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Chapter 91

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Not only Yun Chuan is shocked by this scene, but also Miao Jue, who was always uncertain whether to attack Yun Chuan by this chance, is totally stunned and struck dumb with astonishment . He never thought that instead of being exhausted as he expected, Yun Chuan could absorb the stone tablet directly .

“I was totally wrong before . . . I can’t leave this boy alive, for he is so strange and evil! If given enough time, I’m afraid that I will die without the burial ground!”

But at the time when Miao Jue decides to attack, Yun Chuan suddenly opens his eyes .

“He’s awake? Well, go to hell then!”

Miao Jue stops with a kind of dull shock, but continues to attack at the next second . He knows that once he has raised the hand, he must go on; for he has showed the intention to kill, Yun Chuan will never let him go .

He hesitates no more and releases all his strength, even a sound of explosion appears in the air . But his heart sinks when he sees Yun Chuan’s black-and-white eyes . Not even a trace of terror can be found in those eyes, but a color of sarcasm instead

“Seal of Spirit-collecting!”

Yun Chuan shouts out and operates his original force . At the next moment, a huge and terrifying handprint blots out the sky and forms in front of Yun Chuan .  Its breath can even be compared with that of those martial skills and magic powers in the ancient battlefield behind them .  

“That’s impossible! How can you get it? And how can you master it?!”

The attack with rushes towards Miao Jue with a terrifying momentum, and he is directly scared to death .  There is no way for a cultivator at the Nascent Stage to fight it back, not to mention that he is only half step to the stage of Nascent Soul and also seriously injured . Miao Jue is sure that he will surely die this time .

Before this horrible martial skill approaches, he even gives up all hope with an empty mind, and his original attack is also forced to stop to turn to defend .

However, all he feels is merely a gentle breeze .

The huge and terrifying palm suddenly goes through him, but at the next moment, Miao Jue shows a surprised look .  After the attack impossible for him to resist, he keeps not damaged at all .

“Well, so that’s just a paper tiger! That’s right . I never believed that you can master such kind of martial skill, ehhhh . . . . you, you!”

It turns out that Yun Chuan’s terrifying and astonishing attack is nothing but an illusion as before .  Zen Master Miao Jue gets relaxed and behaves like a survivor of a disaster . That martial skill looks so powerful that it can mix the spurious with the genuine . Just that moment, he was really scared .

But just as soon as he relaxes, he suddenly stops talking and slowly lowers his head with astonishment .

A fiery long sword has already penetrated his Dantian completely .

His Martial Core is completely broken by this fiery long sword .  Immense original force keeps constantly collapsing and crashing in his body, and the illusory Nascent Soul behind him at this moment is also slowly disappearing due to the fragmentation of his Martial Core .

After all, he has not reached the stage of Nascent Soul, and his Martial Core has not really turned into a Nascent Soul . If the Martial Core is broken, his Nascent Soul will have no foundation to exist .

Yun Chuan comes slowly forward, and calls the Xuan Yang Sword back from Miao Jue’s broken Dantian . He sighs: “Zen Master, any last wish?”

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Miao Jue’s eyes gradually darken and his voice becomes hoarse: “What is that martial skill? That magic powers are even more impressive than that of which I’ve seen in those previous illusions . I even failed to distinguish it . . . ”

“Part one of the Seal of Spirit-collecting, an inferior skill at the Earth level . You deserve your death . ” Yun Chuan explains politely .

“The Earth Level?! Little demon, your power is just horrible . . . You can release it after you just got it, and you’ve already promoted in to the entry-stage . . . Dying in the hand of a talent like you, that’s fair, that’s fair enough . . . ”

His Martial Core is already broken, and the original force starts to run around in his body without any restraint . He murmurs with a sorrowful face, “You are truly a terrifying talent clever as a demon and sly as a fox, and my Junior Brother provoked you blindly . Yun Chuan, you will definitely be a great threat to our Golden Cicada Temple after you’ve grown up . . . ”

Suddenly a flush of anger appears on Miao Jue’s pale face . He brings the strength from his whole body together and rushes towards like an arrow from the string towards Yun Chuan, shouting furiously: “Even if I’m dying, I won’t let you go!”

His breath becomes extremely fierce, and his killing intention is just touchable . However, the youngster keeps standing still in the same place, and a trace of pity appears on his face while quietly looking at the old monk coming towards him .

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“We stand in different places, and there is no right answer about who is right or wrong . Martial arts cultivation itself is being against the Heaven, you can’t blame others for your weakness .  Strength is the foundation of everything, and the big fish eats up the small ones .  Zen Master, it may be a good thing for you that you can go to the Heaven so early . ”

When Yun Chuan finishes talking, Miao Jue is just less than ten meters away from him . His whole body crackles, and the uncontrollable original force explodes with a fluffy blood mist all over his body . At the next moment, his whole body blows up, leaving only the tattered monk rob stained with blood .

Miao Jue’ Martial Core has already smashed by Yun Chuan when he got relaxed before . The original force in his body is out of control and starts to run in the wrong direction, and the whole person is then devoured .

“Only 9000 soul values . . .  It seems that it is impossible to gain 10,000 soul values from the death of a cultivator at the stage of Martial Core . In this way, I can get 10,000 to 100,000 points from the death of those Dyhanas at the Nascent Soul . I may have a try later . ”

The youngster’s eyes brighten again . This journey of him can be called as fruitful . Moreover, the Pill Refinement Competition of the Daoist Pill Sect is approaching .  Thinking of this, he crushes the Stone of Mirage and prepares to return to the Sect .

A dazzling white light flashes by, and Yun Chuan feels a surprising repulsion force from the whole Land of Mirage which wants to drive him out .

At the moment of leaving, Yun Chuan’s look suddenly changes . As if driven by an Enlightment, he manages to open his eyes towards the dazzling glare .

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