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Si Xi was sent flying away. The Hou Tu divine seal was unimaginably powerful, that it even smashed a big half of Si Xi’s head.

Si Xi growled deeply in pain. He opened his mouth and took a long gasp. Before, once he breathed, earth power would naturally flow into his mouth to heal his injuries and replenish his life-force.

However, Hou Tu looked at Si Xi frigidly. The pure earth power from all directions was almost tangible, gathering into thousands of meters thick, yellow colored mist on the ground. But not even a slight stream moved to Si Xi. Spirit blood surged inside Si Xi’s body, healing the wound on his head with his own strong life-force. His dented skull quickly bulged back up, while his broken skin and muscles recovered speedily as well. Taking a long gasp, Si Xi let out a long stream of yellow-colored mist from his mouth.

Si Xi couldn’t use the earth power from the surrounding environment, but he had a real star sealed inside his body. The power of a star was immeasurable. As long as the star remained existing, it could provide Si Xi inexhaustible power. As long as the star existed, a Supreme Magus could never be killed!

Si Xi stood up, stretched his limbs, and gave a deep roar.

He pointed at Hou Tu and growled, "How did you know that I have the Hou Tu divine seal?"

Hou Tu pointed his finger at the seal, and it immediately flew to him, leaving a yellow stream of light in the air. In the distance, Kun Peng laughed out loud again with that high-pitched voice of his, "How did he know? Someone from your You Chong Clan told us, of course! Si Xi, hehe, you’re a tough one. Ninety-nine percent of your human beings are unshakable, but there are always a few impious people among you, aren’t there?"

Si Xi quivered, then gnashed his teeth tight.

The Hou Tu divine seal was attained from the heaven by Emperor Xuanyuan. It was used for commanding all mountains in the world, suppressing and manipulating all pre-world and after-world earth power in the entire Pan Gu world. It represented the highest power of earth. Its importance even equaled the great seal of the human emperor.

After Emperor Xuanyuan abdicated and left, the Hou Tu divine seal became a property of Si Xi’s family, then became the greatest treasure of You Chong Clan. Si Xi knew about the Hou Tu seal’s supreme power, and also knew that a treasure like this could be way too attractive. Therefore, even when he was attacked crazily by those Chaos monsters and severely injured without being able to struggle back up from the ground, he didn’t use this treasure to protect himself.

In You Chong Clan, no more than ten people knew about the existence of the Hou Tu seal. All these people were core leaders of You Chong Clan, important senior elders or respected Maguspriests…However, among these people, someone told Gong Gong about the seal. As a consequence, Gong Gong sent his people to ambush Si Xi in Feather Mountain.

Ji Hao reacted at lightning speed. As Hou Tu pointed out his finger, Ji Hao had already sent out the Taiji Creation cauldron. A giant cloud of clear mist puffed out of the cauldron, transforming into a hundreds of meters wide hand that reached to the Hou Tu divine seal.

The Taiji Creation cauldron was best at melting things, turning things back into their original forms. The Hou Tu divine seal was so important that Kun Peng and his people set an ambush in Feather Mountain for not only killing SI Xi, but also snatching the Hou Tu divine seal. Therefore, Ji Hao decided to melt the Hou Tu divine seal directly and turn it back into earth power. After that, what could Kun Peng and people possibly do?

Once the clear mist was released, Sun Peng and Zhu Rong growled out simultaneously. Hou Tu unhurriedly waved his four arms. Following his moves, boundless waves of dark-yellow-colored earth power streams surged over and condensed into a thick wall in front of the giant hand of clear mist released by the Taiji Creation cauldron.

The enormous hand slapped heavily on the dark-yellow wall and caused a long-lasting series of clattering noise. Along with that, a tremendous hole appeared on this thousands of miles long, tens of thousands of meters tall, and thousands of meters thick dark-yellow wall, as if this gigantic wall was a thin iron board which had been corroded by concentrated acid.

Wherever the giant hand reached, the dark-yellow-colored earth power collapsed and turned into a heavy rain of stone, falling loudly to the ground. With a magical power, the Taiji Creation cauldron forcibly changed the earth power and turned it into ordinary stones from gas state.

The thin pre-world power of creation contained in that earth power was all taken away by the Taiji Creation cauldron.

Kun Peng opened his mouth widely, but couldn’t say a word. Zhu Rong paused in shock, and even Hou Tu, who had been unhurried the whole time, had his body twitch abruptly. He was badly startled by the magical and strange power of the Taiji Creation cauldron.

The Hou Tu divine seal was a supreme magic treasure with the nature of earth. It was indeed incredibly powerful, but its flying speed was strangely slow. In a blink of an eye, the Hou Tu divine seal had only flown out for seven to eight miles, and was still over ten miles away from Hou Tu. The giant hand released by the Taiji Creation cauldron penetrated the enormous wall of earth power, and was about to reach the seal.

Although the Hou Tu divine seal was now under Hou Tu’s control, after all, it had been nourished by Si Xi with his own blood for many years. To some degree, Si Xi could also control it.

At the moment, Si Xi stood aside with his eyes popped widely out, without saying a word. Blood veins bulged on his face, as he was trying to boost up his power to fight against Hou Tu over the control of the divine seal. Si Xi’s effort didn’t deliver any obvious effect, but indeed, he managed to affect Hou Tu, disabling him from making the divine seal fly straight back to his hands with the earth power momentarily.

Hou Tu roared anxiously. Seeing the Hou Tu divine seal was about to be grasped in that enormous mist hand, he opened his mouth and sent out a water-tank-sized, dark-yellow-colored bead. Countless silhouettes of mountains sparkled on the bead, while it roared down and landed on the ground. It was wrapped up by the coiling earth power and teleported itself to behind the Hou Tu divine seal, bumping into that giant mist hand.

Clear mist rolled, and that enormous hit hand paused instantly.

This dark-yellow bead was also a supreme divine treasure with the nature of earth, an important magic treasure from the heaven, immeasurably powerful. This bead belonged to an important God from the department of earth, the true Mountain God. The Mountain God was the ruler of all mountains in the world, and this bead was the supreme piece used by him for controlling all mountains in Pan Gu world. Same as the Hou Tu divine seal, the bead was also generated by the great Dao of nature along with the heaven, after the creation of the world.

The Taiji Creation cauldron was incomparably powerful, as the enormous mist hand released by it conveniently rolled the bead back into the cauldron when the bead bumped into the hand.

Clear light shone from the cauldron. The dark-yellow bead caused a muffled clang in it, then collapsed right away. It transformed into extremely pure streams of earth power, drifting in the cauldron.

During this short pause, the Hou Tu divine seal had already landed in Hou Tu’s hand.

Hou Tu threw a vicious glance at Ji Hao, then raised the divine seal and waved towards the Feather Mountain sub-formation.

A heavy rain had been falling from the sky above the Feather Mountain sub-formation. Dense dark clouds floated in the sky, with streams of water pouring down.

The water level had constantly been rising, as well as the Feather Mountain sub-formation, which was built with breathing earth. By now, the seven to eight hundred million miles wide Feather Mountain sub-formation had already grown to over tens of thousands kilometers tall. The turbid wave surged in the basin-shaped Feather Mountain sub-formation, misty and boundless.

"Hou Tu!" Ji Hao and Si Xi shouted in a fury simultaneously.

Hou Tu gave an evil smirk, while the Hou Tu divine seal released a yellow light that covered the Feather Mountain sub-formation.

The Feather Mountain sub-formation disappeared just like this, as a thin stream of breathing earth flew into the Hou Tu divine seal, along with a sparkling starlight.

Without the breathing earth, the tens of thousands of kilometers deep water accumulated in the sub-formation flooded out towards all directions, sweeping destructively. Ji Hao and Si Xi only managed to cast a growl before the sky-devouring wave surged over and whirled both of them away.

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