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Ms. Green Toad and the other seven Chaos monsters entangled Si Xi. Si Xi now had a thick square-shaped shield held in his left hand, easily defending himself and blocking all attacks launched by all monsters.

This shield was simply designed, even a bit too simple. The shield had a clay texture, and hundreds of simple lines on its surface. If one looked closer, one would find that those lines actually formed a series of mountains. These mountains were simply drawn, but the power vibration they released were incredibly strong.

The few Chaos monsters were all born before the time of creation, and they all had their own specialties. However, all attacks launched by them were turned into nothingness by this shield of Si Xi. Even the fiercest attack could do no more than sending up a few fire sparkes against the shield. They couldn’t even touch a hair of his.

Aside from the shield, dragon-like yellow-colored strong earth power streams had been coiling around Si Xi’s body, also protection Man Man and the others, who hadn’t yet woken up. Thousands of yellow-colored, tremendous earth power streams had woven into a gigantic misty shield, covering Man Man and the others. They lied quietly on the ground. Occasionally, a few attacks landed on the misty shield, but nothing happened except for some ripple.

Si Xi hadn’t been paying any attention to those Chaos monsters.

Back at the beginning of time, after the creation of the world, the most powerful Chaos creatures all died in the battle against Saint Pan Gu. Survivors like Boy Chen and Ms. Green Toad indeed had their special abilities, but they were far less powerful than those true top-grade powerful ones.

The square-shaped shield held in Si Xi’s hand was also a top-grade supreme treasure, generated by the world itself. It had no other function except for its incredible defensive power. Especially after Si Xi became a Supreme Magus, he connected all earth meridian power in Yu Mountain area with the shield and raised the defensive power of this ‘thousand-mountain shield’ by a couple of times. Ordinary living beings couldn’t even move this shield by a single inch.

Ji Hao was trapped in a cage transformed from a black and white mist. The hundred miles wide cage floated in the air, while the black and white mist streams flowed quickly. From time to time, starlight and watery mist would spurt out from the cage. The power released from the cage was mysterious and threatening, and even Si Xi sensed the danger from it.

However, Si Xi knew that Ji Hao had top-grade defensive treasures, and behind him were powerful beings who would support and protect him. Therefore, Si Xi hadn’t been worrying too much about Ji Hao’s safety.

What worried Si Xi was the faintly sensible aura of killing coming from the surrounding area. Si Xi was a Supreme Magus now, but under the effect of the not so obvious aura of killing, he sensed coldness from his internal organs. Even his soul, which had merged with the core of the real star inside his body, was unsettled.

Stronger enemies were hiding in the darkness, looking at Si Xi.

Wielding the shield and fending for another round, Si Xi suddenly raised his head and burst out a resonant growl. Next, he stomped both feet on the ground and quaked the earth meridians underground intensely. With the power of the earth, Si Xi broke out from the encirclement of those Chaos monsters and rushed towards Ju Fu.

Ju Fu had been throwing giant rocks at Si Xi to try to distract him. Seeing Si Xi rushed over, this ape-like creature screamed, leaped up and left shreds of afterimages in the air, attempting to flee.

Nevertheless, the mountains around him vibrated, while nine ancient styled, yellow-colored spell symbols emerged on the ground. A strong gravity force was generated, disabling Ju Fu from moving. Before he could ask for help, Si Xi raised the square shield high and smashed on Ju Fu’s body heavily.

Along with a thunderous boom, Ju Fu was crushed by this violent move made by Si Xi.

Blood splashed everywhere. A light color divine talisman rose from Ju Fu’s broken head, flying into the sky. Si Xi snorted frigidly white grasping the purple talisman. He clenched his fingers and crumbled it in his hand.

"Divine God? With this little thing?" Si Xi scornfully sneered at the sky and said, "Gong Gong, you stole the heaven. Are these things your creations? This Ju Fu was no better than any ordinary Divine Magus. Did you expect this thing to kill me?"

A shrill howl could be heard, as Tusk Sandfly King trod on a green stream of water and rushed over. His pair of hands had already turned into a pair of meters long sawtooth blades, swishing down at Si Xi’s head while leaving shreds of dark afterimages in the air.

Si Xi sneered again. He raised his shield, letting that pair of blades hack on it.

The earth meridians quaked one more time. In the sky, eight bright stars emerged, connected with the star inside Si Xi’s body. Si Xi teleported himself to before Tusk Sandfly King’s face, then all of a sudden, a triangle-cone-shaped weapon appeared in Si Xi’s right hand.

The weapon was undecorated, meters long, and embossed with countless mountains and hills. Si Xi griped the long hilt of the weapon with both hands and swung it horizontally, sweeping across Tusk Sandfly King’s waist and starting a fierce gale.

Water-tank-thick steams of starlight poured down from the eight stars in the sky and landed on the sharp weapon. From the surface of this weapons, images of countless mountains and hills were released. Meanwhile, an incredibly strong and fierce force broke Tusk Sandfly King’s body, cutting him into two.

"It’s a divine weapon from the heaven…Valley Thorn!" Tusk Sandfly King’s upper body thudded on the ground while he stared at the Valley Thorn in fright and said, "It’s the supreme weapon that belonged to the head of all Gods of mountains. It was used for ruling all mountains in the world!"

"You’re right. This is indeed the Valley Thorn!" Si Xi raised the Valley Thorn, knocked on Tsuk Sandfly King’s head, and smashed his head along with his shoulder. The Valley Thorn was a divine weapon from the ancient heaven, and was used for controlling all mountains and earth meridians in the world. A single move made with it could trigger the powers of all mountains and earth meridians in the surroundings.

This move of Si Xi seemed to be easy, but in fact, the power of all mountains in Midland had landed on Tusk Sandfly King’s body. Tusk Sandfly King was a Chaos monster, and was ridiculously strong, but still, he was crushed by Si Xi with one move, and even his soul perished.

Si Xi held the shield to protect his back, while he gripped the Valley Thorn with the other hand. Layers of hazy silhouettes of mountains surrounded him, as he flashed across the air like a moving, enormous mountain, dashing into the dense dark cloud along with a muffled swishing noise.

A rumbling series of thuds was started, while six silhouettes flew out from the dark cloud like six bags of garbages

The other six Chaos monsters were thrown out by Si Xi, vomiting blood as they spun in the air, and fell on the ground. They howled out together, struggled back up, then left shreds of afterimages in the air while attempting to run.

Si Xi’s power and the powers of his two supreme treasures were completely beyond these Chaos monsters’ estimation. These Chaos monsters weren’t wounded too badly, but they were frightened. They had even forgotten about the mission of killing Si Xi already, and only wanted to run.

Si Xi laughed coldly, raised the Valley Thorn high, and pointed at the sky. Following his moves, all mountains and rivers in Midland buzzed resonantly, echoing to the clouds.

Above the head of each of the six Chaos monsters, the silhouette of a towering mountain emerged. The light of the eight dazzling stars in the sky poured down on every mountain silhouette, then the six mountains descended. The six Chaos monsters moaned in pain and began vomiting blood once again. They could barely remain standing now, but they were Chaos monsters after all; they were only injured, and did not die. Their injuries were not even too serious.

Si Xi burst with another great growl and wielded the Valley Thorn. The surrounding earth meridians moved, and the earth waved. The earth power pushed the six Chaos monsters, sending them to Si Xi.

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