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The clam was thousands of meters long. Its shell was multicolored and shining. Inside the shell was a silver, nearly transparent flesh, that was squirming slowly. Glowing mist streams were drifting out from the shell, covering half of the Feather Mountain.

Flowers, grasses, trees, all plants on the mountain was wrapped in that glowing mist. Something magical happened to these plants, that made them seem to be strange and unreal. Long grasses were curling, with crystal drops of juice dripping down from the edge; the juice was golden, and had a honey-like, nice aroma.

Beside the teleporting magic formation, a few towering trees had their crowns grown enormous. Countless aerial roots were hanging down, thickly covered in bell-shaped, white blossoms, spreading a comforting aroma that would make anyone want to fall into the deepest sleep.

A group of white mushrooms was coiled around by the glowing, colorful mist. Tiny wings grew out from the stalks of those mushrooms, with which, they even flew up and reached five feet high while singing like birds. They unhurriedly flew across the air, right before Ji Hao’s eyes.

From these flying mushrooms, puffs of spores drifted out along the wind like fireflies, landing on the grassland. Soon, different-sized, silver mushrooms drilled out from the earth, glowing with a misty, silver light in the darkness, lighting up the entire grassland.

Ji Hao took a heavy step forward.

His spirit power was strengthened by the extremely negative power and extremely positive power, and was able to break all illusions and see through all mirages. Just now, he released his spirit space and felt that a thin screen was shattered before his face. By now, the illusion created by that enormous clam should have been broken by him already.

Nevertheless, in his sight, these plants were still unreal, as the only explanation for all these magical scenes was that this clam was way too powerful. Under the effect of his power of mirage, all normal plants had been transforming into magical beings.

Ji Hao looked around and saw thousands of heavy armored human warriors lying around the teleporting magic formation. Their faces were blushed, and eyes rolled fast under the eyelids. From time to time, some of them moaned with strange voices.

These were guards of the teleporting magic formation in Feather Mountain. Obviously, they were controlled by the mirages created by the clam since long ago. At the moment, they had lost the control of their own bodies, and their minds had traveled far away.

When Ji Hao was observing these human warriors, one of them suddenly straightened his upper body and twisted his neck hard. Crack! He broke his own neck by twisting. Blood splashed out, while the head thudded on the ground for twice.

Ji Hao was shocked. This warrior must have surrendered his entire mind to the mirage. In that mirage, his enemy broke his neck and killed him. The mirage was too real to him, even to the extent that both his body and soul firmly believed in what happened in the mirage. Therefore, in the real world, his neck broke itself, that made him die for real.

How terrifying was the power of mirage that could even allow a man to break his own neck by a simple turning his head, even without using his hands?

Puff! Another human warrior suddenly had a thin yet rather deep slash appear on his neck, as if an extremely sharp sword had just sliced across his neck. A thin flake of blood mist sprayed out. Following that puffing noise, this human warrior twitched for a few times, then his life-force drained quickly.

"Damn it!"

Ji Hao growled in rage. His thunderous voice spread out and shattered all grasses within the area hundreds of miles radius, making the area around him withered and empty. Yellow and dry grass bits were sent flying everywhere.

Ji Hao took another heavy step forward, while the Taiji divine sword released a black and white light that reached nearly a hundred meters away. Ji Hao pointed at the clam with the sword tip and shouted, "How dare you kill our human warriors? How dare you?! Aren’t you afraid of the endless revenge of our humankind?"

Following a loud series of cracking noise, inside the teleporting magic formation, less than three meters away from Ji Hao, a powerful Divine Magus under Si Xi’s command had his chest suddenly dented. His armor was crushed, and so were his ribs. This Divine Magus gasped, boosted up his spirit blood, and speedily healed himself, making his wounded chest bulge back up. However, before he recovered completely, this body of this Divine Magus was broken into two from the waist, just like a thin bamboo stick. His upper body fell to the ground, and along with that bone cracking noise, the back of his head touched his ankles.

Puff! Puff! Puff! Over ten puncturing wounds appeared on this Divine Magus’s body, as blood gushed out in streams while he twistingly lied on the ground. Blood surged out from his body, which was incredibly heavy, creating deep ditches on the ground. Despite his powerfulness, the life-force of this Divine Magus drained itself, then faded away.

Ji Hao gave a deep shout. He couldn’t pay any more attention to that giant clam. Instead, he hurriedly took out an evil-exorcising magic talisman made by Priest Dachi. The magic talisman was given by Priest Xuandu before Ji Hao went to Pan Xi world for the life-and-death game. Ji Hao activated his Yu Yu’s Dao of Qi and shattered the magic talisman.

Soft mist streams sprayed out from Ji Hao’s palm and condensed into fist-sized lotuses, hovering around and bringing that mist to further areas. Eventually, a large mist cover was created, that enveloped Si Xi, Man Man, Shaosi and all the others.

Si Xi slightly quivered and suddenly opened his eyes. Two yellow-colored streams of light dazzled from his eyes as he growled with a thunderous voice, "Such a powerful illusion magic!" gasped Si Xi and continued, "You woke us, Ji Hao!"

Si Xi was truly a famous, powerful one among the entire humankind, that even though he was stuck in a mirage, he wasn’t fooled, nor shaken. Instead, he clearly realized the situation. With the help of Ji Hao’s magic talisman, he freed himself from the illusion immediately, after which, it took him no time to realize the fact that he had already gotten out from the illusion and returned to the real world.

Following Si Xi, Yemo Shanye was surprisingly the second one who managed to struggle out from the illusion. She opened her erect eye, with a dark swirl spinning in it. Faintly, Ji Hao sensed that around Yemo Shanye’s body, the power of mirage released by that clam was devoured by her erect eye.

Yemo Shanye shook her head and stared at Ji Hao in a daze for quite a while, then slapped her chest and said, "Ah, I was in such a fun place just now, with so many rabbits…large cats…large bears…"

The faces of Ji Hao and Si Xi twitched. It seemed that Yemo Shanye’s illusion wasn’t dangerous at all, was it?

Soon, Man Man and Shaosi woke up. Once they woke up, Man Man let a puff of fire out of her mouth while Shaosi trembled intensely, letting out a mouthful of blood. Clearly, she suffered some internal injuries.

Ji Hao frowned, covered Man Man’s mouth with one hand and held Shaosi with another hand.

In the distance, above that enormous clam, the colorful glowing mist gathered. Then, a pink little boy, who seemed to be seven to eight years old and wearing a beautiful colorful cloth, showed up quietly.

"Eh? Have you broken away from the illusions of mine, Boy Chen?"

"I would feel so humiliated if anyone else knew about this!" sneered Boy Chen, as he opened his mouth and sent out a thumb-sized, seven-colored bead.

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