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Beyond the sky of Pan Gu world, nothing but countless stars existed in the void.They kept moving along their original tracks internally.

Ji Hao touched the jade talismans in his sleeve and chuckled. Si Wen Ming was getting married? This was good!

The starlight poured on Ji Hao’s body. The Taiji cloak looked as clear as water. On its surface, countless starlights sparkled while being quietly absorbed by the cloak. Ji Hao didn’t cast any magic, but the Taiji cloak had been automatically purifying the starlight, creating strands of silver mist, and sending into Ji Hao’s body. It was thus constantly improving his physical strength, power of Dao and primordial spirit power.

Ji Hao held the Taiji divine sword in his hand. The sword was cool, and through its edge, streams of starlight were being absorbed by the sword. Ji Hao clearly sensed that the sword was just like a living creature which had been cultivating and strengthening itself.

The Taiji Creation cauldron and Taiji Universe mirror floated above Ji Hao’s head, while starlight transformed into large clouds of mist, drifting into the cauldron. The surface of the mirror looked like an enormous whirlpool, as beams of visible starlight rushed over from extremely far away to be absorbed by the mirror.

Ji Hao didn’t know how much efforts Priest Qing Wei and Yu Yu, and that dreadful being he sensed yet dared not to even think about, spent to turn those treasures of his into these four top-grade supreme pieces. Neither did Ji Hao know how much this cost Qing Wei and Yu Yu.

Nine suns devil-destroying sword, nine suns spear and the other treasures of Ji Hao had the power of the great Dao of sun, and the power of the great Dao of sun was indeed great. Yet it was also way too violent and fierce. Before, with the help of those treasures, the great Dao Ji Hao pursued was an extreme of Dao. But now, those treasures of his were remolded, turned into the current four pieces Ji Hao had. These four treasures had both positive and negative powers, which were also known as Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang supported each other, and somehow, these four pieces had already shown a so-called ‘spirit of great Dao’ mentioned by the mysterious man before.

"Hmm!" The mysterious man’s voice abruptly came from Ji Hao’s spiritual space.

"Didn’t they discover you?" Ji Hao immediately asked.

"Who? Dachi? Qing Wei? Yu Yu? Or the one who has been hiding all the time?" The mysterious man laughed rumblingly and said, "Little guy, let me ask you a question…Can mortal people see ghosts?"

"Surely…not!" Ji Hao didn’t know why the mysterious man asked such a strange question. Ordinary human beings surely couldn’t see any ghost. Not to mention ordinary human beings, even Maguspriests beneath the senior-level couldn’t see those things called ‘ghosts’ by mortal people, unless they cultivated themselves based on the great Dao of ghost.

"Ah, that’s right." laughed the mysterious man, "To them, I’m a ghost. I’m dead. If mortal people can’t see ghosts, how could they possibly see me?"

Eh? Eh? Eh??

Ji Hao was badly confused. This old man sounded somehow reasonable. Mortal people couldn’t see ghosts. If one counted Priest Dachi and the others as mortal people, and if the mysterious man was at the same level, after he died, it seemed that…

But this wasn’t right. "Old man!" Ji Hao yelled in his spiritual space, "Old Man, who are you trying to fool here? They’re…"

The mysterious man chuckled and said, "What are they? Was I weaker than them back then?"

Sighing slightly, the mysterious man continued blandly, "However, it’s obvious that this time, they have encountered a major trouble. Dachi has forcibly cultivated you, even by risking losing a part of his own cultivation. Dachi could be counted as the one who respects nature the most, but even he was willing to do things against nature like this. It seems that this time, the trouble they encountered is not small at all."

Without giving Ji Hao a chance to ask further questions, the mysterious man directly changed the topic.

"Then…" Ji Hao gasped in shock and asked with a deep voice.

The mysterious man interrupted him and said, "You’re not qualified enough to step into that. Protect yourself and those people valued by you…All in all, just follow your heart. I think, this is also the real intention of Priest Dachi, for the efforts he made on you, right?"

Pausing for a second, the mysterious man continued with that deep yet strong voice, "Go to Buzhou Mountain. These four pieces of yours are not bad. They’re already supreme pre-world treasures. But after all, they’re made by others, that means on using them, your own power will still limit the powers of these treasures. You still need a real spirit treasure."

The mysterious man sighed and helplessly murmured, "In fact, if you’re strong enough, you won't be needing these things. But you, little guy, you’re so weak… Why are you so weak? Now, you can only rely on these treasures and weapons to defend yourself. This is just…"

Ji Hao was almost driven mad by the mysterious man’s words. Cultivated by Priest Dachi, his seed of Dao of sun had already successfully started to generate a rudiment of Dao. The red sun had the extremely positive power on the outside and the extremely negative power on the inside, Ying and Yang had been merging together, which meant Ji Hao already had a foot stepped into the grade of rudiment of Dao, which equaled to the level of Supreme Magi.

Once Yin and Yang merged completely together, the Dao of Taiji would be created by the combination of Yin and Yang. Thus, Ji Hao would formally step into the grade of rudiment of Dao.

Despite such a high level he was going to reach, the mysterious man still thought that he was too weak? How high did this old man set his sights?

Shaking his head, Ji Hao didn’t continue the conversation with the mysterious man. Instead, he let the golden bridge dart out from between his eyebrows, then transformed his body into a clear golden light, flashed across the air and disappeared.

Being cultivated by Priest Dachi, Ji Hao’s cultivation of Dao improved largely. Although he didn’t know which exact grade he was in at the moment, and he couldn’t understand any of things regarding the great Dao which Priest Dachi forcibly put inside his head, it was a fact that his power had been improved by more than a hundred times.

He sensed an immeasurably great power from his own body, which made him feel incomparably powerful. But at the same time, that great power was so easy to control.

With the power of the golden bridge, Ji Hao spent a small half a day to come down to the remaining half of Buzhou Mountain from above the sky.

The bottom half of Buzhou Mountain was dark, standing straight on the ground. Compared to the melted upper half of Buzhou Mountain, the bottom half was thicker and larger. Although the mountaintop had already collapsed, it was still amazingly tall, reaching straight into the clouds.

Floating in front of Buzhou Mountain, Ji Hao felt that indescribable power of that mountain once again. It was like the whole world crushed down on him.

A watery cloud swooshed down from above his head. Those were a few enormous aquatic creatures diving down with tens of thousands of water-kind warriors from the gate of the heaven. An aquatic creature, who had his face covered in black scales, and a long tongue reaching out of his mouth, growled loudly, "Earl Yao Ji Hao, did you come to die?"

Ji Hao snorted coldly, as nine clouds rose from his head and carried up a hundreds of meters wide red sun. From the red sun, the Taiji Creation cauldron darted out, releasing streams of mist. They wrapped those aquatic creatures up and suddenly dragged them back into the cauldron.

Dong! Dong! Dong! Three thunderous noises came from the cauldron in a row, then following a clattering sound, Ji Hao pointed at the cauldron. Next, thousands of fist-sized top-grade water magic crystal pieces, thousands of square-shaped metal blocks and hundreds of thumb-sized blood-red pills flew out from the cauldron.

The few low-grade Divine-Magus-level aquatic creatures and tens of thousands of weaker water-kind creatures were turned into those things.

The Taiji creation cauldron extracted the water power from their bodies, then compressed it into water magi crystals. The armors worn by those water-kind warriors were turned back into metal blocks, while their spirit blood became spirit creature blood pills, which could largely improve the powers of spirit creatures!

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