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Chapter 89

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Being attracted by the innumerable marvelous martial skills and magical powers around him, Miao Jue walks at will . He even gets around to carefully examining those illusory attacks rushing towards him, being totally amazed .

“This Lightning is wonderful, and a Daoist secret figure keeps changing in it .  What kind of existence can produce such a great martial skill?”

“This Blade of Heaven is so admirable . . . ”

“If this Heaven-changing Seal really exists, I’m afraid that even those who at the stage of Nascent Soul will not be able to fight back at all!”

Miao Jue has even regarded this place as a lucky chance . In fact, it exactly is one . In other places, so many terrible wars will never be seen, and such amazing miracles are also nowhere to be found, because if one is in such a battlefield, he or she will die without a burial place .

Suddenly, Miao Jue catches another amazing wave coming to him . Looking up, he finds a flaming sword light is approaching . It is so real that it looks like it can really burn everything .

“That’s impressive! It’s totally different from what I felt before . Although the power looks smaller, this sense of reality is something that I didn’t find in those skills I’ve experienced before . Truly it is worth carefully checking . ”

Instead of being shocked, Miao Jue even feels surprised with joy . He stands still to face that burning sword light with open eyes, hoping that he can learn more about that illusory martial skill like before .


“Not illusory, it’s you! You cheat me again!”

With an earth-shaking roar, Miao Jue is almost split in two by that sword light .  He screams miserably after being disemboweled; his internal organs can all be seen, and one of his arms is also missing .

And that’s the result after his early response, for he made his best efforts to avoid the attack towards the crucial point . Otherwise, he might be directly killed on the spot if he took the blow without any defense .

After that flaming sword light, a youngster in white comes out with a smile and applauses: “Zen Master Miao Jue, you are really a tough master, and I admire your courage . I’m just wondering what kind of research and discovery have you got from this sword light?”

Miao Jue is directly blown dozens of meters away and rolls dozens of meters before he manages to stabilize himself .  His original force keeps surging up and down, he hold down his injury and shouts angry: “Little demon, you are so insidious and cunning! Today I must do the clean-up for the common people!”

“Oh, come on . ”

Yun Chuan shakes his head with a smile and walks towards Miao Jue step by step .  The original force in his whole body is like the surging tide extremely powerful, and he says with a grim smile fearlessly, “Zen Master, you’ve been chasing me for so long .  Maybe now it’s my turn . ”

Miao Jue monk's face changed, and he explored his own situation . His heart thumped and his heart sank . He is now in an extremely poor condition . In the past, he was badly injured in the stone forest, but now he was almost ripped open by Yun Chuan's sword . In his present state, he is not Yun Chuan's opponent at all .

If he can get at least thirty minutes to recover, the situation may be changed . With the recovery ability of a strong man half step to the stage of Nascent Soul, he still has the confidence to crush Yun Chuan as before . But judging from Yun Chuan’s burning killing intention, he knows that this bot will leave him no chance .


Without saying a word, Miao Jue manages to suppress his own injury and gets up to flee in a hurry . Almost at the same time, Yun Chuan also follows him closely and chases after him .

Now the situation has been completely reversed, and that makes Miao Jue almost spit blood . However, although his injury is very serious, after all, the real strength still helps him a lot, so that the youngster behind him cannot catch up at once .

However, Yun Chuan doesn’t go all out, but chooses to follow him slowly . There are still many illusions in this area . Although it seems that nothing strange happens at present, it can help him avoid many unnecessary dangers by having Miao Jue exploring the way ahead .

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Being chased and threatened by Yun Chuan all the way, Miao Jue feels even hard to bear the injury . All of a sudden, a killing breath comes from the front . It is so condensed that a mouthful of blood gushes out, and he gets even hurt more seriously . He looks forward with a look of horror .

In front of him, a huge stone tablet nobody knows appears .  It is engraved with big characters, and the killing breath on it is vast as the sea .  Just now, the breath that wounded Miao Jue comes exactly from the handwriting characters on that stone tablet .

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The Heaven raises everything, but the cultivators still feel unfair, for it always

Ignore the Ghosts and Demons which give pain to the common people

Whose life is as thin as paper, while those perpetrators enjoy the nature’s kindness;

Such disgracing humanity atrocities are going against the Heaven and should be punished .

The evil force keeps haunting at night, and the Tian Xuan World is moving closer to war and danger .

From now on let’s turn the world upside down, why show mercy to the vicious power!

Strive for vanity is not our duty, for glory of a thousand years is but a dream .

To those Ghosts and Demons that violate our Tian Xuan World,

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In the name of the Heaven, Kill! Kill! Kill!

Miao Jue’s face changed violently . After glancing at the last sentence of the stone tablet, Miao Jue is shocked by the strong killing breath again . He spits out a few mouthfuls of blood, and the whole person becomes even weaker .

“What kind of powerful existence wrote these things? My mind hurts after merely a glance!”

At this time, Yun Chuan also catches up and sees the miserable situation of Miao Jue from a distance . He keeps on guard and askes with a smile: “Zen Master, it seems that you are badly hurt .  Any help?”

The youngster shows concern on his face and walks to Miao Jue curlling up on the ground without any intention of killing .

Miao Jue smiles bitterly: “I never expect that before . . . But little demon, I’m only half step to the stage of Nascent Soul after all . Today, either the fish dies, or the net gets torn!”

An illusory golden Buddha rises in the air with the surging original force, releasing strong pressure . But if see closely, one may find that there are many cracks on that Buddha .

Obviously Miao Jue has prepared to this fight to the finish . Now his injury can be no worse, if Yun Chuan decides to attack, he will have no strength to defense at all .

Before he meets Yun Chuan, he never thought that he would be forced to be like that by a boy at the early-stage of Martial Core .  If the boy is determined to kill him, he will surely die; though he can also use his Nascent Soul to badly injure or even kill that little demon, but that’s meaningless after his death .

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