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Back in the He Tu and Luo Shu great formation, Ji Hao stood facing Kun Peng.

A miles in diameter, round-shaped light screen floated in the air, showing every detail of the intense fight between Si Xi and those Chaos monsters. He saw Si Xi release a mighty power and kill Tusk Sandfly King, making the other six Chaos monsters desperately run. Only Ms. Green Toad didn’t suffer a lethal attack, because she was a female. Seeing all this, Ji Hao smiled.

"Are these your helpers? Kun Peng, isn’t Gong Gong ashamed?"

Kun Peng dropped the pair of four-edged swords, glanced at those fleeing Chaos monsters, and abruptly cursed with a low voice.

"What did you say?" Ji Hao sent an ear of his near Kun Peng, frowned, and threw a sideways glance at Kun Peng.

Kun Peng gave a complicated glance at Ji Hao and responded in a cold voice, "Earl Yao Ji Hao, you’re protected by supreme treasures, so I’m not gonna waste any time on you. You just stay here in this great formation. I will let you witness Si Xi’s death. You will see how he is killed!"

Above in the sky, the nine stars shone brightly. Kun Peng’s body was wrapped in the misty starlight, flashed and disappeared from the great formation. That round light screen sparkled, then Kun Peng showed up on the screen with a gloomy face, less than three-thousand meters away from Si Xi.

"My friends, your performances today have failed our agreement." Kun Peng held his hands in his sleeves and said with a grim voice, while an evil sense of power was releasing from his entire body. "If you truly want to gain benefits from us, don’t you need to do some real work?"

A Chaos monster, who was tender and chubby, looking like a white meatball, buried his broken head in his arms, gritted his teeth and said, "Boy Chen and Tusk Sandfly King tried to do the work indeed, but Boy Chen is gone, and I can’t sense him anymore. He has fallen already…If you want us to risk our lives for you, give us something first!"

Before he voice faded, Si Xi’s Valley Thorn struck on this meatball’s body, shattered his white and tender flesh and squeezed out large streams of blood that spurted to hundreds of meters away. This Chaos monster screamed in pain. His legs were softened, and his knees thudded on the ground.

These Chaos monsters all had incredibly strong life-force. Si Xi had been launching heavy blows to them without a pause, breaking their bodies and making them bleed. However, they just knelt on the ground, howling and screaming with their eyes fixed on Kun Peng, seeming ready to rather die than submit.

Kun Peng’s face twitched. He glanced at Ms. Green Toad, who stood in the distance, and asked, "Ms. Green Toad, what do you say?"

Ms. Green Toad twisted her slim waist, abruptly laughed out with a silvery voice, and said, "Oi, Old Fei’lian, your invincible opponent is dead. Why’re you still hiding? You poor thing, you were controlled by a crazy being for so many years!"

A hissing noise came from a far distance. Then, following a swishing noise, a fist-sized cockroach flapped its wings and swiftly flew over, leaving a black trace in the air. The tiny cockroach waved the long pair of antennae on his head, then buzzed in the air and released a dense mist. Soon, Fei’lian King, who was killed by Ji Hao earlier, slowly showed up in the mist.

Fei’lian King shook his head, widely opened his mouth and laughed with a hissing voice.

"It’s true. Boy Chen’s power is gone…That kid must have something in his body. How can Boy Chen be killed so easily? Hehe, if he were truly so easy to kill, I would have done it myself thousands of years ago."

In the He Tu and Luo She great formation, Ji Hao was shocked.

Fei’lian King was still alive! But who was the one slaughtered by Ji Hao with the Pan Gu bell earlier?

The meatball-like Chaos Monster was at his last gasp now. His blood and white and tender flesh was all gone, and only an especially small skeleton remained in a puddle of blood, twitching constantly.

He opened his jaws, laughed evilly and viciously, and said, "But, Boy Chen is dead. This is a good thing for you anyway, old Fei’lian. Hehe…Kun Peng!"

Kun Peng looked at Fei’lian King with a dark face. He didn’t respond to the meatball monster. Instead, he growled to Fei’lian King in anger, "Boy Chen’s valued by Lord Gong Gong the most! You! You let him…let him…"

Kun Peng was a smart one. How could not tell that Boy Chen was entrapped by this group of Chaos monsters?

Wasn’t Boy Chen the best friend of Fei’lian King? Hadn’t Fei’lian King served as the close guard of Boy Chen for countless years? Boy Chen wasn’t good at close combat, so didn’t he survive for so many years by staying under Fei’lian King’s protection?

"Don’t mention that thing!" Fei’lian King shook his head and said with a dark voice, "In order to let that thing believe that I was truly dead, I even lost my spirit blade!"

Gasping for air, Fei’lian King laughed coldly and continued, "We’re not Boy Chen. No matter what Gong Gong promises us, you shouldn’t expect us to be like that old crazy thing, to risk our lives for you without having a second thought!"

He spread his hands and said with that cold voice of his, "If you want us to kill Si Xi for you, what can we get? Where are all those things you promised us? It’s easy for you to speak. You made Boy Chen show his real face and work for you by risking his own life. Mirages created by Boy Chen could even deceive the natural law! But we’re not him! We won’t do it!"

Ms. Green Toad chuckled, "Kun Peng, don’t say that we’re mean as brothers and sisters. It’s just…It has never been easy for us to survive till now. You have promised lots to us, but why don’t you give us some real thing now?"

Si Xi smashed the Valley Thorn on the back of a dragon-head enormous Chaos monster. This Chaos monster had a dragon head and a wolf body, covered in scales and looking quite weird and evil. This monster didn’t dodge. He let Si Xi crush a half of his body, then opened is wide mouth and laughed out hoarsely.

"Good, good, although you promised us to cover the senses of our powers with the Heaven and Earth great formation so that we won’t be suffering thunder trials anymore," This Chaos monster breathed loudly, then continued with a harsh tone, "…we still want something real! We’re not Boy Chen. Natural laws could do nothing to him, so he could deceive the heaven and save himself from the thunder trial. But we can’t…Don’t expect us to risk our lives for you with nothing in return!"

Kun Peng took a deep breath. He glanced at these Chaos monsters and shouted angrily, "Alright, Tusk Sandfly King, still playing dead?" A sphere of purple light appeared on Kun Peng’s hand. The purple light seemed to be holy and mysterious, with a prehistorical power releasing from it. Warm mist streams coiled inside the purple mist, within which, nine gold-rimmed divine talismans were clearly visible.

"These are the divine talismans of the nine divine Gods that belong to the department of war. These talismans will be merging with your souls. After that, you will become true Gods!" Kun Peng gnashed his teeth and smiled frostily, "From now on, you will not suffer thunder trials ever again. You will be able to live a free life in the world with your real bodies…What are you waiting for?"

Kun Peng glanced at the nine divine talismans in his hand, then threw them out quite reluctantly.

The bodies of the six Chaos monsters around Si Xi disintegrated immediately, transformed into streams of mist and dissipated in the air.

Tens of thousands of miles away, in a barren mountain, a few dreadful torrents of spirit creature power rose into the sky. The raging power streams reached millions of meters high, wove together, and transformed into a massive dark cloud, spreading out. Within a twinkling of an eye, the entire night sky was turned purely dark.

Ms. Green Toad and Fei’lian King laughed out wildly, while their bodies disintegrated as well. They transformed into strands of mist and drifted away.

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