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Without a doubt, the elderly man who sneakily attacked Feng Xing was a powerful one, who was even beyond the level of Divine Magus. He could even be considered equally powerful as those thousands of years old dragons titled as dragon kings among the dragon-kind, and each dominated a water area.

However, facing such a powerful being, Ji Hao just rushed to him and swung his sword. The black feather armor worn by that elderly man was made from the feathers of ten-thousand-year-old divine eagles, and had an incredibly great defensive power. Nevertheless, under the attack of the Taiji divine sword, the feather armor was as fragile as a piece of tofu, and was torn apart easily.

The elderly man had rich battle experiences, his body could almost be considered invincible in comparison with the other human beings. However, Taiji divine sword wasn’t slowed down, not even by a little bit. The armor feathers broke as the sword sliced across. The elderly man popped out his eyes in a soul-deep shock as he couldn’t believe it. He stared at Ji Hao with pale eyes while his head was sent flying to the sky, along with streams of blood.

Ji Hao cast a sword spell. A black and white stream of light flashed across the sword edge while a cyan-colored thunderbolt descended from the sky and struck on the elderly man’s head. The thunderbolt was powerful, turning the head into a strand of ash that drifted away along a gust of wind. The elderly men’s souls perished along with his body.

"Elder Gu!" Yi Tian screamed heartbreakingly. His long hair stood straight up one after another, turning purple and translucent. Extremely thin bolts of thunder spurted out, transforming into a waterfall of thunderbolt that reached to the higher sky.

Muffled thunders resounded across the entire sky. Yi Tian glared at Ji Hao and screamed, "You killed Elder Gu! Now, you’re a sworn enemy of our Ten Sun Country!"

Ji Hao stood on a cloud while looking at Yi Tian, smiled faintly and said, "I am a sworn enemy of your Ten Sun Country since long ago, ever since I became friends with this guy, Feng Xing!"

In the distance, Feng Xing, who was saved by Taisi from a hopeless situation, took a long breath. A strange redness appeared on his face. Although Taisi twisted the time and saved Feng Xing from that deadly situation, Elder Gu was way too powerful, and Feng Xing suffered pretty badly.

Spirit blood surged inside his body, healing him quickly. He looked at Ji Hao and nodded heavily.

Ji Hao chose to become a sworn enemy of Ten Sun Country for no one else but him. Therefore, he would point his arrow at any enemy in the world for Ji Hao. A devil, a ghost or a God, as long as it was Ji Hao’s enemy, Feng Xing would dare to shoot his arrow at it.

Yu Mu chuckled, took a few steps forward with his large belly puffed out. He pointed at Yi Tian, laughed, "Is your Ten Sun Country so scary? It has been so many years, I didn’t see you do anything to Feng Xing though. Oi, Yi Tian, did you come to snatch the bride today, or to do anything else?"

Yi Tian paused, then threw a threatening glance at Ji Hao. He turned around, looked at Si Wen Ming and Tushan Princess, who stood by the gate of the palace. Abruptly, he roared towards the sky and yelled, "I will deal with the lowly thing that murdered Elder Gu myself. My warriors, follow my order. Attack Tushan Family and take Tushan Princess…I love her so much, but she is planning to marry herself to a nobody. This hatred is deep-seated!"

Tushan Princess’s beautiful face turned slightly pale. She clenched her fists, staring at Yi Tian with an ice-cold look.

This guy said ‘Take Tushan Princess’!

He hadn’t even been seeing Tushan Princess as a living human being. He saw her as a thing that could be treated any way he liked. How could such a disgusting man say something like ‘true love’?

Tushan Princess felt sick, as if tens of worms had fallen on her hands and she couldn’t get rid of them.

Swishing noises were started, following which, large groups of Eastern Wasteland archers with wings showed up from all directions. They were holding large bows, with quivers hanging around their waists. Behind their bodies, their wings were condensed from wind, thunder or lighting, as they approached Si Wen Ming and Tushan Princess with vicious looks.

Those archers who were divided into small groups by the flying bear knights from You Chong Clan roared out together. They neglected those threatening flying bear knights around them, spread their wings and sent themselves up into the sky, pulling their bows open.

In many areas, flying bear knights raised their weapons and tried to stop these surrounded archers. Long spears pierced into these archers’ bodies, cut their bodies into pieces and brought out large streams of blood. However, these archers insisted on trying to fly up into the sky by risking their own lives. Those who managed to fly up all pointed their sparkling arrows at those flying bear knights.

Some flying bear knights were quite brutal and fierce. As they swung their long spears, arms or legs of some archers would be cut off by those sharp spearheads. Over a thousand archers were severely injured by these flying bear knights, but they gnashed their teeth, held their bows with the remaining hands, and silently stood on the ground with eyes burning in a fury.

Tens of thousands of flying bears roared unsettlingly. They flapped their enormous featherless wings and created fierce gusts of wind blowing around their bodies. These fierce beasts fixed their eyes on those archers in the sky, ready to pounce up and tear all those archers into bits.

Emperor Shun finally talked.

"Yi Tian, don’t repeat your mistake! How dare you start a war in Pu Ban City?"

Emperor Shun’s face was badly darkened. Yi Tian’s behavior could be described as unruly and arrogant. No matter what, he had broken the rules of Pu Ban City, and by doing that, he challenged Emperor Shun, who represented those rules!

Both inner and outer problems that the humankind had been facing at the stage hadn’t been solved yet. If people from Eastern Wasteland clans were driven away from the alliance of human clans because of what Yi Tian did, the entire human-kind would bear a risk. Emperor Shun could not tolerate Yi Tian doing whatever he wanted.

"Emperor Shun, not even you can stop me from taking Tushan Princess!" Yi Tian narrowed his eyes, fiercely staring at Emperor Shun and said, "She has to be mine! If you don’t give her to me, I will let blood splash all over Pu Ban today. You’re the ones to blame!"

Before Emperor Shun and Si Wen Ming said anything, Yi Tian roared out again, "Kill him!"

Just now, Yi Tian ordered those Eastern Wasteland archers who came to reinforce to attack Tushan palace and snatch Tushan Princess. But just now, he suddenly pointed at Ji Hao and ordered all Eastern Wasteland archers on the scene to kill him!

Over a hundred-thousand archers pulled their bows open. Among them, over a hundred were Divine Magi, over ten-thousand were Magus Kings, and the rest were Senior Magi. These elite archers roared shrilly while releasing countless beams of arrow lights, screaming out and merging into a water-tank-sized, dazzling and enormous arrow in the air, striking at Ji Hao’s chest.

This was a killing arrow formation that originated from Eastern Wasteland. The powers of all those elite archers were combined and compressed into an invincible giant arrow, that could kill an enemy at a higher level.

This killing arrow formation was only used in large-scale battles. But today, it was used for killing Ji Hao!

Ji Hao laughed out loud. Taiji Universe mirror silently emerged above his head, with a clear stream of light flashing across its surface. The enormous glowing arrow touched the surface of the mirror, paused, and next, flew back to Yi Tian at a much higher rate.

Ji Hao was only less than ten miles away from Yi Tian. Therefore, the giant arrow flashed to Yi Tian in no time.

Behind Yi Tian’s body, that pair of thunder wings burst with a thunderous blasting noise. He flashed away, but the giant arrow brushed against this shoulder, evaporating his left shoulder and a big half of his chest.

Ji Hao roared out and teleported himself to Yi Tian.

The Taiji divine sword created another arc-shaped beam of light while it hacked down, cutting Yi Tian into two.

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