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Once that tiny multicolored bead showed up, millions of hair-like yet extremely sharp lasers were emitted. The lasers struck on the light screen created by Priest Dachi’s magic talisman, making the clear and warm light screen quake like a soft sponge. Pieces of that light screen were sliced quickly off by those dagger-like laser beams.

The light screen disappeared a hundred times faster than Ji Hao estimated. After a couple of breaths, following a popping noise, the clear and warm light screen exploded into strands of mist and dissipated in the air.

Si Xi, Yemo Shanye had just woken themselves up from their illusions. But all of a sudden, beams of laser struck on their bodies. They paused while a faint, seven-colored layer of light covered their bodies. Then, they each showed happiness or sadness on their faces, while softly fell back to the ground without being able to stand up, just like those guards.

"Boy Chen!" growled Ji Hao.

Puff! Puff! Puff! Thousands of laser beams landed on Ji Hao’s body in a row, attacking the Chaos power released from the Pan Gu bell. The Chaos power stayed perfectly motionless, while laser beams shattered one after another and turned into colorful light spots, drifting everywhere.

Those drifting light spots landed on surrounding plants, then magical things happened to them. Right beside Ji Hao, a towering tree suddenly gave a roar, while a beautiful girl face appeared on its tree trunk. Next, the branches of the tree became hissing snakes, while large roots rose from underground and wove into an enormous pair of legs. Rumblingly, this towering tree rushed away with huge steps.

Boy Chen grinningly crooked his tender finger towards Ji Hao and said, "He’s angry, he’s angry. Haha, come, come, come beat me! I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere. I won’t move at all, haha!"

Ji Hao glanced at Si Xi and the others, who had fallen into illusions once again. He took out another magic talisman, but abruptly, the colorful bead floating above Boy Chen’s head released streams of splendid light.

Those misty light streams poured gently onto the bodies of Si Xi and the others along with a beautiful melody, looking like a rain of shooting stars. Surrounding them, the air rippled like the water. Then, Si Xi, Man Man, Shaosi and others were wrapped up by that water-like, flowing air, sparkled for a few times and disappeared without a trace.

Ji Hao clenched his fingers and gripped the talisman in his hand. He raised his head, coldly looking at Boy Chen without saying a word.

"Eh? Wanna kill me?" Boy Chen laughed with a hissing voice while excitedly waving his arms, provoking Ji Hao, "It’s has been so many years. Many, many people wanted to kill me, to take the pre-world dark juice inside me and build their own perfect foundation of Dao."

As a seven-colored dim light sparkled in his eye, Boy Chen shouted in excitement, "But none of them succeeded, none of them. Ever since that big guy, Pan Gu, created this world, till the end of the prehistorical era, no one managed to find me, no one managed to kill me. I, Boy Chen, have traveled across the world. But, people only heard my name, without seeing even my shadows!"

Boy Chen grinned so hard that his eyes now looked like a pair of lines as he continued, "You’re enraged, you’re furious. Do you wanna kill me? Then come do it, come!"

Ji Hao stared at Boy Chen gloomily. Creatures called Chen were large clams living in the sea, good at creating mirages and illusions. They were not rare in the oceans of Pan Gu world. Many relatively older clams were able to create mirages and illusions, and could be called ‘Chen’.

However, this glowing, seven-colored, thousands of meters long clam, who called himself Boy Chen, was releasing a dreadful, prehistorical power vibration. It gave Ji Hao a strong pressure. Ji Hao thought Boy Chen was a monster who lived since the prehistorical era, but in fact, Boy Chen was a Chaos monster, who had witnessed the creation of this world! This was truly unexpected.

In other words, this scary creature was a Chaos devil God, even possibly, Boy Chen was one of those Chaos monsters who attacked Pan Gu after he created the world and was exhausted and weak!

"You…You’re a Chaos monster!" shouted Ji Hao, "You should know about the power of fortune, the power of weal and woe. You’re going against our humankind, are you ready to die for that?!"

Boy Chen laughed again with that hissing voice, and that taunting laughter of his was extremely provoking.

Scornfully, he crooked his finger at Ji Hao, smiled and said, "Fortune? Weal and woe? What I and best at is nothing else but keeping myself alive. You don’t need to worry about my fortune…This time, I didn’t come to hurt your humankind personally. It’s Gong Gong, he’s doing something big for all water-kind creatures in the world. Gong Gong is taking all the sins. That’s why the old ones like us come out to help him!"

Excitedly taking a few circles in the air, Boy Chen continued while gasping quickly, "Replay the Chaos, turn Pan Gu world into a world of vast water, into the paradise of our water-kind! Even the natural laws of Pan Gu world will change till then! For such a great deal, how can we not help?!"

Replay the Chaos? Turn Pan Gu world into a world of water?

Ji Hao paused briefly. Was what Boy Chen said really true?

Did Gong Gong truly have a plan like this? Was it true? Or did he just fool Boy Chen with his lies…’Us’?

Ji Hao’s heart suddenly drummed up. Why did Boy Chen say ’us’?

A deep roar came from behind Ji Hao. That roar was especially strong, that made Ji Hao feel as if ten-million ancient dragon whales had just roared right beside his ear together. That resonant and resounding roar was as strong as a tangible thing, as it struck violently on the Chaos power released from the Pan Gu bell.

Buzz! The teleporting magic formation treading under Ji Hao’s feet was shattered by that roar, then a fierce impact wave struck over from behind him, affecting a fan-shaped area around Ji Hao. Along with a shrill swishing noise, the earth in front of Ji Hao disappeared. At last, a fan-shaped, large pit was left on the ground.

The Pan Gu bell stayed perfectly unmoved, and so did the Chaos power streams it released to protect Ji Hao.

After all, the bell was a supreme piece made from ninety percent of Pan Gu’s spine and a mysterious magical treasure that belonged to the mysterious man. Even though the power of the one who sneakily attacked from the back was truly terrifying, how could the Pan Gu bell ever be shaken?

Ji Hao turned around and saw an around one hundred-meter tall man, whose body was covered in giant muscles that made him look just like an iron block. He was standing behind Ji Hao in a daze, looking at Ji Hao from head to toe in confusion.

This muscular man didn’t have a single hair on his body, all he had were those giant muscles. Even his eyelids were covered with human-fist-sized muscles. When he blinked his eyes, his eyelids thudded loudly against each other.

Was this muscular guy the one who attacked Ji Hao in the back just now?

"You’re not dead?" The muscular man stared at Ji Hao, seeming to be stunned.

"Who’re you?" Ji Hao coldly looked at the guy, whose pale skin was covered by bronze-colored scale-like patterns.


The muscular guy didn’t answer the question. Instead, he swung his arm backward, pulled out an oddly shaped, enormous blade with sawtooth, and hacked down at Ji Hao’s head.

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