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With a single sword hack, Yi Tian, the new prince of Ten Sun Country, was killed.

Before the two pieces of his body landed on the ground, the natural powers agitated by the Taiji divine sword created a cyan-colored thunderbolt that descended from the sky and struck on them. As the eye-piercing thunderbolt flashed across, a puff of ash dissipated along the wind. Thus, Yi Tian disappeared from this world.


Over a hundred-thousand Eastern Wasteland archers brought over by Yi Tian roared towards the sky simultaneously. Over a hundred Divine Magi, thousands of Magus Kings and nearly a hundred-thousand Senior Magi growled as loud as they could. The power vibrations they released started a strong hurricane that even shattered the drifting clouds in the sky.

A floating mountain was pushed by a gale, drifting across the sky above Tushan Palace. Being vibrated by the growls of those archers, the tens of miles in radius, thousands of meters tall floating mountain was blown up into pieces.

Tens of thousands of large white birds flew up from the collapsed floating mountain. They screamed, flapped their wings and tried to run. But facing the raging growls of over a hundred-thousand Eastern Wasteland archers and the sharp power they released, all of these large birds paused in the sky were blasted into a blood-red mist.

Countless white feathers drifted down, along with the blood-red mist. Within that beautiful rosy color, Ji Hao trod on a cloud, standing straight in midair, with the Taiji divine sword gripped in his hand.

"Wow!" Man Man popped out her eyes and looked at Ji Hao, seeming to deeply attracted, "He is even more handsome than Abba!"

Shaosi smiled silently and raised her little finger, slowly moving it. A magical power was released from that mysterious being behind her, under the effect of which, the figures of all those Eastern Wasteland archers blurred for a moment. Then, faintly visible streams of gray-white mist rose from their heads, merging into a faint gray stream, flowing into Ji Hao’s body

The fortune that belonged to those archers was weakened, almost to zero. Under the control of that scary magic cast by Shaosi, all their fortunes were sent into Ji Hao’s body. Ji Hao gained the fortunes that belonged to over a hundred-thousand Eastern Wasteland warriors, then had a bright beam of divine light flash across his eyes.

All of a sudden, Ji Hao felt that his mind was hundreds of times sharper and clearer than before, and he now was extremely energetic. Every cell of his was filled with vigor. The connection between him and this world was suddenly tightened, and he could even hear the great Dao of this world singing beside his ears, telling him the deepest secrets of Pan Gu world.

"Yi Tian is dead. What can you do now?"

Ji Hao raised the Taiji divine sword with a single hand. The body of the sword was transparent, as clear as water. But from time to time, a black and white light would flash across the slightly buzzing Taiji divine sword. The sword seemed to be merging with the surrounding air, seeming hazy and unable to be seen clearly.

Tens of Eastern Wasteland Divine Magi rushed out together without saying anything. They each gave a heart-breaking, hoarse growl as loudly as possible, and next, pointed their fingers at Ji Hao. All Eastern Wasteland archers pulled their bows open and pointed countless arrows at Ji Hao.

"You killed our prince Yi Tian. We, Ten Sun Country, will hunt you to the end of the day!"

An old Divine Magus screamed towards the sky with a high-pitched voice, "Earl Yao Ji Hao, from now on, you are a sworn enemy of our Ten Sun Country!"

After threatening Ji Hao, this old Divine Magus turned around, pointed at Emperor Shun, Si Xi, Tushan old man and Si Wen Ming, then continued, "Even as the human emperor, you cannot kill Prince Yi Tian of our Ten Sun Country! Emperor Shun, you let someone kill our prince right before your face. You don’t deserve to be the emperor of human beings!"

Emperor Shun looked at those Eastern Wasteland archers with a gloomy face.

So unscrupulous, so arrogant. These elite warriors from Eastern Wasteland hadn’t been showing any respect to Emperor Shun. They disparaged Emperor Shun, or in other words, they disparaged the power of the human emperor, and the alliance of human clans.

What did they want?

To leave the alliance of human clans and go independent?

Or, did they have any larger plan?

Yi Tian pursued Tushan Prince, but was he truly so infatuated with her? Ten Sun Country had spent countless efforts and resources to cultivate Yi Tian as a prince. How could such a man fall in love so easily with a girl that he only met for a few times, and how could he even be daring enough to directly offend the human emperor for her?

‘The resources possessed by Tushan Family, the wealth, countless armors and weapons!’ Emperor Shun clearly understood these things, but he couldn’t say it out.

Anyone else could say what was in Emperor Shun’s mind at the moment. But he couldn’t say it himself, he just couldn’t.

Si Xi, Si Wen Ming each took a glance at Emperor Shun, both heavy-hearted.

The flood hadn’t been handled completely yet. By now, the flood was only sealed temporarily with the breathing earth and water-sealing magic formations. But, had those Eastern Wasteland clans started to lose patience already? Couldn’t they restrain their ambitions already? If this happened in Eastern Wasteland, what about the rest three wastelands?

"The old one, I killed your prince. I will take responsibility for that alone! If your Ten Sun Country people have the guts, go find me in Yao Mountain territory and take revenge for your stupid prince!" Ji Hao smiled coldly and continued, "This is between your Ten Sun Country and my Yao Mountain territory. What does it have anything to do with Emperor Shun?"

Ji Hao let out the Taiji Universe mirror, as a clear stream of light flashed across the surface of the mirror, and the body of that old Divine Magus suddenly moved. He raised his head in shock, staring at that mirror floating above Ji Hao’s head, as if he couldn’t believe his own eyes. The glow of the mirror flashed across his body, and instantly, the old Divine Magus sensed a coldness from his entire body, even making his internal organs start twitching. More terrifyingly, the power he gained through hundreds of years of severe cultivation was gone without a trace, just like a drop of dew under the burning sunshine.

"Help me!" Without any power remained, the old Divine Magus screamed out.

Tens of Eastern Wasteland Divine Magi reacted fast. They pulled their bows open and shot arrows at Ji Hao. The other archers roared out simultaneously, and the killing arrow formation was activated once again. A splendidly shining enormous arrow tore the sky apart, flying towards Ji Hao.

Ji Hao laughed out loud. These Eastern Wasteland people must have bad memories. Did they forget that just now, it was nothing else but an enormous glowing arrow like this which was generated by their sword formation that injured Yi Tian seriously, and let him be killed by Ji Hao without even being able to resist?

Ji Hao broke the space and flashed across the air, teleporting himself to the old Divine Magus, whose body was all softened by now.

"Remember, this is between my Yao Mountain territory and your Ten Sun Country!" said Ji Hao harshly, "Whatever dirty trick your Ten Sun Country has, you can use it on me, Ji Hao! Ha, regarding the hatred between you and me, I think I don’t need to explain those to you one by one, do I?"

A distance away, Feng Xing raised his shining divine bow and shouted, "I am Feng Xing, the old name I had is Yi Feng. This is the best supreme treasure of the entire Eastern Wasteland! Lowly Ten Sun Country people, if you want it back, come to Yao Mountain territory!"

Ji Hao laughed out wildly, swung his arm and killed the old Divine Magus with his sword. Another cyan-colored thunderbolt descended, turning the old Divine Magus into ashes.

The enormous arrow generated by the arrow formation reached to Ji Hao’s chest. Ji Hao chuckled while the Taiji Creation cauldron released a clear stream of mist and rolled around the arrow. Following a series of screams, all bows that belonged to those Eastern Wasteland archers were gone.

That enormous glowing sword, which was powerful enough to slaughter peak-level Divine Magi, disappeared as well. It was swallowed by the caldron, along with those bows.

Ji Hao looked at those archers, who were with empty hands now, and laughed, "Remember, whatever your Ten Sun Country want, you shall come for it to me! I, Ji Hao, am taking the responsibilities for it all!"

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