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Chapter 7

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Suddenly a burst of footsteps comes towards Yun Chuan, and then Yun Cheng’s laughter attracts the attention of people around him .

Yun Chuan looks back coldly, seeing that Yun Cheng is coming to him with several dandies of the Gongsun Clan and the Zhao Clan, whose dress and arrogance apparently indicate their high status in these two grand Clans .

Yun Cheng pushes the crowd aside and laughs in a loud voice for fear that others would not know, “Brother Zhao, Brother Gongsun, this is my cousin Yun Chuan whom I mentioned to you earlier . A few days ago I had a misunderstanding with my dear cousin, and I almost killed him with a gentle slap, which made me feel very guilty these days . ”

Obviously he wants to humiliate Yun Chuan once again . His loud voice has attracted many people’s attention, and most of the people look at Yun Chuan with malice and disdain .

Of course, there are exceptions . Yun Qing’er also sees the scene, and she says angrily, “Yun Cheng, today is the Clan Martial Arts Assessment, what do you want? Zhao Yang, Gongsun Jing, this is the domestic affairs of our Yun Clan, do you want to get a foot in it?”

“You the waste can only be protected by a woman!”

Zhao Yang and Gongsun Jing look at Yunchuan disdainfully, and their arrogant manners and casual words make Yun Qing’er tremble with anger .

Yun Cheng takes a step forward and with a sneer he looks at Yun Chuan . “My cousin Yun Chuan, how are you doing? Have you recovered these days? Do you want to hide behind a woman again this time?”

 “How dare you!”

Yun Chuan shakes his head and smiles at Yun Qing’er, indicating that she doesn’t have to take it seriously . Turning around, he snaps at Yun Cheng with a sudden changing gloomy face, “What the hell do you think you are?”

The smile on Yun Cheng’s face solidifies, and his face turns red with anger, “Yun Chuan, what did you say? You the waste, dare you say it to me again?”

“I said, what the hell do you think you are that you dare to talk to me like that? Why, are you deaf?” Yun Chuan answers indifferently .

Zhao Yang and Gong Sun Jing are both surprised . They two have heard that Yun Cheng almost killed Yun Chuan in front of Yun Qing’er, and they know that Yun Chuan is just of the lowest blood . They just cannot understand why Yun Chuan dares to be so bold today .

“A waste that cannot break through the Body Cultivation all his life, dare to be so arrogant?”

A sneer crosses Zhao Yang’s face, and he says in a sarcastic tone, “There are some people who do not have the competence but still be arrogant; they are just too stupid to pick up the tail and get groveling . A waste is a waste! Yun Chuan, you must know that you can eat shit free, but you can’t speak carelessly . Wrong words can take your life!”

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Yun Chuan glances at Zhao Yang coldly, “So what the hell are you?”


Zhao Yang’s body trembles with anger . He points to Yun Chuan, being unable to speak anything . He even can’t hold the primordial force agitating in his body to make an attack . But at this time Yun Cheng stops him with a somber look, “Thanks for Brother Zhao’s good intention . Today is the Martial Arts Assessment of our Yun Clan . As the old saying goes, an elder brother is like the father . So I will test my cousin’s ability in advance!”

Zhao Yang presses down his anger and snorts, “Brother Yun, don’t beat him to death . There is no such rule for those Outer Disciples . After today this waste will not stay in the Yun Clan, and at that time, I will teach him how to be a man . ”

Yun Cheng strides forward fiercely with his knots clattered, and frightens his cousin in a dreadful voice, “Yun Chuan, it seems that I didn’t teach you enough lessons that time . A dog cannot change its natural habit of eating shits, and today you dare to bark at me again? Alright then, I will teach you an unforgettable lesson all through your life!”

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Yun Chuan’s face remains unchanged, and his white cloth is also spotlessly clean . With a faint smile, he says, “Our Yun Clan develops on the basis of martial arts . Since you want to prove to me that you are something in my eyes, you should speak with your strength!”

“That’s what you ask for! Jade-breaking Palm!”

Yun Cheng’s eyes are boiling with murderous intentions with all his primordial force agitating . He then releases unreservedly his strength of the middle-stage of Body Cultivation . He attacks in the direction of Yun Chuan with a blustering laughter, “You are heading for your doom! I will crash your whole body and all your bones into pieces, so that you can neither survive nor die!”

The Jade-breaking Palm is a middle-stage skill of the Yellow level, and he has practiced it for a long time; so it is about to step into the realm insight-level . Released in his rage, his attacking palms are even shining, which means that even the gold or the stone will be cracked by this kind of powerful attack .

Yun Cheng himself is even shocked by the power of his attack, “Today I can give the Jade-breaking Palm into play so extraordinarily, enough for me to release the eleven tenth power of my whole strength . Yun Chuan, you little jerk in the early-stage of Body Cultivation, is bound to be smashed totally under my one palm only!”

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