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Chapter 76

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The white goatee of Zu Xuan, the Elder Master of the Mythical Beast School, is also trembling at the moment . Fortunately, he didn’t start a fight with this seemingly harmless boy .  With such a great strength shown by the boy just now, even Zu Xuan himself doesn’t have much assurance to win . This is not the most important point; to his surprise, the boy’s strength at the late-stage of Body Cultivation can make a strong man at the early-stage of Martial Core have no power to fight back .  This boy is certainly no ordinary person .

Such a talented disciple will never appear in a third-rate Sect or School like the Mythical Beast School in any case . And according to Zu Xuan’s knowledge, even in other middle-ranked Sects or Schools tens of times more powerful than their School, such a talent is also one-in-million .

Zu Xuan gives a dry laugh and forces himself to return to a normal look . However, the shock in his eyes betrays him at the moment . He says reluctantly, “What are you talking, young master? We meant to give this Metfire Stone to you originally, but we were afraid that you would not accept it if we sent it in this way . So we wanted to make it a little bit unique, but it was misunderstood . This is really a misunderstanding . By the way, I’m wondering that which Sect or School do you come from, Young Master Yun?”

Those obviously flattering words make not only Yun Chuan, but also several other martial arts cultivators besides show an unbelievable look on their faces, for they cannot believe that the words are coming from the always arrogant Elder Master Zu Xuan in their Mythical Beast School .

But they do not know Zu Xuan’s bitterness in the heart at the moment . He is waiting for the young man to open his mouth, for he is afraid that this boy will hold a grudge against him, and their School will thus provoke an invincible enemy .

“I’m Yun Chuan, a new Inner Disciple of the Daoist Pill Sect . ” The youngster smiles gently .  All of a sudden, those who didn’t understand why Zu Xuan at the middle-stage of Martial Core would treat Yun Chuan in such a polite way all change their faces .

The Daoist Pill Sect is a genuine middle-ranked Sect, which is more than ten times stronger than their Mythical Beast School . Moreover, the youngster is an Inner Disciple of the Daoist Pill Sect, which means his position may be even higher than that of Elder Master Zu Xuan in status .

And those people who had the courage to show off with their identity and strength in front of Yun Chuan all seem to be severely slapped in the face when facing the truth . Their faces become burning flushed, as if they would like to find a chink to infix .

“Master Yun, why didn’t you say that earlier?”

The cultivator just hit by Yun Chuan is named Han Yuanming . At the moment, he limps over with a look of grievance, which makes Yun Chuan feel embarrassed .

However, Han Yuanming’s feeling of grievance in his heart is far more than that shown on his face . If Yun Chuan had already told them his identity, he would never provoke him actively; and he would not be blown away by this boy and be extremely miserable like that .

The youngster seems to be a little awkward . If talking about it in detail, he also has done something wrong, but the Metfire Stone is of great use to him, and it must belong to him . Looking at those upset cultivators from the Mythical Beast School in front of him, he explains innocently: “You didn’t give me any chance to finish my words . . . By the way, where did you find this Metfire Stone? Maybe l can help you search for another one . ”

He starts to plan secretly . Since those people from the Mythical Beast School can find such treasures as Metfire Stones, if they can lead him there, he may also meet some other lucky chances .

“Master Yun, you want to go to the place where we find the Metfire Stone? To be honest, the Stone flew out from a place named Forest of Rock . I heard the name from a disciple from a middle-sized Sect . It’s said that it’s very strange inside, so we haven’t really entered it . In fact, we have encountered several strange events in the Land of Mirage these days, and even witnessed many deaths of those disciples, so we dare not go further . We originally thought we would leave directly after getting the Metfire Stone for fear of being in trouble . ”

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Although Zu Xuan is a cultivator at the middle-stage of Martial Core, there is still a trace of fear in his eyes when talking about these things, which makes Yun Chuan feel a little surprised .

Yun Chuan chuckles with an intention of fascinating in his voice: “Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained . Elder Master Zu, everybody, in my opinion, your martial arts levels have all reached a bottleneck due to the limitation of blood qualification .  With the limit of age, if there is no other lucky chance, I’m afraid you will not make any progress in your life . Therefore, this Land of Mirage will be the greatest lucky chance that you can seize . ”

He keeps talking with a smile: “We cultivators practice the martial arts, and that’s already acting against the heaven to change our lives . Elder Master Zu, you must know that this Land of Mirage is forbidden to those strong cultivators over the stage of Nascent Soul . And that’s why we can fight for the lucky chances in this Land . Otherwise, I’m afraid the lucky chance will never come to us . ”

Zu Xuan, Han Yuanming and others’ mood seem to waver . A moment later, Han Yuanming gnashes his teeth and says, “Master Yun is right . It’s a pity if we don’t take the lucky chance in front of us . Even if I’ll lose my life in danger, that’s my fate!”

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Zu Xuan’s white goatee keeps trembling .  A moment later, he also makes up his mind to go on with Yun Chuan . But in addition to these two people, other martial arts cultivators seem to decide to retreat and leave this Land of Mirage .

Yun Chuan doesn’t stop them . Therefore, in addition to Han Yuanming and Zu Xuan, the other people in the Mythical Beast School directly crush their Stone of Mirage, turn into a white light and then they are all excluded out by this Land .

The way to leave the Land of Mirage is very simple .  Crush the Stone of Mirage, and you will be repelled by the Land within a few breaths . It is precisely because of knowing this in advance that Yun Chuan can fear nothing . In the absence of those strong over the stage of Nascent Soul, he is confident with his ability that he can hold on for a few breathes and leave even if he meets a strong enemy .

However, he isn’t off guard . After all, in addition to the man-made crisis, according to what Zu Xuan talked just now, there are still many strange things in this Land of Mirage . Many disciples of those powerful Sects and Schools died in the danger of this Land itself .

Yun Chuan smacks his lips and looks at Han Yuanming, who has broken dozens of bones but still excited by Yun Chuan’s words with hope at the moment . After all, Han Yuanming’s current injury is caused by him .  Now if he goes to the Forest of Rock in this way, he may be not heading for lucky chance but directly for death .

“Well, Brother Han, Elder Master Zu, do you have some herbs and medical materials? Maybe I can make some pills for Brother Han and help him recover from the injury .  Otherwise, I’m afraid it will take several days for him to fully recover . It’s my fault that I hurt Brother Han by mistake, and I’m extremely sorry for what I’ve done . Brother Han, will you blame me?” Yun Chuan looks very apologetic .

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