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Ji Hao picked up a spirit creature blood pill, sniffed it, and sensed a nice aroma. Through his nose, a strong warm power drilled straight into his internal organs. Before swallowing the pill, Ji Hao had already felt the great power in it.

The spirit blood of tens of thousands of aquatic creatures was turned into merely hundreds of blood pills. It was not hard to imagine how powerful these blood pills were.

"Take it, all yours!" Ji Hao gave the blood pill in his hand to Mr. Crow, who stood on his shoulder, and the two baby fire snakes coiling around his arms.

Mr. Crow picked the blood pill with his beak and swallowed. Then, his feathers stood straight up one after another and tinkled against each other. The pair of snakes each swallowed over ten blood pills, then their bodies froze suddenly, as thin streams of flame spurted out from their bodies. Next, the power vibration released from them started to grow stronger and stronger, as their pairs of eyes shone brightly, that made them look fierce and extraordinary.

Packing the rest of the blood pills, Ji Hao raised his head and looked at the higher sky, then straightened the five fingers of his right hand and moved it across his own neck.

He knew that Gong Gong could see him. He did that on purpose to let Gong Gong see!

‘You can send more people down to try to kill me!’

‘Or you can come down yourself to get me!’

A drifting cloud moved across from above Ji Hao’s head. A strong gale rose, pushing the cloud to the edge of the sky. A few enormous floating mountains swayingly flew across, and on the edge of those floating mountains, groups of human beings with coarse clothes tremblingly reached out their heads, curiously looking at Ji Hao standing under Buzhou Mountain.

Some people were yelling loudly. These people lived on floating mountains survived the flood and the endless rain. At the moment, they had been excitedly discussing the amazingly tall Buzhou Mountain, which was too high to reach for them.

Those enormous floating mountains slowly drifted by. A floating mountain scratched a corner of Buzhou Mountain, causing a few giant rocks to fall off from the former, smashing to the ground. Along with shouts and screams of those human beings living on it, this floating mountain slowly spun in the air, while being pushed away by the gale, behind that drifting cloud.

"Taiji Creation, up!" Ji Hao gave a long and resonant growl. Following his voice, the Taiji creation cauldron rose into the sky from above his head. The higher the cauldron flew, the larger it became. By the time it reached to the top of the bottom half of Buzhou Mountain, the opening of the cauldron had already turned tens of million of miles in radius, like a tremendous mouth floating on top of Buzhou Mountain.

"Old man, back then, Spirit Wa, Dong Gong, Ximu and my two uncles combined their powers, and even with that, they only managed to take the upper half of Buzhou Mountain!" Ji Hao cautiously asked the mysterious man in his spiritual space, "The upper half of the mountain was a lot thinner than the bottom half, and also much shorter…"

"Much shorter?" responded the mysterious man, "The collapsed half of Buzhou Mountain was only less than one-tenth of the entire mountain. The mountain is also called Sky Pillar, and a pillar needs its foundation. Sixty percent of Buzhou Mountain is buried in the ground of Midland…The part taken by Priest Qing Wei was only a small piece."

Pausing slightly, the mysterious man sighed and continued, "However, the undamaged Sky Pillar is the hardest to move, because it is the core of the world, and was supported by the powers of countless earth meridians and natural laws. Now that the Sky Pillar is broken, and all of its power has been restrained by itself, therefore, the remaining part of it, is actually easy to deal with."

Ji Hao was enlightened. He pointed at the Taiji Creation cauldron and let it release a dense stream of mist that coiled around the Buzhou Mountain like countless enormous dragons, from top to bottom. Within half an hour, the part of the mountain above the ground was entirely wrapped up by the mist. Afterwards, the mist broke the earth around the mountain, and drilled into the ground.

Rumbling noises could be heard without an end. Ji Hao worryingly asked the mysterious man, "Nothing bad will happen after I take the remaining part of Buzhou Mountain, right?"

The mysterious man laughed blandly and responded, "It’s like a broken bowl. It’s a broken piece now, so what bad thing could happen? After all, this mountain is transformed from Pan Gu’s spine. Ninety percent of Pan Gu’s spine as your spirit treasure, it’s more than enough."

Ji Hao laughed and threw out another question, "If so, why didn’t anyone take it?"

Spirit Wa, Dong Gong, Xi Mu, Priest Dachi, Priest Qing Wei, they must know that the remaining part of Buzhou Mountain is a true treasure! They were probably too embarrassed to do it, because who were they? But what about Priest Hua and Priest Mu? Those two were no kind ones. Such a giant piece of Buzhou Mountain, it could be made into an incomparably powerful supreme treasure. But why didn’t they try to take it?

The mysterious man didn’t say a word, not a single word.

Above the sky of Pan Gu world, in the misty Dachi sky.

By the gate of Preist Dachi’s Palace of Dao, Priest Dachi, Priest Qing Wei, and Priest Yu Yu stood in a straight line with their eyes popped out. Through the immeasurable chaos and the sky of Pan Gu world, they seemed to be stunned, as they were watching Ji Hao taking the remaining part of Buzhou Mountain with the power of the Taiji Creation Cauldron that he had just attained.

A stream of purple mist coiled above their heads, within which, a misty gray pair of eyes had been blinking slowly, also in a slight surprise. This pair of eyes was watching Ji Hao.

A while later, Priest Dachi laughed loudly and said, "Good!"

Priest Qing Wei rubbed his own beard and silently shook his head.

As for Yu Yu, he held his belly with his hands and laughed out wildly. He even bent his body and showed his shining white teeth. "Hahaha, you all valued your faces so much. With an excuse of saving all living beings in the world, you took the upper half of Buzhou Mountain, but you had no excuse to take the other part…My disciple is the best. Since it’s a treasure, just take it, what do you want your faces for?"

Yu Yu laughed so happily that he even had saliva spurted out from his mouth corners as he said, "Look, look, this is the true natural way of cultivation, this is the true heart!"

While shaking his head with pride, Yu Yu grinned and continued, "Just like a newborn, once it sees the breasts of its mother, it would try to bite. This is the true nature, the true instinct, the real Dao of nature! Why do you have to restrain your own desire? Why do you have to pretend? This disciple of mine may not have other specialties, but this true heart of his, it’s quite my thing!"

The purple mist above the three of them coiled, then the misty gray pair of eyes closed. The owner of these eyes seemed to be quite speechless. Priest Dachi shook his head and gave a bitter smile as he raised his head. He took a glance at that purple mist and asked, "Shifu, those two younger brothers?"

A warm, mild yet completely emotionless and bland voice responded, "Earlier, they went down at night and tried to take the remaining part of Buzhou Mountain. I struck them back to the west with a divine thunderbolt…Within three to five years, they won’t come out again."

Priest Dachi, Priest Qing Wei, and Priest Yu Yu glanced at each other and smiled together.

In the Midland, the Taiji Creation cauldron slightly trembled. Then, following a series of rumbling noise, the remaining half of Buzhou Mountain flew up, section by section, and flew into the cauldron.

In the air, a strong gale roared while dark clouds gathered. The dense dark clouds condensed into Gong Gong’s face. That face glared at Ji Hao furiously with his teeth gnashed, seeming to be saying something. Ji Hao didn’t want to pay any attention to Gong Gong. Instead, he only focused on what he was doing, moving the buried larger half of Buzhou Mountain into the Taiji Creation cauldron.

In his spiritual space, the mysterious man said slowly, "Ah, little guy, what kind of spirit treasure do you like?"

"A bell? A tower? A magic seal? Or, do you like any other odd type? Such as…Hmm, you choose!"

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