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Chapter 8

Proofread by Liang Yaping

“Grand Palm of Thousand Leaves!”

But just as his idea has just emerged, a trace of fierceness crosses Yun Chuan’s eyes . The next moment, he moves his body and releases his palm towards Yun Cheng .

A cracking sound comes out .

Two palms collide in the air, causing a clear and crisp sound of bone cracking . Almost all of the people present believe that Yun Chuan’s arms must have broken into several pieces . Although he is only at the early-stage of Body Cultivation, and Grand Palm of Thousand Leaves is only a low-grade skill at the Yellow level, it is hard to be a match for the Jade-breaking Palm, a middle-grade skill at the Yellow level .

After all, the strength of these two is not at the same level at all, whether in terms of the martial arts qualifications or the skill grade .


But the next moment, a piercing cry comes from Yun Cheng’s mouth . To everyone’s surprise, Yun Chuan has not received even a scratch . But it is Yun Cheng who screams and steps back hurriedly . With one hand weakly drooping, his face takes on shock and disbelief .

All the people who have seen this scene are staring at one another with astonishment at the moment, wondering what has just happened .

In everyone’s eyes, in terms of practicing stage or martial arts qualifications, Yun Chuan is no match for Yun Cheng . Moreover, the skill that Yun Chuan has chosen is lower than that of Yun Cheng --- there is no chance for him to win at all .

Only Yun Chuan knows that he has used the Grand Palm of Thousand Leaves at the perfect-stage . Although it seems to be a simple palm, he actually swings out hundreds of palms at a very fast speed . The superimposed power then is so strong that it could break the arm of Yun Cheng with one blow .

A snapping sound comes .

The breakage of Yun Cheng’s bone makes him draw back with pain and anger, but at this time, Yun Chuan has already moved forward several steps and slaps him on the face . The power is so great that it blows him several meters away, and he lands heavily on the ground .

Zhao Yang on the other side is also struck dumb with fear at the moment . Previously Yun Cheng said that Yun Chuan was almost slapped to death by him, but now it seems that the situation is completely reversed . He murmurs, “Does Brother Yun Cheng lie to me? This guy is so fierce, how can he be humiliated by other people . . . ”

“Damn, I’m going to tear you to shreds!”

Yun Cheng completely goes mad . He said before that he would humiliate Yun Chuan severely, but now he can imagine that he will surely become a laughingstock in the future, which is not easy to be washed away even with killing Yun Chuan .

His eyes are both red and his face is fierce . He dashes forward but something dazzles him – Yun Chuan blows him away with another slap . Again he is driven several meters away, making his face swell like a pig’s head with uncontrolled tears running across the whole face .

Suddenly, the sky in front of his eyes becomes dark when he tries to get up . A big foot heavily steps on his face, twisting back and forth . The voice of Yun Chuan comes with a light smile, “Yun Cheng, I said that what the hell you are, now do you agree?”

“Is there anything wrong with my eyes?”

“Yun Cheng is trampled on by Yun Chuan… how is he beaten so miserably?”

“Look at his running nose and tears . . . ”

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With shame and anger Yun Cheng struggles for a few moments but fails . Hearing the discussion around, he can imagine that after today, his reputation will be completely ruined . The anger drives him crazy, his eyes turn around and he loses his consciousness .

“Who is the next one?”

Yun Chuan steps on Yun Cheng’s face and looks around .

At that moment, everyone around them is struck dumb with astonishment and all keep silent .

“Brother Zhao Yang, I heard you are going to teach me how to be a man before?”

Yun Chuan looks around, with his eyes focusing on Zhao Yang and walks towards him step by step .

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“What, what do you want?!”

Zhao Yang is actually a bully with a coward’s heart . He threatens, “Yun Chuan, how dare you be so bold today? Why, are you going to act wildly on the Clan Martial Arts Assessment?”


Before his voice falls, Yun Chuan hits him on the face with a punch . Zhao Yang is blown away with tears running down . “You want to teach me how to be a man? What the hell are you? If it were not for the sake of today’s assessment, you all would have to die!”

Looking at Yun Cheng on the ground, many youngsters look serious in their eyes .

Yun Cheng ranks himself at the middle level with his strength among youngsters in the Yun Clan, so naturally, Yun Chuan’s defeating Yun Cheng has changed many people’s attitude towards Yun Chuan .

“Has Yun Chuan broken through the middle-stage of Body Cultivation? He is only of the lowest grade of blood, and with such poor martial arts qualifications, he should be 50 years old before he reaches the middle-age of Body Cultivation according to common sense . ”

“The Grand Palm of Thousand Leaves that he used just now seems to be a little special . It looks like the skill practiced to the insight-stage…Did my eyes deceive me?”

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