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Leaving Tushan Palace, Si Xi and the others flew fast. Before the Town Hall, a series of teleporting magic formations had been glowing brightly on a new square.

The ten-thousand dragons water-sealing magic formation included ten-thousand sub-formations. Each sub-formation served as an independent water-sealing magic formation, yet all sub-formations were connected. Every single one of these sub-formations built with the breathing earth was a core of the entire ten-thousand dragons water-sealing magic formation, and was essential. Therefore, under the order of Emperor Shun, ten-thousand teleporting magic formations were built with a great cost, each leading to a sub-formation of the ten-thousand dragons water-sealing magic formation.

Ever since Ji Hao purchased a large group of Xiu Clan masters from Black Shark Prison, the human-kind had achieved an impressive improvement in the level of technology in the sphere of magic formations. It was especially true for commonly used ones, such as teleporting magic formations, for which a whole new level had been reached.

Ji Hao followed closely behind Si Xi and stepped into a teleporting magic formation.

A jade board floated above the teleporting magic formation, with two characters sparkling on it. On the jade board, the destination of this teleporting magic formation was clearly marked — Feather Mountain.

Ji Hao’s heart sank. Feather Mountain was located on the edge of Midland, the most barren area. The mountain was steep, which made it perfect for building the water-sealing formation. The sub-formation in Feather Mountain was highly important. If it were damaged, the entire ten-thousand dragons water-sealing magic formation would be affected.

For this reason, Si Xi was heading to Feather Mountain himself, to see what was happening.

But to Ji Hao, Feather Mountain meant something else. If he didn’t misremember this, according to some books he read in his previous life, Si Xi was killed by Zhu Rong, the Fire God, in Feather Mountain, under the order of a Divine Emperor, because of the flood-controlling mission. By now, Ji Hao surely knew that the ancient heaven had fallen and the five Divine Emperors had gone missing long ago. The friendship had been spanning for generations between Zhu Rong Family and the family of Si Xi. Besides, Zhu Rong family people served the alliance of human clans as the Great Libation for generations, handling all important ceremonies for the alliance and keeping those deepest secrets, such as Chi You, who was sealed in the Devil-suppressing Palace.

Therefore, Ji Hao didn’t believe that Zhu Rong would kill Si Xi.

However, the place that Si Xi was going to was indeed Feather Mountain!

Silently, Ji Hao made a few seemingly unintentional hand motions. None of the others noticed his moves. In their eyes, Ji Hao did nothing but tidied his sleeves and touched his belt. But in the eyes of Man Man, Shaosi, Yu Mu, Feng Xing and Taisi, Ji Hao had just given an emergency warning sign.

This trip was going to be extremely dangerous, and everyone had to be extra careful.

Man Man narrowed her eyes and jumped to Yemo Shanye. Feng Xing silently took a sideway step. Normally, he never wanted to be too close to the others. But now, he subconsciously approached Yemo Shanye to keep her under his protection. Man Man curved her lips and threw a glance at Feng Xing, then quickly took two steps backward, laughed and stood side by side with Shaosi.

Yu Mu coughed slightly, then gave an honest smile. He carried his large black iron pot on his back and stood behind Taisi. Because of his enormous fat body, Yu Mu looked just like a mother bear, while Taisi looked like a newborn baby bear. Yu Mu perfectly shielded Taisi’s back with his own body. Additionally, if any attack came to Taisi from the front, Yu Mu would be able to react immediately.

More importantly, without drawing any attention, Yu Mu had quietly put a secretly concocted detoxifying magic pill in the hand of each of his teammates. Man Man, Shaosi, Taisi, Feng Xing, Yemo Shanye, they all hid the magic pill under the tongue and slowly melted it with saliva, then swallowed it. A strong coolness spread out in their bodies. Now, all Yu Mu’s teammates were protected, and he could cast his scary magics of poison as much as he liked.

Loud metal friction noises could be heard, as tens of flying bear knights from You Chong Clan walked into the teleporting magic formation as well, mounted on flying bears. Si Xi nodded, impatiently waved his hand and gave a deep shout. The guard of the teleporting magic formation inserted a few top-grade pieces of magic formations into the slots of the formation. Strong natural powers started to gather in the teleporting formation, and all of a sudden, the air surrounding all the people dazzled.

Ji Hao and the others disappeared from the teleporting formation, and after an intense shaking, they arrived at the destination, walking out of the teleporting magic formation on the other end.

Yemo Shanye shook her head and slightly opened her erect eye. Within that eye, a pure dark whirlpool had been spinning at a variable speed. "Is this what teleporting magic formations of your humankind are like? Eh, I’m so dizzy…Did you forget to use space-stabilizing magic talismans?" She murmured.

Ji Hao smiled. He wanted to tell Yemo Shane that those Xiu Clan masters had given the techniques of space-stabilizing magic talismans as well, but with a space-stabilizing magic talisman, a teleporting magic formation would consume ten-times more top-grade magic crystals than usual. Human leaders didn’t want to waste any resources. Therefore, no teleporting formation of the humankind was added with space-stabilizing magic talismans.

Besides, Yemo Shanye felt dizzy only because she was too weak physically. Human Magi were strong, so who would care that little bit about dizziness caused by a slight twist of space?

But before Ji Hao could explain anything to Yemo Shanye, his smile suddenly froze on his face. The Taiji cloak released a light. The warm, water-like light looked like a large blooming lotus, spreading out layer by layer. Ji Hao gripped the Taiji divine sword and let the Pan Gu bell float above his head, pouring down a large stream of Chaos power that surrounded him up.

Ji Hao clearly remembered that a second ago, he walked out from the teleporting formation in Feather Mountain with everybody else. When they walked out, Ji Hao was less than fifteen meters behind Si Xi, while Man Man, Shaosi, Taisi and his friends were all by his side, that he could even touch any of them by simply raising his arms. Surrounding them were tens of elite Divine Magi from You Chong Clan, armed to the teeth, and over ten senior Magi from the Magi Palace, who were no more than three meters away from Ji Hao and his friends.

But at this moment, Ji Hao saw nothing around him but barren mountains.

Faint white mist drifted among meter-tall, withered grasses. Ji Hao had a good eyesight, with which, he saw a thumb-sized, jade-green grasshopper standing on a tall grass a few meters away. A breeze blew across, shaking the grass slightly, which startled the grasshopper. It made it leap over a hundred meters away and fall into a grass wood, then leap up again. After a few rises and falls, the grasshopper disappeared.

A thumb-thick, three-foot-long red snake slowly wriggled from beside the grass. Sneakily, he approached Ji Hao’s heel, opened its jaws and attempted to give Ji Hao a bite.

Ji Hao snorted while the red snake made the bite. When the snake’s shark teeth were still over two feet away from Ji Hao’s heel, a Chaos power stream flashed across the air. The red snake exploded and turned into a puff of blood mist.

Ji Hao took a deep breath, then closed his eyes.

A red sun rose from his head. Meanwhile, his strong spirit power spread out in all directions overwhelmingly like a tsunami.

Pop! Ji Hao felt that a thin screen before his eyes had broken, and he saw through the mirage.

On a hill around ten miles away was a thousands of meters long, multicolored glowing clam. Splendid lights spurted out from his body, covering the entire teleporting magic formation.


[1]In Chinese mythology, the Chen (sometimes also written as ‘Shen’, transliterated from Chinese word ‘蜃’), literally means ‘large clam’. It’s a shape-shifting sea monster, believed to create mirages.

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