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Chapter 90

Proofread by Liang Yaping

After all, his Nascent Soul is not a real one, and he is still half step to the stage of Nascent Soul .

The strong at the same level as him can make their Nascent Soul appear . Though they can’t get rid of the physical body, they can still hold on to several hours according to his actual strength after the body is destroyed, so as to accumulate the spirit in the Nascent Soul .  But for those Dhyanas at the stage of Nascent Soul, even if the body is destroyed, their Nascent Soul can exist alone for months or even years . What’s more, it can even snatch other physical bodies and rebirth .  On both the survival ability and the fighting strength, they are greatly improved compared with those at the stage of Martial Core .

The youngster frowns and stops . Next moment, his brows become smooth again and he smiles: “Zen Master Miao Jue, what are you talking? You really take me wrong . I’ve always been open and aboveboard, and never take advantage of others’ weakness . Well, it’s just a pity that you don’t need my help . ”

Miao Jue even fulminates with anger which almost makes him vomit blood .  The words of this seemingly harmless youngster with a sunny face are totally unreliable . He has been so miserable after being carefully beat twice before, and if he believes these nonsense, maybe he has already died here .

But he becomes also relieved . Yun Chuan’s attitude shows that he doesn’t want to gamble at the risk of life with him; obviously Yun Chuan thinks it is hardly worthwhile .

Yun Chuan has also noticed the huge stone tablet in front of him .  What Miao Jue just said is quite right . Although he has the ability to kill the monk now, the Nascent Soul can also eat him back, which is enough to make him seriously hurt .

“The killing breath is so strong . . . Or to say, is this big stone tablet the source of this illusory land?”

Yun Chuan’s face become dignified and looks at the stone tablet . When he sees Miao Jue’s miserable condition, he has already taken precautions against it . Therefore, he is not as psychologically hurt as Miao Jue, but he also gets astonished .

If he hadn’t deliberately made Miao Jue explore the way ahead and set aside time for himself, he would not be much better than Miao Jue .

The words recorded on the stone tablet are just so shocking .  No one knows what kind of existence wrote these words, and no one knows when the tablet was finished . Even the stone tablet is not a real one but an illusion, the killing breath on it can still take one’s breath away .

“Such disgracing humanity atrocities are going against the Heaven and should be punished .  The evil force keeps haunting at night, and the Tian Xuan World is moving closer to war and danger . From now on let’s turn the world upside down, why show mercy to the vicious power! Strive for vanity is not our duty, for glory of a thousand years is but a dream .  To those Ghosts and Demons that violate our Tian Xuan World, in the name of the Heaven, Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Yun Chuan reads out the sentences on the stone tablet word by word, and suddenly frowns: “When the Dark Age comes, the whole Tian Xuan World is shrouded in endless terror and destruction . I was still a remnant ghost at that time, and I remembered almost nothing about those dark days, but judging from these words . . . how is the record on this stone tablet very similar to the Dark Age after a hundred years?”

The youngster can’t figure out all those things in so short a time, but he can feel that there are countless connections too complicated to explain clearly .  He talks to himself, “Or to say, a disaster like the Dark Age once happened to the Tian Xuan World in the past years? Those stone pillars sang that ‘A demon lives in the North Sea, and people all call it Mirage . It is so big that in this Sea it can’t be measured . In a dream thousands years elapse, only illusion exists . . . ’ Perhaps that part of history has been remembered by the Mirage!”

Yun Chuan looks at the characters on the huge stone tablet without blinking . The killing breath of the huge stone tablet becomes more and more fierce, which is beyond Yun Chuan’s limit of endurance, and Yun Chuan’s eyes even begin to bleed . But the youngster seems to be too busy to blink while keeps staring at the stone tablet .

“There must be something strange and evil about that stone tablet . Though I’m only half-step to the stage of Nascent Soul, I dare not to take a second look at it . How could this boy still look without blinking? It seems that without me, this little demon will be exhausted in a moment and die!”

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Looking at Yun Chuan staring at the stone tablet as if he has been possessed, Miao Jue shows a complex look of good luck and pleasure . In his eyes, Yun Chuan has been totally attracted by that strange stone tablet and will soon use up all his strength and die completely .

In his heart, he is also hesitating whether to take advantage of this opportunity to directly kill Yun Chuan in front of him . But Yun Chuan is very close to the stone tablet, and he is afraid to be attracted by the strange stone tablet again .

“I’m in a bad state now, and it’s safer to take this opportunity to recover my strength first .  After I’ve recovered, it will be the time for this little demon to die!”

Yun Chuan has been standing still for a long time in front of the huge stone tablet, and a huge wave is surging in his mind at the moment . With his gaze, the characters on the huge stone tablet seem to have come back to life in the eyes of the youngster .  Gradually they turn into scenes he has seen before: many extremely powerful existences are fighting with each other, showing all kinds of unimaginable martial skills and magic powers .

The difference is that what Yun Chuan had seen before was the illusory tablet, but now what he sees are merely words . Between the lines, the horror and vastness of all kinds of magical skills can also be felt .

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What shocks Yun Chuan most is not only the scene in front of them; but now in his eyes, the stone tablet is not just an ordinary stone tablet, but one formed by a martial skill .

“Part one of the Seal of Spirit-collecting, an inferior skill at the Earth level to collect the spiritual brand of the martial skills and magic powers . ”

“It will take one hundred thousand soul values for this Seal of Spirit-collecting to reach the perfect-stage?! You’d better kill me then . Poor, I’m so poor . . . But ten thousand soul values will be enough for the promotion to the entry-stage, and that’s worth trying . ”

Calculating the cost of the promotion of this martial skill at the Earth level in the Golden Scroll, Yun Chuan sighs secretly . He has been accumulating soul values for such a long time, but all he has now are just more than twenty thousand points . The promotion of this martial skill to its entry-stage costs half of it, which he is quite unwilling to .

After Yun Chuan finally consumes ten thousand soul values for the promotion, even before Yun Chuan can make a response, that black stone tablet with a strong killing breath suddenly shrinks and turns into a brand on Yun Chuan’s Martial Core .

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