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In front of Tushan Palace, Yi Tian growled furiously, while the thunder roc transformed from him fiercely slapped on the golden arrow released by Feng Xing with his right claw. Cyan-purple thunderbolt clashed against the shining golden arrow and generated another sky-shaking bang.

The arrow released by Feng King exploded into countless thin beams of frigid light and struck on the ground, stirring up hair-like strands of dust from the ground. The thunder roc quivered intensely, and followed by a puffing series of noise, countless electric bolts blasted, showing the tall and slim figure of Yi Tian, who looked like a sharp sword forged from the hardest metal. He staggered a few steps, then ragingly, viciously yet surprisingly, looked where the golden arrow came from.

"Yi Feng? You lowly b*stard!"

Yi Tian popped out his eyes and fixed them on Feng Xing’s divine bow.

"Yi Shen, that useless thing failed to kill you and get back the greatest divine bow of our clan. Now he’s dead, and I am the prince of Ten Sun Country!" Yi Tian clenched his fingers in the sky, as large bolts of thunder silently gathered towards his palm. Soon, they condensed into an oddly shaped longbow in his hand, coiled around by dazzling purple thunderbolts.

"How dare you show your lowly face? Yi Feng, you’re seeking death!" Yi Tian sounded extremely anxious as he screamed hoarsely, "Today, I will kill you! I have to kill you! The divine bow is mine! As long as I bring the divine bow back, I will become the next dominator of Eastern Wasteland!"

Man Man leaped up from the ground and yelled, "Oi, oi, didn’t you come to snatch the bride?"

Yi Tian paused slightly, then suddenly turned around, gave a large grin to Tushan Princess, who was standing by the gate of the palace and said, "Tushan Princess, just wait for a moment. I have to kill this traitor who stole the greatest treasure of my clan, then I will take you away!" Yi Tian surely believed that the grin of his was quite charming.

Threw a sideway glance at Si Wen Ming, who stood beside Tushan Princess, Yi Tian’s tone turned extremely cold, as he continued to the princess, "I know you don’t like him. He’s not good enough for you! He’s no one but the son of Si Xi from You Chong Clan. How can he be good enough for you? Only me, only the prince of Ten Sun Country deserves someone like you!"

Tushan Princess slightly knitted her eyebrows and helplessly shook her head. She took a small step towards Si Wen Ming and said with a very gentle and low voice, "Wen Ming, I have only met him a couple of times, all at new year banquets of Tushan Family. I don’t know why he believes in his unreal imaginations so much."

Si Wen Ming raised his eyebrows, laughed brightly and clearly, and said, "Don’t worry, I’ve seen many idiots like this. Girl, you shall worry about nothing. I am not that kind of a suspicious, narrow-hearted man!"

Tushan Princess smiled, shyly, yet with a beautiful vision for future.

Si Xi and Tushan old man glanced at each other, then these two old foxes grinned together.

All of a sudden, Emperor Shun, Si Xi, Si Wen Ming and the other human leaders on the scene, who had nearly reached the level of Supreme Magi, knitted their eyebrows simultaneously. They turned away from Yi Tian, who had been yelling at Feng Xing, and looked at the direction of Buzhou Mountain.

In Pu Pan City, only a hazy silhouette of Buzhou Mountain could be seen. Despite the fact that human Magi never cultivated their souls and spirit, because of the great powers of Emperor Shun and the other human leaders, their physical bodies were extremely strong and were perfectly harmonious with nature. Therefore, they all had great senses, that allowed them to sense that some tremendous change was happening, and the source was in Buzhou Mountain.

Emperor Shun slightly waved his hand, and followed by his moves, from a forest hundreds of miles away, a few winged-dragons with cyan-black scales rose into the sky. They carried heavily armored dragon knights while flying to Buzhou Mountain at lightning speed.

Feng Xing walked down the hill step by step. There was a distance of tens of miles between Yi Tian and Feng Xing, and at the moment, they slowly and cautiously walked to each other.

Over ten-thousand Eastern Wasteland archers brought over by Yi Tian quickly spread out in all directions, nervously looked at Feng Xing and preparing to attack. They held their bows in their hands, with arrows between their fingers. As long as they grasped an opportunity, they would launch attacks on Feng Xing.

Tushan old man abruptly raised his eyebrows. Yi Tian’s warriors had shown an intention to start a great fight in the place of Tushan Family, which was an unforgivable disrespect to Tushan Family! Tushan old man gritted his teeth and raised his right hand, prepared to order Tushan warriors to stop these Eastern Wasteland archers from doing anything wrong. But next, he changed his mind, put down his hand and murmured to himself, "Be nice, be in peace, so money can be generated. We’re business people, no conflicts are needed!"

Si Xi and Emperor Shun speechlessly looked at Tushan old man. As the human emperor, Emperor Shun shouldn’t easily step into things like this. As for Si Xi, he snorted coldly, then as his mouth corner twitched slightly, a shrill whistle was let out.

The earth suddenly began quaking, and following a deep, rumbling, buzzing noise, enormous and especially sturdy flying bears with iron armors marched over wildly, with their thick, feather-less wings flapping loudly. These armored flying bears with thick furs were over ten meters tall. Their strengths were immense, and defensive powers were shockingly great.

Tens of heavily armored, elite You Xiong Clan warriors, whose faces were covered in masks with ghost-face embossments, stood on the backs of those flying bears. They held long and sharp spears, fiercely and violently piercing into the battle formations of Eastern Wasteland archers like numerous destructive axes, forcibly splitting those archers into over a hundred small groups.

Flying bear knights circled up from every direction and surrounded those archers, without leaving them any space to run or even move. As these formidable flying bear knights were less than ten meters away from each group of archers, those Eastern Wasteland archers helplessly dropped their bows while staring at these suddenly appeared cavalrymen in shock.

Without an advantage of space and distance, these Eastern Wasteland archers would be committing suicide by starting a fight against these flying bear knights.

Yi Tian barfed in anger, "Marquis Chong, how dare you interfere an inner affair of our Eastern Wasteland?!"

Si Xi chuckled and responded with his voice tailed off, "Yi Tian, kid, you came to try to ruin my son’s wedding. If Feng Xing fails to kill you with his arrows, I will personally chop your head off! Guess, will those old dudes from your Ten Sun Country and the other Eastern Wasteland clans dare to try to reason it out with me?"

Yi Tian’s face had even turned blue because of the rage. He turned around and looked at Si Xi, but even at such a moment, he didn’t forget to throw a glance at Tushan Princess.

By now, the distance between Feng Xing and him was only less than ten-mile. Facing a deathly fight, he was actually distracted and turned his eyes away from his enemy. Feng Xing silently pulled his bow open. Nine long golden beams of light dazzled brightly and flew to every vital body part of Yi Tian quietly, leaving sparkling traces in the sky.

Yi Tian shouted out in a fury, ‘Shameless!’. Then, a pair of thunderbolt wings spread behind his body and brought him swiftly up into the sky, reaching thousands of meters high from the ground within a blink of an eye.

The nine beams of golden light almost brushed against his body. Meanwhile, on Feng Xing’s back, a hurricane condensed into a pair of cyan-colored wings. As Feng Xing let out a long and resonant roar, those wings brought him up into the sky as well, chasing behind Yi Tian. The look on Feng Xing’ face was fierce and determined.

"Yi Tian, back then, I witnessed you kill so many people of my family!"

The divine bow buzzed, while a storm of golden light beams screamed and tore the air apart.

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