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For Eastern Wasteland archers, ninety percent of their powers and abilities were based on their bows and arrows. Without bows and arrows, Eastern Wasteland archers would be like tigers without claws and teeth, simply powerless. The bows and arrows of all Eastern Wasteland archers on the scene were taken away by the Taiji creation cauldron, this made them glance at each other in panic, without being able to say a word.

Ji Hao trod on that cloud and slowly took out an amazingly pure, valuable metal piece from the cauldron, along with a large number of dragon tendons, flood dragon tendons, dragon horns, horns of other legendary powerful creatures, and many other rare materials.

"Thank you!" Ji Hao cupped his hands to over a-hundred-thousand Eastern Wasteland archers, grinned and said blandly, "Piss off… or, do you all want to die in here?"

Enormous featherless wings of those flying bears from You Chong Clan started a loud series of swooshing noise as tens of thousands of You Chong Clan flying bear knights flew up into the sky. Those gigantic flying bears roared deeply and strongly, and some especially powerful ones even incanted a spell with hoarse voices. These enormous fierce beasts were ready to launch their strongest strikes.

Over a hundred-thousand Eastern Wasteland archers shouted out, and seventy percent of them drew back. But along with the raging roars of over a hundred Divine Magi, around thirty percent of these archers pulled out their backup bows and put the arrows on the strings, aimed at Ji Hao once again.

A coldness abruptly showed in Ji Hao’s eyes as he gave an evil smile.

When Ji Hao chuckled out, Emperor Shun and Si Xi’ looks changed suddenly, then shouted together, "Earl Yao! Don’t do it!"

However, the Taiji Universe mirror above Ji Hao’s head had already slightly buzzed and released a gray-white, dim stream of light, which was transformed from the extremely negative power. The dim light stream surged out from the mirror and drilled straight into the bodies of tens of thousands of Eastern Wasteland archers. Under the effect of the dim light, the bodies of those archers were like sifters. Their powers and life-force suddenly leaked out from their bodies and disappeared within a blink of an eye, without a trace.

Ji Hao raised the Taiji divine sword and slowly took a circle in the cloud. Along with his movements, the long sword held in his hands drew a perfect circle in the air.

Natural powers moved along with the sword. Within the area of a hundred-thousand miles, all natural powers were absorbed by the divine sword. Sword light dazzled all over the sky, and in the following moment, hundreds of thousands of golden swords were condensed from natural powers. They floated in the air, spurting a raging fire and releasing a terrifyingly great heat.

The Moho staff, which was snatched by Ji Hao from Moho Family people, was also merged with these four new treasures by Yu Yu and Qing Wei. These four new pieces inherited the magical power of controlling natural powers that belonged to the Moho staff. By now, all natural powers within this area were compressed into shining golden swords. Each sword seemed to be tangible, and the essence sun fire releasing from every sword was strong enough to melt iron.

"Kill!" At almost the same time when Emperor Shun and Si Xi shouted out to try to stop Ji Hao, countless shining golden swords descended from the sky. Most of those Eastern Wasteland archers had their weapons taken away by the Taiji Creation cauldron and turned back into raw materials. As for the ones who had backup weapons, they were affected by the extremely negative power and were now powerless. At the moment, their bodies were so soft that they couldn’t even move their little fingers. Those golden swords pierced down from the sky and penetrated the bodies of all Eastern Wasteland archers, as easily as killing a chicken with a machete, and those archers weren’t able to even resist.

Essence sun fire rose, as over a hundred-thousand human-shaped torches burned in Midair.

Emperor Shun suddenly raised his voice, growled harshly, "Earl Yao Ji Hao, don’t do it! They’re human beings after all!"

Ji Hao’s fingers twitched slightly. He pondered for a short while, then swung the Taiji divine sword. Following his move, countless beams of fiery light flew out from those human-shaped torches and drilled back into the divine sword.

Ji Hao sighed, took out a golden healing pill given by Priest Dachi, along with a ‘spring rain’ magic talisman. He threw the pill and the magic talisman out together, and instantly, a drizzle started falling from the sky, while a nice aroma suffused the air. Those archers were burned miserably, and many of them even had half a body carbonized. But showering under the drizzle, they all moaned in comfort.

Their carbonized skins peeled off from their bodies, with new flesh growing. The power of the healing drizzle coordinated with the golden healing pill of Priest Dachi, and the strong life-forces of those Divine Magi, Magus Kings and Senior Magi. Within a few breaths, all those archers were healed perfectly.

Nearly a hundred Eastern Wasteland Divine Magi, who also suffered from the essence sun fire a second ago, stared at Ji Hao, stunned. They heard that Earl Yao Ji Hao earned his power and position with solid military credits, but they always thought Ji Hao was no more than a lucky kid, who luckily became friends with Si Wen Ming and made some contributions in the war. But today, they were nearly killed by Ji Hao. These proud Eastern Wasteland archers finally realized that Ji Hao could truly fight tens of thousands of enemies single-handedly.

"Retreat!" Nearly a hundred Eastern Wasteland Divine Magi shouted out. They each took a glance at Ji Hao, then with anger and grievance, they quickly retreated from around Tushan Palace, heading back to Ten Sun Market in Pu Ban City. Each of these archers had a bone-deep hatred in their heart.

Ji Hao cast a glance at these retreating archers, dispelled the cloud treading under his feet, and landed in front of Emperor Shun and Si Xi.

He smilingly bowed to Emperor Shun and the others, then grinned warmly at Si Wen Ming. He cupped his hands and said, "Uncle Wen Meng, you’re married! This is huge! Haha, you have to drink whole ten buckets of wine with me today! Is this my aunty? Truly…beautiful!"

Emperor Shun and Si Xi shook their heads together. Ji Hao almost slaughtered over a hundred-thousand Eastern Wasteland archers, which was now a huge trouble, waiting for them to deal with. Nevertheless, compared with the fact that he killed Yi Tian, what happened to those eventually surviving archers was not too big a trouble.

What made Emperor Shun, Si Xi and the other human leaders worry more was the attitude shown by those Eastern Wasteland people. That attitude made these human leaders think of something quite unpleasant. More importantly, if Eastern Wasteland people were holding such an attitude, what about the others? What about the other top-grade human clans?

Gong Gong started an endless rain that caused a flood. How many troubles would this disaster initiate within the humankind?

Seeing Emperor Shun and Si Xi’ worrying face, Ji Hao laughed, "Emperor Shun, Marquis Chong, what is to worry about? Today is uncle Wen Ming's wedding day. We should do nothing but drink happily. As for the other things, well, the sky is not collapsing!"

Emperor Shun, Si Xi and some guests they invited, who were all Si Wen Ming’s friends, all laughed out.

Wasn’t he right? The sky wasn’t collapsing. What was to be worrying about?

Hadn’t the alliance of human clans been developing through all kinds of difficulties? No matter how difficult these days were, this day was a lucky day for Si Wen Ming. Today, drinking in happiness was the most important thing in the world!

Vats of fine wine were carried out, and countless delicate dishes were served.

Not too many people were invited to the wedding of Si Wen Ming and Tushan Princess. All guests were Si Wen Ming’s close friends, such as Huaxu Lie, Lie Mountain Kong, and some other princes, and a group of elder Magi from the Magi Palace. People gathered in Tushan Palace, drinking and laughing, until they sent Si Wen Ming and Tushan Princess into their new bedroom.

At night, when Si Wen Ming and Tushan Princess were trying to make a baby, Si Xi was still in the hall, drinking with his guests.

While happily gulping a glass of wine, Si Xi abruptly took out a magic talisman from his sleeve, then knitted his eyebrows.

"Some people are sneakily approaching a water-sealing magic formation. People, I have to deal with this myself."

Si Xi stood up, walking out directly.

Ji Hao hurriedly stood up, called Shaosi and the others, and shouted, "Marquis Chong, how can you go alone? Let us go with you. Controlling the flood is essential. We all have to do what we can!"

Si Xi nodded, took the lead, and flew into the sky. Ji Hao and a large group of people followed closely behind him.

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