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Chapter 77

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Han Yuanming is moved and keeps comforting Yun Chuan: “What are you talking? It’s nothing .  Well, I’m elder than you, so maybe I can call you Brother Yun . Don’t worry, Brother Yun, I’m physically strong; and I have been looking forward to relax my muscles and bones for a long time . Brother Yun, you did me a great favor .  I haven’t got a chance to thank you, and how can I blame you?”

He grins broadly and answers as if he cares nothing about the misunderstanding before, but then he changes his look with pain when pulling the wound of his body .

Yun Chuan hands the jade slips recording the herbs needed for the Qi-promoting Pill to them two . Zu Xuan shows a surprised look, but a moment later, he gathers up the herbs needed for the Pill .

Zu Xuan says with a smile to Han Yuanming: “I almost forget that Master Yun comes from the Daoist Pill Sect, which is famous for its Pill Refinement .  It’s such a blessing for you today, for I’m afraid that you haven’t used a Qi-promoting Pill with one Pill Mark all your life .  Even for me, I have only taken a pill like that by good fortune once in my life . The efficacy of the Qi-promoting Pill with one Pill Mark is dozens of times more effective than those ordinary pills .  If it is Master Yun who will open the furnace and refine the pill today, your injury will surely get recovered completely . ”

“Errr, when did I say that I’m going to refine a Qi-promoting Pill with one Pill Mark? In fact, I can . . . ” Yun Chuan is a little bit confused .

Zu Xuan does a double take and laughs . He immediately interrupts Yun Chuan and keeps saying with a smile: “Well, I have forgotten that you are just a new member of the Daoist Pill Sect .  With such a short period of time to study the Pill Refinement, it must be difficult for you to achieve so much in both Martial Arts and Pill Refinement .  Even among those first-level Pills, the Qi-promoting Pill is still extremely difficult to refine, let alone you need to make it under such conditions . Martial Nephew Han, you should be grateful, for it will take Master Yun a lot to help you this time!”

Han Yuanming nods his head vigorously with deeper gratitude showing in his eyes . He wonders in his heart that this Brother Yun is really a rare good man, seeming to have forgotten the truth that all his current injuries are caused by this wholehearted youngster .

Yun Chuan’s look becomes even more astonished . He shakes his head, speaks no more, and directly opens the furnace to refine pills . Previously, he has only mastered the Qi-promoting Pill at the insight-stage, but he has accumulated enough soul value after killing Xing Wudao and others .  After that he is able to master its perfect-stage, and now he also wants to take this opportunity to test it .

The deaths of Xing Wudao and the Five Brothers in the North Sea have contributed so many soul values that there are still 9000 points of them after a great consumption . With such a wealth, Yun Chuan can even speak louder than others .

After half a day, under the gaze of Zu Xuan and Han Yuanming, a Qi-Promoting Pill with three Pill Marks slowly rises from the furnace . As soon as the Pill appears, Han Yuanming’s eyes go wild as if they are protruding .

“Three Pill Marks, the pill at the perfect-stage!”

Though Zu Xuan is an experienced cultivator at the middle-stage of Martial Core, he cannot hold back his surprise look on the face at the moment . He takes a long breath to calm his mind: “Master Yun, didn’t you say that you were just a new comer to the Daoist Pill Sect? How can this Qi-promoting Pill with three Pill Marks . . . you . . . ”

Judging from Yun Chuan’s attitude just now, he assumed that Yun Chuan could only refine pills without Pill Mark . But now this Qi-promoting Pill with three Pill Marks has completely broken his psychological expectation, leaving him no space to order his speech .

After all, the shocks that Yun Chuan has brought to him today are too powerful to bear .  It’s hard for him to believe that there is such a talent in the world that can defeat the strong at the stage of Martial Core with the power at the stage of Body Cultivation; and his achievements at the Pill Refinement is also so unbelievable .

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But Yun Chuan is just a youngster at his twenties, and that’s the most shocking truth .  The cultivations of the Martial Arts and the Pill Refinement all demand a lot of time, so it’s impossible for those ordinary people to be good at them both . But this kind of rule seems to be invalid on Yun Chuan now .

As for Han Yuanming at the moment, he is so shocked that he can’t even speak . He swallows hard, forces himself to move his sight away from the Qi-promoting Pill with three Pill Marks and decline with thanks, “Brother Yun, this is too precious . I can’t . . . ”

Before he finishes speaking, Yun Chuan directly puts the pill into his mouth and answers carelessly: “It’s just a pill, how precious will it be? Brother Han, the most important thing now is that you can recover quickly . Otherwise, in your present state, going to the Forest of Stone is not to look for lucky chances, but for your own death . ”

Compared with the two shocked by him, Yun Chuan doesn’t realize the value of the pill with Three Marks for martial arts cultivators at all . It takes a lot of time for the cultivation of the Pill Refinement, and that’s why many Pill Makers can only master the pill prescription at the perfect-stage after a life-long cultivation; and it is impossible for them to keep each pill from every furnace at the same level .

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Therefore, for many martial arts cultivators and even for many Pill Makers, the pill with three Pill Marks is just elusive like a dream . The efficacy of those pills at the perfect-stage is tens or even hundreds of times more powerful than those ordinary ones, and those pills have no impurities; so they can be completely absorbed by cultivators without any drug resistance in the human body .

And if a cultivator uses too much ordinary pills, the efficacy of them will be weaker and weaker, and the final result is that he or she will be completely unable to absorb any force in the pills . It is also because of this that ordinary martial arts cultivators will not swallow pills easily unless they have to .

But now Yun Chuan will be reproved as a prodigal guy if his rude behavior of regarding a pill with three Pill Marks as a bean can be seen by others . As for Han Yuanming who has swallowed the whole pill, his body is shaking trembling with his complicated mind at the moment .

Looking at Han Yuanming’s recovery at the speed visible to the naked eye, Zu Xuan is glad secretly that he didn’t choose to annoy Yun Chuan at the beginning . Otherwise, such a talent in both the Martial Arts cultivation and the Pill Refinement that can beat the strong at the stage of Martial Core and refine a pill with three Pill Marks at will, is simply a nightmare for all martial arts cultivators against him .

A moment later, after Han Yuanming has fully recovered, they move to the direction of the Forest of Stone, where the Metfire Stone flew out .  After a while, a forest formed by black stone pillars appears in front of them three .

A trace of shock shows on Yun Chuan’s face . Those stone pillars are all incomparably thick, and they all have bifurcations like real trees straight into the sky; and a strange breath comes from within .

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