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Chapter 10

Proofread by Liang Yaping

“Oh, you two just stop flattering each other . Oldman Yun, just as we said earlier, the disciples you picked out in this Martial Arts Assessment, together with those selected by our Gongsun Clan and Zhao Clan, will practice together the necessary martial skills to obtain the Water of Icy Spring . We all know that the higher martial arts awareness one has, the more Water will be collected . Therefore, how about we share the Water of Icy Spring according to portion of this assessment?”

 “Of course, it seems that you Oldman Gongsun, also have a card up your sleeve . Our Zhao Clan never goes back on what we have said!”

“And so will our Yun Clan!”

On the other side, Yun Qiyang, one of the elder masters of the Yun Clan with a white hair, listens to the discussions of the three grand masters with his eyes filled with indignation that cannot be concealed .

Just now he learned that Yun Cheng, his beloved grandson, was beaten up seriously by Yun Chuan, a waste with the first-level blood in the Clan . His grandson was even insulted by him in front of people! How could he not be so angry?

“After such kind of inhuman insult, it may be difficult for my poor grandson to improve martial arts cultivation anymore in the future . Yun Chuan, although you have the first-level blood, you are doomed to be a servant of miscellaneous work for a lifetime! How dare you! Today’s assessment means a lot, and definitely you will fail . At that time, I will give whatever kind of punishment I want to you!”

His eyes run down the crowd . When hearing the discussion among those grand masters about how to determine the ownership of the Water of Icy Spring, he knows that only few elites of the Yun Clan could be singled out this time .

How precious is the Water of Icy Spring? When one breaks through the stage of Body Cultivation and moves into the next stage of Martial Core, the use of Water of Icy Spring will be of great benefit in the refinement of the martial core . It is then a sacred thing seldom seen in a hundred years to consolidate foundation of martial arts qualification .

It can be imagined that the ownership of the Water of Icy Spring will lay a solid foundation for the development of the descendants in the Clan in the future, and also more and more skilled masters will be trained . Its importance to the Clan is self-evident .

With this kind of consideration, the Core Disciples selected in this Clan Martial Arts Assessment will be the best among the elites, and that explains the extreme difficulty among other assessments in the past few years .

“Next one, Yun Chuan!”

A moment later, it is Yun Chuan’s turn . It is Yun Chenghe, the teaching master of Yun’s martial field who calls the name in a loud voice .

After calling out the name, Yun Chenghe shakes his head . As the teaching master of Yun’s martial field, he naturally knows all the cultivation and development of those disciples . Yun Chuan is only of the lowest first-level blood, and his poor martial arts qualifications have confined him in the early-stage of Body Cultivation . There is no possibility that he can pass the assessment at all .

“It’s Yun Chuan! I heard that he has beaten Yun Cheng badly before, making his nose snot with tears . Yun Cheng is of the middle-stage of Body Cultivation…has he already made such great progress in cultivation?”

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“How could it be? Yun Chuan is only of the lowest level of blood, and his martial arts cultivation qualifications are just so poor — he cannot even break through the Body Cultivation stage all throughout his life! How can this kind of waste beat Yun Cheng so badly? I heard that Yun Cheng is still the favorite grandson of the elder master . ”

Lots of comments from below have reached the ears of Yun Qiyang, the elder master of the Yun Clan on the grandstand . With the burning anger he snorts coldly . He stands up and scans the surroundings, silencing the noisy people around with a cold hum .

“A disgraceful waste! It is important to know one’s own limitations . Yun Chuan, you dare to come here with your lowest first-level blood, aren’t you wasting our time?”

Yun Qiyang didn’t hide his disdain in the words .

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Yun Chuan’s eyebrows frown tightly . He knows the reason why the elder master Yun Qiyang acts like this . He has beaten Yun Cheng up, and now it seems that Yun Qiyang will not let him go easily .

“Oh, I’m really a waste . But there was a puppy barking in front of this waste before, so the waste beat the puppy up . I didn’t expect that after the puppy was gone, another old dog comes out . Is it funny, my elder master?”

Yun Chuan stares at Yun Qiyang with a spurious smile, making the goatee of Yun Qiyang keep trembling with anger . He says in a rage, “You little jerk, you dare to call me an old dog?!”

Yun Chuan shakes his head and says with surprise, “Elder master, don’t make an unfounded attack upon me . I have always respected you, how dare I call you an old dog? What I just told is merely a story, so don’t be pigeon-holing . Besides, no one has to call oneself an old dog . ”

Yun Qiyang’s whole body rustles and trembles with anger . He raises his palm and then puts it down several times . The grand master of the Yun Clan Yun Luoshan shakes his head and smiles: “Elder master should not bother yourself arguing with these young disciples, or Brother Zhao and Brother Gongsun will laugh at us . Yun Chuan, go ahead for the assessment now; no delay is permitted . ”

Yun Chuan nods his head and answers yes, and then he walks into the ground . Just now with the words of the grand master, Yun Qiyang has to swallow his hate and anger into the stomach . Now he stares at Yun Chuan closely and speaks to himself ruthlessly, “You little jerk, after today, you will become an inferior servant . By then, I will settle all the old and new accounts with you!”

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