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Roaring waves reached to the sky, slapping down from the sky as they raised screaming gales. The Pan Gu bell floated above Ji Hao’s head and released Chaos power streams that surrounded his body and guarded him well under the overwhelming waves. Ji Hao wasn’t harmed, but those waves were way too strong. He could no longer steady his body, and ended up being sent away.

If that were ordinary water, the situation would still be under control. With Ji Hao’s current power, he could easily withstand any striking wave with his strong physical strength. If the water flooding out from the disappeared Yu Mountain sub-formation were ordinary clear water, Ji Hao would never been sent away.

Nevertheless, the ten-thousand water-sealing magic formation could not only contain water without limitation; if that were the case, Si Xi’s abilities would be average. As the greatest magic power of this great water-sealing formation, it could compress and transform the water power that came from other worlds, with the strong, inexhaustible earth power of Pan Gu world. It could purify the water, and dispel the toxins and corrosive power contained in the water.

Therefore, in the Feather Mountain sub-formation, under the compressing, purifying and transforming effects of the water-sealing formation, the quality of this massive quantity of water had changed thoroughly. The water had turned heavy and sticky, with a density that was over a hundred times higher than the density of ordinary still water. Although the water was still liquid, it was already heavier than metal.

In the bottom, which was the nearest to the water-sealing formation, a thick layer of human-head-sized magic crystals, with a nature of water, had been created. Every single piece of these magic crystals was condensed from a hundred-thousand times its volume of water, under the effect of the water-sealing formation.

According to Si Xi’s design, the water from other worlds would be continuously transformed into water magic crystals. No matter how much water came from other worlds, after being forcibly transformed into magic crystals, all the water would turn into wealth from a disaster.

However, the Feather Mountain sub-formation was destroyed by Hou Tu, and the water accumulated in it, which was supposed to become wealth to enrich the human society, immediately turned back into a disaster!

Deep down in the water-sealing magic formation, the density of the water had been raised by thousands of times. After the water-sealing formation disappeared, the water flooding out was no longer ordinary still water. Instead, it was highly compressed water that was even heavier than metal, and contained an incredibly strong, terrifying water power now mixed in it.

White streams of water roared thunderously, clashing against each other like fighting enormous dragons, generating scary rumbling noises.

These incredibly strong water streams, which had a shockingly high density, struck on the Pan Gu bell and generated muffled bell rings. The bell transformed surrounding water into Chaos power and absorbed it. But more waves had been striking down ceaselessly, pushing Ji Hao away. He couldn’t help but drift with the tide.

Ji Hao tried to steady his body quite a few times, but the forces coming from all directions were so strong that they made him spin in the water without having anything to grab or hold. Helplessly, Ji Hao was pushed far away by the flooding water.

Within a couple of breaths, the water flooded to thousands of miles away. Wherever the water swept across, all mountains and hills were flattened, as if the ground was brushed across by an enormous scraper knife. Countless animals didn’t manage to escape, and ended up being struck into spheres of blood mist, spreading in the water.

Kun Peng screamed hysterically. He flapped his tremendous wings, and raised giant waves from the water while roaring, "Find Si Xi, kill him! From now on…human beings don’t need heroes anymore!"

Zhu Rong trod on a fiery cloud and flew high into the sky. He looked disgustedly at the water flowing rapidly down below and snorted slightly. He was the Fire God, and deep down, he hated this waving, roaring water so much. But, he had to follow Gong Gong’s orders, and had no choice.

Hou Tu was wrapped in coiling yellow-colored earth power streams. He floated on the water surface as mountain-like waves struck down one after another, disintegrating against his body. He held the Hou Tu divine seal with his left hand, with which the entire earth had become his eyes and limbs. Nothing existing on the ground could hide from his eyes.

Soon, he pointed his finger out and said, "Si Xi is over there…I found him!"

Kun Peng breathed deeply and shook his enormous body, transforming back into a scrawny man with a long black robe, standing on a dark cloud. Wiping the blood on his face, he lowered his eyelids and said in a deep voice, "Si Xi, and his son, to all human beings, they’re both heroes. It’s a shame though, that to us, heroes are not needed among human beings."

Kun Peng curved his mouth corners upwards, grinned evilly and said, "In the future, human beings only need to learn to obey, to be slaves, to kneel and kowtow to us. That will be more than enough. From this day on, we will break all backbones of the humankind, one by one!"

Thousands of miles away, a solid granite pillar roared up from the surging water. Si Xi stood on the pillar, growing resonantly to Kun Peng and Hou Tu, who had been flying swiftly over from a distance. "Fight till death! Today, I, Si Xi, will fight to death!"

Si Xi’s face was twisted, that made him look like a fierce ghost. His long hair straightened on his head, while he roared thunderously and hoarsely. He roared too loud, that even his throat was vibrated broken, making blood splash out from his mouth.

Looking at Si Xi’s twisted fierce face, Kun Peng subconsciously stooped flying, standing on the dark cloud. Snorting coldly, he conveniently pointed at Si Xi and ordered, "You go, kill him!"

Hou Tu trod on a dense yellow cloud while Zhu Rong stood on a fiery cloud. Both of them were followed by tens of divine warriors from the department of fire in the heaven. These warriors were all wrapped in raging flames, marching towards Si Xin in a formidable way.

"Fight till death? You better be! Don’t escape, just stay and obediently…die!" said Hou Tu with a deep voice.

The Hou Tu divine seal shone on his head. Instantly, the pillar treading under Si Xi’s feet changed its shape, as if it were made from mud. The pillar immediately transformed into a giant hand that gripped Si Xi’s waist. Before Si Xi could try to free himself from the enormous hand, countless extremely sharp thorns reached out from it. Grey-white rock thorns penetrated Si xi’s body, nailing him on top of the pillar.

Zhu Rong was treading on a fiery cloud, flying much faster than Hou Tu. With the long spear in his hand, he flashed straight to before Si xi’s face. The long spear was swung down along with a purple streak of fire, cutting Si Xi’s head directly off.

Si Xi’s head rolled in the air. Not even a drop of blood was shed from his broken neck. Thunder-like roars came from his chest, saying ‘Head comes! Head comes! Head comes!!’.

A yellow mist puffed out from his broken neck and rolled up his head, swiftly dragging it back to his neck. As a yellow light flashed across, Si Xi’s head reconnected with his neck. Not even a mark was left on his neck by that fierce hack launched by Zhu Rong just now.

"I have merged with a real star. How can you kill me so easily?" Si Xi growled to Zhu Rong, "Even if you’re the true Gods of this world, how can you kill me so easily?!"

Si Xi opened his mouth and sent out a sharp stream of yellow mist, that transformed immediately into a long blade, piercing to Zhu Rong’s chest.

Zhu Rong snorted coldly and gripped the yellow blade. He clenched his fingers, trying to crumble it. However, the blade was especially strong and heavy, struggling like a snake in Zhu Rong’s hand. Within a short while, Zhu Rong couldn’t stop Si Xi from attacking him.

Hou Tu flew to Si Xi, pressed the Hou Tu divine seal heavily on Si Xi’s chest, and said, "Kill him one more time! I…have suppressed the star inside him!"

Si Xi’s face turned pale, as Zhu Rong launched another hack.

Thud! Si Xi’s head flew high into the air once again and fell into the water, being flushed away by the surging water.

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