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Si Xi lied on the ground. His broken chest had been healing itself speedily, but large streams of blood were still flowing out of his mouth.

"Hou Tu? The Earth God? Where the hell are you bunch of b*stards from?"

Si XI cursed while vomiting blood. He had survived great dangers, conquered countless difficulties; for thousands of times, he almost died in battles against non-humankind beings. But what happened even more was he climbing out from piles of dead bodies.

Yet today, the true Fire God Zhu Rong and the true Earth God Hou Tu, what was this?

The heaven had fallen, leaving no one but Kua E and his brothers surviving in the sky, barely guarding the heaven. Those were only thousands of relatively weak descendants of ancient divine Gods. If the heaven and earth great formation hadn’t been protecting the heaven with its terrifying power, any top-grade human clan could do serious damage to the heaven.

The heaven had declined so much, so how could these unreasonably strong beings come from the heaven one after another? They shouldn’t even exist!

Zhu Rong expressionlessly hacked the spear down, straight at Si Xi’s neck.

Si Xi hurriedly rolled, while Ji Hao transformed into a streak of light and dazzled down, covering Si Xi with strong streams of Chaos power released from the Pan Gu bell. Zhu Rong turned his wrist and let his spear bump heavily on the bell. As a bell ring echoed to the sky, Ji Hao was forced backward for another ten miles.

The ground was buzzing deeply and rumblingly. Hou Tu was around fifty meters tall, yet his snake tail was over a hundred meters long. At the moment, he slowly moved over, looked at Ji Hao and Si Xi expressionlessly and said with a frigid and bland tone, "Natural wills…You lowly insignificant mortal beings, can never understand."

He gently waved four arms of his, and following his moves, the earth under his feet began waving weirdly. Pure power flowed into Hou Tu’s body in streams, and soon, four transparent, dark-yellow-colored longswords appeared in his hands. Hou Tu wielded those swords slightly, yet heavy and sharp earth power streams were released, leaving hundreds of miles long, bottomless slashes on the ground.

"A heaven has to exist in this world, and true gods like us have to be in the heaven to rule the entire world."

"We are needed by this world, by the heaven of this world. Therefore, no matter how long it has been, we will show up again in the world. We represent the wills of this world, and you, insignificant, lowly mortal beings, you have to obey us!"

"We represent the world… We are the earth, we are the sky, we’re the great Dao of nature. We’re laws, we’re principles... Therefore, if we want you to die, you have to die! If you refuse to die, if you dare to resist, you would be going against the heaven… You would be evil!" said Hou Tu slowly. His voice was strong and resonant, sounding determined and convincing. Zhu Rong stood aside, nodding all the time. Apparently, he couldn’t agree more.

Ji Hao and Si Xi remained silent, both with dark faces. Si Xi’s wounds were healed already. He slowly stood up and slapped hard on his own chest.

"We, human beings, we are tiny, and we have indeed lived a lowly life." Si Xi seriously looked at Hou Tu and said, "But our tininess and lowliness are not an excuse for you to try to demand whatever you want from us, and control our lives."

"Human beings are not like your God-kind. We don’t have long lifespans, our children are born weak, without sharp teeth and claws, neither do we possess that strong power of yours."

"However, we survived. We’ve been existing since the prehistorical era, generation after generation. We are like grasses all over the world. We are lowly, but we have been living a thriving life." Si Xi proudly raised his head and continued, "We worship our ancestors, raise our children, build houses, feed livestock... Our life isn’t easy, but we are happy to live that life."

Si Xi heavily pointed his heart with his right thumb, smiled and said, "Chaos monsters used to dominate the world, but they are gone now…Powerful creatures once ruled the earth, now, their bloodlines have disappeared…The ancient heaven used to stand high above the masses, but it has fallen. Its power went away like a fading storm…Even those powerful and scary non-humankind beings failed to destroy our kind."

Ji Hao straightened his waist. Si Xi’s words were simple, easy to understand. But on hearing him, a warmth came straight up from Ji Hao’s tailbone, reaching directly to his brain and filling up Ji Hao’s body with strength. Ji Hao even sensed his boiling blood surging to his head, and was almost losing control of the strong desire of rushing out and starting a life-risking right against Zhu Rong and Hou Tu. But based on his current level of cultivation, such a thing shouldn’t happen at all.

"Those Chaos monsters were beaten up by our human armies. They hid in their nests, and dared not to show their faces."

"Those legendary powerful creatures once gifted their powers to us. But at present, their offsprings all have become mounts and battle beasts of our humankind."

"The heaven high up in the sky? Hehe, descendants of those divine Gods now work for us, trading for food and money."

"Those non-humankind monsters almost destroyed the civilization of our humankind many times. But now, they can only stay far away from the alliance of human clan, without being able to start a great war in centuries."

"Our humankind survived… We are living, because we want to live!"

"We want to live. Therefore, not even the heaven can destroy us, not even the world can kill us. If this world intends to destroy us, we will destroy the world then."

"You, you are given birth by the world, without parents, without flesh and blood, without emotions and desires. You will never grow old, you will never die… You’re a bunch of freaks…Even if you represent the so-called natural will…if you want us dead, we will kill you!"

Si Xi gnashed his teeth so tight that he even generated a creaking noise. He sneered to Hou Tu and continued, "I can’t kill you, but I have a son. If my son can’t kill you either, there will be his children, my grandchildren. The bloodlines of our humankind are thriving, generation after generation, and we will never die. Eventually, strong ones will emerge from us, crush your heaven, and destroy your bloodlines. You will never show up again, and an eternal foundation of our humankind will be built."

Ji Hao stayed silent while he gripped the hilt of the Taiji divine sword with both hands. He was ready to fight Zhu Rong and Hou Tu with his life.

Kun Peng coughed loudly. Blood splashed out from his enormous mouth from time to time as he stuttered, "Did you hear him? Human beings have backbones. Therefore…if we want them to serve us, we have to break these backbones."

Dense dark cloud rolled in the sky and condensed into a long spear, pointing at Ji Hao and Si Xi from a distance away.

Kun Peng continued coldly, "Do it, Hou Tu…Only with that thing can we control the breathing earth, and you, will become the true Earth God."

Hou Tu still showed no emotion on his expressionless face, but slowly nodded. He raised his four arms as his fingers touched each other, looking like mountains. In his eyes, a dark-yellow colored beam of divine light flashed across, then the earth quaked intensely while Hou Tu gave a loud roar.

Si Xi suddenly quivered and started vomiting blood. A human-head-sized yellow seal tore his chest apart and flew out from his body.

Kun Peng laughed even louder, "Hou Tu divine seal belongs to the true Earth God. It can control the souls of all mountains in the world, command all earth powers in the world…Hou Tu, do it now!"

Hou Tu nodded, then flicked his finger. Hou Tu divine seal violently smashed on Si Xi’s head and struck him out from those coiling Chaos power streams released from the Pan Gu bell.

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