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Heaven, in a bronze-colored great hall, Gong Gong held his hands behind his body, quietly looking at the images showing up in a large magic mirror.

When Kun Peng threw out the nine divine talismans and a sky-devouring spirit creature power rose, Gong Gong snorted coldly, and said with a grim face, "These evil things…If they were not slightly useful to us…I would have activated the Heaven and Earth great formation, sent down divine thunders and crushed them all!"

Dishi Cha sat on a large armchair, which was carved out of dark jade, with his legs folded. He had been fiddling with an exquisite jade cup, that was embossed with nine dragons. Hearing Gong Gong, Dishi Cha smiled faintly but didn’t say anything.

Yemo Tian reclined comfortably on a couch, with a pretty girl held in his arm. At the moment, Yemo Tian’s entire body was surrounded by a dark mist, that even covered his face. Abruptly, he pushed the girl away and leaped up.

Staring at Gong Gong with a pair of burning eyes, he shouted, "Why is this so troublesome? Marquis Chong Si Xi? Who the hell is he? I can kill all of them all by myself!"

Gong Gong glanced at Yemo Tian, and sighed helplessly.

Dishi Cha stood up, put the jade cup in his sleeve, then politely bowed to Yemo Tian and said, "Dear Lord, your power and your wisdom are shining upon the world like stars, that will never die."

Dishi Cha shrugged, yet continued with a low voice, "But, you’re way too noble. These lowly things are not worthy for you to kill!"

Yemo Tian stared at Dishi Cha, opened his erect eyes, and released a sharp beam of black light. As he prepared to say something, Dishi Cha continued, "Besides, Pan Gu world does have the power of resistance. They sent you into the deep Chaos with a single magic talisman, which means they are powerful enough to destroy the destructive weapon."

Yemo Tian opened his mouth, but then shut it disappointedly, showed a gloomy face without saying a word.

Earlier, he activated the destructive weapon and showed his strength in front of Ji Hao. But in the end, he was sent straight to the deep Chaos by Priest Xuan Du with a single magic talisman. If Dishi Cha didn’t reach to him with a powerful treasure, Yemo Tian might have even gotten lost in the Chaos already. If that truly happened, he would never be able to return to Pan Gu world.

Thinking of himself desperately running in the Chaos without a clear destination in panic, and the destructive weapon being struck by the Chaos tide, even generating fire sparkles, Yemo Tian couldn’t help but quiver. That confidence he had was gone immediately.

Nevertheless, his anger never faded. On the contrary, it grew stronger and stronger. He hated Ji Hao so much, and everyone related to Ji Hao!

Dishi Cha glanced at Yemo Tian’s angry face and comforted him with a deep voice, "Therefore, let’s stick to the plan! We don’t need to take any risk. We only need a slight little bit of patience, and to be less emotional… We can win everything."

Gong Gong snorted coldly.

Dishi Cha hurriedly showed a smile and said, "Of course, we are going to share everything with our dear sworn friend, Lord Gong Gong, aren’t we? We have signed a covenant, we’re the strongest ally!"

Gong Gong’s tightened look eased a little bit. He looked at the dense and vast dark cloud rising in the magic mirror and said, "These bloody evil things…Boy Chen was very helpful for me, but they got him killed."

"They’re so powerful. If they fought with their real powers instead of skimping it with clones, how could Boy Chen be…"

Dishi Cha blinked his eyes, chuckled and responded, "Ah, that’s nothing but an ancient creature, capable of creating mirages and illusions. It is rare, but not irreplaceable. What I’ve been wondering is, will you still be able to control them after you have turned them into true Gods of this world?"

Gong Gong still held his hands behind his body, proudly raised his head and gave a faint smile, but didn’t respond to Dishi Cha’s question.

Dishi Cha shrugged, then slowly sat back into the dark jade armchair while staring at Gong Gong with a slightly taunting look. Then, he glanced at Yemo Tian and laughed in a complicated way.

Midland, Feather Mountain… Nine streams of different colored, dense smoke roared up into the sky. They were dark and evil, and wrapped up those purple golden divine talismans thrown out by Kun Peng.

A series of thunderous roars could be heard from a far distance, while those purple golden magic talismans sank into the sky-covering dark smoke. A warm light flashed across each stream of dark smoke, then the cold and evil sense of power coming from those coiling dark smoke streams began fading, being replaced by a mighty divine power and spreading out.

Si Xi looked at Kun Peng in shock and said, "Kun Peng, you stole the heaven, fine. But, how dare you give divine positions to these…evil creatures?"

Wielding the Valley Thorn, Si Xi growled in rage, "After the prehistorical era ended, the natural laws had changed. Each time these evil creatures showed their true bodies, a divine thunder would descend to punish them…Human beings are the owners of the fortune of this world, while these evil creatures are against nature… Even the world itself intended to destroy them!"

Kun Pen looked at Si Xi coldly, and said in a bland tone, "So what? We know they’re evil creatures that even the world itself wants to kill …But as long as they are willing to follow our lead, their powers are ours! Lord Gong Gong has a great goal, it can not be achieved without strong helpers. These creatures are just the ones that are needed!"

Si Xi furiously pointed at Kun Peng and roared, "Idiots! Do you even have brains?! These creatures don’t belong to Pan Gu world. They are outsiders! They’re like those Yu Clan, Jia Clan, Xiu Clan monsters, they’re thieves of the natural fortune!"

Kun Peng spread his arms, letting a black mist coil around his entire body as he smiled to Si Xi and said, "So what? Conferred by the heaven, they’re true Gods of this world now. Marquis Chong Si Xi, today is the day you die. Nine Chaos powerful beings will join hands, won’t they be able to kill you? Even though…you’re a Supreme Magus now!"

A long deep roar echoed through the sky, as thousands of miles away, tens of mountains collapsed all of a sudden.

An earthworm-like, hundreds of miles thick creature rose from underground. This creature was Snow White, and it’s enormous body rose straight to the sky from underground.

A hundred miles, a, thousands miles, ten-thousand miles…

Friction force was generated between this enormous thing and the air, causing a bright red light. It vibrated the air, stirring up fierce airstreams and clashing against the void gale that came from the higher sky. From time to time, fierce thunderbolts descended from the air, striking to the ground.

This creature was indescribably huge, and within a couple of breaths, its body had reached around thirty-thousand miles high from the ground.

In Ji Hao’s spiritual space, the mysterious man’s voice came, "Ah, Jade Earthworm? Did you see those silver rings on his body? A jade core exists in the ninth ring on his body. Destroy it, and this thing will die."

Pausing for a second, the mysterious man sighed and continued, "But you have to be careful. This thing is good at splitting his own body and run. Don’t give him any chance of that!"

Ji Hao gave a bitter smile. He was stuck in the He Tu and Luo Shu great formation, and even if he knew how to kill this Chaos monster, he could not just go out and do it!

Now, Ji Hao only wished that Si Xi could deal with this enormous thing.

This Chaos monster was truly, unspeakably huge. Was this a regular size of Chaos Monsters?

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