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Chapter 9

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Yun Chuan’s eyes are so sharp and bright; he looks around and suddenly smiles lightly . The harmless complexion on his face is not as fierce as before . He says, “You needn’t look at me with this kind of look . As you can see, it was Cousin Yun Cheng who wanted to examine me first; and in fear and awe I went all out naturally . But I didn’t expect Cousin Yun Cheng to be so weak . If I had known it, I would have used only half of my strength . Now I hurt Cousin Yun Cheng by mistake, and it makes me feel so guilty . ”

Although he looks guilty, he directly steps on Yun Cheng on the ground and leaves a few obvious footprints on his swollen pig-like face when he walks out . He pushes aside the crowd and smiles, “Excuse me, step aside please . ”

Yun Qing’er comes along, and her beautiful face shows surprise and joy . She goes to Yun Chuan and asks happily, “Brother Chuan, have you broken through the middle-stage of Body Cultivation?"

Yun Chuan shakes his head and smiles, “It was a sheer fluke . I haven’t broken through the middle-stage of Body Cultivation . ”

A few moments later, it is already late in the morning . The Clan Martial Arts Assessment officially begins .

“Today, there are 245 young disciples qualified to participate in the assessment, and they are all the future of our Yun Clan . In this assessment, the one who can hold on for two hours under the attack of iron-wood puppets will become the Core Disciples of the Clan . And of course, don’t be discouraged if you fail . The development and growth of our Yun Clan also need the joint efforts made by our other branches!”

Yun Luoshan, the father of Yun Qing’er, is the current grand master of the Yun Clan . His voice is loud and there are no redundant words . He directly announces the beginning of the Clan Martial Arts Assessment .

With Yun Luoshan’s remarks, on the broad martial field, some elder masters bring several giant cyan-wood wolves . Those puppets are taller than two men’s height, and their red pupils all glitter with a cold glow .

As soon as these iron-wood puppets appear, their ferocity makes many mentally unstable disciples shrink back with an involuntary gasp .

The assessment process of the Yun Clan seems to be very simple, for it only needs to hold on two hours under the attack of iron-wood puppets . However, the strength of those puppets is comparable with that of the peak martial cultivator on the later-stage Body Cultivation . Moreover, the outer skin made of iron and copper of those puppets is extremely difficult to cope with .

This also means that this assessment is a purely assessment of the real strength, and everyone should win by his or her own strength .

Having heard the content of the assessment of this time, that is, to hold on two hours under the attack of iron-wood puppets, many disciples suddenly change their faces .

For some disciples whose original strength is on the later-stage of Body Cultivation of the Yun Clan, even if they are unable to defeat the iron-wood puppet, simply holding on for two hours may be possible if they endeavor to their best . But for those who have not reached the later-stage of Body Cultivation, it is extremely difficult to even hold on for one hour under the attack of those puppets .

“Why is the assessment so difficult this time?”

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Most of the disciples of the Yun Clan are in a sudden uproar after hearing the content of the assessment . In the past years, most of them could pass the examination as long as they reached the middle-stage of Body Cultivation . But this time, the iron-wood puppets are used as the content of the assessment, denying those general martial cultivators on the middle-stage of Body Cultivation the hope to pass at all .

As a result, several disciples go on the martial ground and start to fight one by one, but no one manages to hold on for even one hour, and they are all directly eliminated in a fluster .

There are also some disciples forcing themselves to go on, but they just fail and get down with a serious injury .

Those disciples who fail to hold on for two hours will not be eligible to stay in the Yun Clan anymore, but they will become a part of the side branches of the clan to develop some business for the development of the whole clan, ensuring that the clan will have enough resources to provide for the Core Disciples of the clan powerfully .

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And of course, when it comes to the position or status in the clan and the resources acquired in the future, they are just far inferior to the Core Disciples .

After several failures, Yun Qing’er comes to the ground . Although Yun Qing’er is also on the middle-stage of Body Cultivation, she is just about to break through and move to the later-stage . With a calm breath and a light stature like a swallow, Yun Qing’er becomes the first martial cultivator to pass the assessment .

After that, the next disciple Yun Tian is even more relaxed . He directly smashes the iron- wood puppet with one hand, which deeply impresses the audience . Even Yun Luoshan, the grand master of the Yun Clan, who has been keeping his gravity, shows a trace of comfort on his face .

“With such excellent disciples as Yun Tian and your daughter Qing’er in the Yun Clan, the bright future of your clan is just around the corner . Brother Luoshan, how lucky you are!” Zhao Chunyang, the grand master of the Zhao Clan, says in a flattering manner .

The smiles on Yun Luoshan’s face become huger . He shakes his head and says, “It is nothing, Brother Chunyang, you are flattering me . Everyone in Luoyun City knows the three outstanding talents in your Zhao Clan . Except for Qing’er and Tian’er, other disciples in our Yun Clan, though with some gifts, are still of less use . ”

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