ji Hao was still in that Chaotic, weirdly conscious state, and the power delivered by the quick point made by the mysterious man was still magically effective on Ji Hao. When the Taiji divine sword swished across the sky, the space was cut open, leaving a perfectly straight black crack in the air. The long black crack showed no sign of fading in a long while.

Seeing this, Kun Peng was frightened. The space in Pan Gu world was extremely stable and strong. Even thought powerful beings could temporarily break the space during intense fights, the space would heal itself in a second, tops.

What on earth did Ji Hao do? Why hadn’t the space showed any sign of recovering after being cut by his sword? Suddenly, Kun Peng understood the reason why the wound on his neck was so hard to deal with. The blood he shed was enough to fill a lake, yet, that wound never healed.

"Don’t come here! Ji Hao, you have won! You have won this!" Kun Peng shouted hoarsely, turned around and trod on a dark cloud, darting straightaway.

Kun Peng was able to transform into an enormous fish or an enormous bird. His real body was tremendous. He was powerful, and was known as the strongest spirit creature in the North Sea. Kun Peng could fly at lightning speed, that even by riding on the golden bridge, Ji Hao was only slightly faster than him.

Seeing Kun Peng transform into a long stream of dark mist and flying away swiftly, Ji Hao gnashed his teeth and chased after him at his highest speed. Flying past the He Tu and Luo Shu great formation, which was covered in coiling black and white mist, Kun Pent thrust out his hands towards the He Tu and Luo Shu great formation fiercely.

"He Tu, Luo Shu, all these years, I’ve spent so many efforts on you! How dare you betray me?!" Kun Peng released a wriggling stream of black smoke from each of his fingertips, reaching to the He Tu and Luo Shu great formation like ten poisonous snakes.

"I will bring you back to the heaven, and this time, I am going to destroy your souls with secret magic treasures in the heaven…Even if you will temporarily lose half of your powers, I am going to tame you for good!" Strands of sparkling mist rose from Kun Peng’s eyes as he yelled in both anger and shame, "What did I do wrong to you? How dare you betray me?! How dare you help my enemy?!"

Within the coiling black and white mist, from the He Tu and Luo Shu great formation, the voices of He Tu and Luo Shu could be heard together, "We are treasures of kindness, but you are an evil being…We are destined to not be your spirit treasures…Kun Peng, piss off!"

From the hundreds of miles long He Tu and Luo Shu great formation, sparkling starlight and lightning bolts burst, transforming into a rapidly flowing, dazzling river that struck on the ten black smoke streams released by Kun Peng. No one was controlling the great formation, yet, the He Tu and Luo Shu great formation was still unimaginably powerful. The black smoke had been devouring and shattering starlight beams and thunderbolts without an end, but failed to go anywhere near the great formation.

Ji Hao chased up and laughed out wildly, "He Tu, Luo Shu, please trap him for a second. You can leave when I chop his head off! Haha, I am Ji Hao, and I will keep my word. I will set you free, so you can go anywhere you want after this!"

He Tu and Luo Shu cheered together. The black and white mist suddenly grew denser, and surrounded Kun Peng along with a sound of waves, dragging him into the great formation as it attempted to trap him.

Deep roars came from Si Xi’s stomach, "Ji Hao, kill Kun Peng for me…Damn it! Just now, they suppressed all my life-force. This body of mine is dying. Damn it, damn it!"

"The body is dying?" Ji Hao slightly frowned and responded calmly, "Minister Si Xi, hang on for a second. We will figure out a way after I have killed Kun Peng!"

In Si Xi’s cold body was a starry void, where the starlight had dimmed down and the ninety-nine star-sealing magic had been quickly losing its power. That real star inside him was quaking intensely, releasing sharp beams of starlight and breaking his body, which no longer had any life-force.

In the core of this star, Si Xi’s soul tried its best to control the power of this star. However, Si Xi was only a newly promoted Supreme Magus. His soul hadn’t merged perfectly with the star core. Therefore, he couldn’t affect this star too much.

Ji Hao transformed into a streak of golden light, and had already flown to behind Kun Peng.

Kun Peng showed despair on his face. The He Tu and Luo Shu great formation was in front of him, blocking his way, while Ji Hao pounced from behind. Kun Peng’s neck was injured, and still had blood spurting out from it, taking his power and strength away. Somehow, Kun Peng felt that he could never survive this.

Ji Hao raised the sword high and hacked down, leaving a straight and neat trace in the air.

In this very moment, a bland laughter came from the higher sky, "The natural system is disordered in this place, and even I couldn’t figure it out. As I thought, supreme magic treasures appeared…That treasure is destined to be ours! We can’t let it go!"

The silhouette of a lotus flashed across the sky. Next, Priest Hua darted out from a dense rain cloud like a ghost. He took a glance at the He Tu and Luo Shu great formation with an extreme greed, then laughed out loud, reaching his hands towards He Tu and Luo Shu.

Once Priest Hua moved, clouds of warm mist and splendid glow rose from around the He Tu and Luo Shu great formation, while two enormous golden hands descended from both sides, seeming to grip them.

He Tu and Luo Shu screamed out together, immediately transforming into a black and white mist. Within the mist, a dark turtle and a dragon horse roared, thudding into the surging water down below and disappearing without a trace.

The He Tu and Luo Shu great formation disappeared suddenly, and nothing was left to block Kun Peng’s way. Kun Peng shouted in surprise, transformed into a long stream of dark mist instantly, and swished straight into the sky.

Ji Hao paused, took a glance at Priest Hua, then silently headed back to Pu Ban city with Si Xi’s body carried in his arms.

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