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Chapter 92

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The next moment, the astonishment in Yun Chuan’s eyes has reached its height .  In front of him it is an unimaginable and shockingly large creature shrouded in thick white fog, so he cannot see its figure and shape clearly .  The only thing he can be sure is that its huge body can almost cover the whole North Sea。

Or more exactly, the whole North Sea is on the back of that giant creature .

After this terrifying glance, Yun Chuan is excluded from the Land of Mirage and sent to the North Sea .

“What is that? Is that the demon called . . . Mirage?”

The boy hasn’t yet recovered from the shock brought by the scene just now . He understands that the reason why he can see this scene: he has absorbed the stone tablet transformed by the Seal of Spirit-collecting .  So it is impossible for others to see that scene, even if they open their eyes like him .

“I only get the first part of the Seal of Spirit-collecting, so I can merely master the shape of the magic power contained in the stone tablet without any killing power .  Maybe I can come back here and have a look after I’ve got enough promotion . ”

Yun Chuan still has some regrets .  The stone tablet transformed by the first part of the Seal Spirit-collecting contains those impressive brands of martial skills and magic powers .  But in his hands, they are just like those illusions in the battlefield before, only figurative, and they can only bluff the enemy .

The youngster feels a little bit unsatisfied, but he smiles without a sound at the next moment . If the first part of Seal Spirit-collecting can really display those amazing powers, it is still impossible for him to release them with his current strength .

He hurries back to the Daoist Pill Sect, and it is less than three days before the Pill Refinement Competition . The youngster sits on the cushion in the newly built main hall of the Luoyun Pick, counting the harvest in these days one by one .

After the previous consumption, there are more than 19,000 points of soul value in the Golden Scroll now, which is enough for him to reach the perfect-stage of many martial skills or pill prescriptions . In the Land of Mirage he has also found his own shortcoming, that is, the level of martial skills he mastered is too low .  Apart from the Seal of Heaven-consuming and the Five-wound Explosive Fist, the martial arts like Grand Palms of Thousands Leaves are not enough for him to fight against the enemy .

After all, now his enemies are almost all those cultivators at the middle or the late stage of Martial Core, not like those disciples from small Clans . Especially this time he has roked those Inner Disciples of many Sects and Schools, and this truth urges him to move on .

"Well, among the treasures left by Hui Kong, there is a superior martial skill at the Black level .  Let me see . . . It’s the Seal of Acala, the Buddhist body-cultivating skill! That’s really the pillow for the napper .  No wonder Hui Kong chose to fight for the Blood Dragon Grass in such a disgraceful way . But now, that’s all a favor to me!”

Checking all the gains one by one, Yun Chuan shows a surprised look . In addition to the Primordial Stones accumulated by those who died in his hands, now he has more than 50,000 Stones altogether .  And that isn’t all .  There are such precious refining materials as the Pure Crimson Gold and Metfire Stone for refining the treasures at the stage of Nascent Soul, as well as the Seal of Spirit-collecting at the Earth level .  Truly, it’s a rewarding exploration .

He spends two days for retreats in the Luoyun Peak to digest all those treasures of this trip . Now it is only one day away from the Pill Refinement Competition .

Just at the daybreak, after Yun Chuan opens the door, Zhan Mufei comes to visit . He looks up and down at Yun Chuan and gets surprised: “Junior Brother Yun, you are now at the stage of Martial Core? Congratulations! You can get such achievements at your twenties, and that’s really impressive .  In our Sect, even many disciples with the third or fourth level of blood can’t do this .  But you, Junior Brother Yun, you can do it with the second level of blood . It’s really amazing . ”

Yun Chuan nods with a smile, “Senior Brother Zhan, you flatter me .  During this journey to the Fanghu Island in the North Sea, I truly met some lucky chances, and that gave me the opportunity to reach the stage of Martial Core . ”

Zhan Mufei shakes his head and says, “The lucky chance can’t be achieved without your talents .  Well, I’m so glad to see that you’ve gain something this time .  Thanks to your advice, I’m now my Master’s personal disciple . I would feel uneasy if the journey gave you nothing this time . ”

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However, he still feels a little guilty in his heart . Previously, Yun Chuan imparted his understanding of the Qi-promoting Pill to him without reservation; so that he could become the personal disciple of the Elder Master Zhao Chunyang . However, what he gave Yun Chuan was a treasure at the stage of Nascent Soul which had no matching martial skill and could not be used at all . As for the matching martial skills that he said might be found on the Fanghu Island, he doesn’t even mention it now; because he knows in his heart that the probability of such a thing is too small .

“By the way, Junior Brother Yun, are you ready for the Pill Refinement Competition tomorrow? Although the contents of the Competition have changed over the years and it is impossible to guess, the number and understanding of the pill prescriptions at the beginning are always the fixed items, and the last ten disciples will be eliminated . According to the situations in the past year, if you don’t want to be eliminated at the very beginning, you need to master at least seven or eight first-level pill prescriptions at the entry-stage .  Junior Brother Yun, you can make the Heaven-conversing Pill with three Pill Marks now, which is extremely difficult to refine, so that requirement at the beginning is just a piece of cake to you, right?”

“Seven or eight first-level pill prescriptions at the entry-stage?”

The youngster is a little bit embarrassed and asks, “I’ve only mastered two . Senior Brother Zhan, could you tell me where can I learn the pill prescription in our Sect?”

Zhan Mufei’s mouth opens in surprise: “Haven’t you been the Pavilion of Pill Prescription? But it’s already late if you go there now . Tomorrow is the Competition, no matter how talented you are, you can’t master the pill prescription difficult to master with several years in just one day . ”

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He sighs and shakes his head: “Well, Junior Brother Yun, you are new to our Sect . It is said that among the disciples of each Sect who come to participate in the Competition this time, there are even Pill Masters at the second level, let alone other hidden talents in our Daoist Pill Sect .  You can take it as a chance to see the world, so that you can prepare for the next Competition . ”

Yun Chuan nods and says earnestly: “Senior Brother, I know what you say . But still I want to have a try . ”

“Since you insist, I will take you to the Pavilion of Pill Prescription . ”

Seeing Yun Chuan’s determination, Zhan Mufei gives up the idea of persuasion . He leads the way ahead to the position of the Pavilion of Pill Prescription .

The Daoist Pill Sect is bustling with activity today . Many cultivators from different Sects have come here to participate in the Pill Refinement Competition tomorrow .

Daoist Pill Sect is famous for its achievements on the Pill Refinement, which enjoys the highest position in that field among all other Sects . What’s more, the final reward of the Competition this time is more impressive than usual .

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