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Chapter 78

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“That’s the Forest of Stone . I hear from other cultivators who came out of it that there are many treasures in the forest, including the Metfire Stone . However, it’s also a weird place, and many people have died in it . ”

Han Yuanming has completely recovered from the previous injury . He looks at the black stone forest in front of them, swallows and says .

“Well, let’s be careful then . ”

Yun Chuan frowns slightly and looks at the Forest of Stone .  Next moment, they all enter the area covered by the black stone pillars .

Having walked for a period of time, Yun Chuan feels even stranger and bends his brows more tightly . The black stone forest gives Yun Chuan a feeling, as if those black stone pillars around are not merely dead objects, but some living things . However, Han Yuanming and Zu Xuan beside him seem to be not aware at all, and they still look as usual .

“Is that a Pure Crimson Gold?”

Suddenly, Han Yuanming’s face brightens and he looks to one side . Not far away, on a small mound-like bulge, a small piece of glittering golden ore is shown with most of it buried in the soil .

Yun Chuan looks surprised . The Pure Crimson Gold is a kind of refining material of almost the same level as the Metfire Stone, and its value is no less than that of the Metfire Stone, especially this one discovered by Han Yuanming . Although most of it is still buried in the soil, it is much larger than the previous Metfire Stone .

Han Yuanming can’t wait to run to the direction where the Pure Crimson Gold is . He steps on the small mound and tries to collect the Gold . However, to his surprise, the Pure Crimson Gold doesn’t move at all under the power of this strong man at the early-stage of Martial Core, as if it were fixed in this mound .

“Well, why is this Pure Crimson Gold so heavy? Brother Yun, Elder Master Zu, come and help me!” Han Yuanming once again puts his hands on it and pulls till his veins all burst out, but the Gold still will not move .

Yun Chuan shows a surprised look and goes to the small mound . His original force starts to surge and several arms appear behind him, improving his physical strength for several times at this moment . He steps forward, several arms all catch the part of the Crimson Pure Gold exposed outside . With all his strength, the small mound begins to vibrate like an earthquake is going on all around .

And that Crimson Pure Gold is also pulled out a little bit by Yun Chuan . Han Yuanming’s face is filled with exclamation: “Brother Yun, you are really strong! This Crimson Pure Gold is so strange, it has been dragged for such a long time and we still can’t pull it out!”

But before his words are finished, suddenly the vibration of the small mound goes more intense . The ground begins to crack, making these two on it hard to stand, and an irresistible force also comes from the strip-shaped Crimson Pure Gold which has been pulled for several meters out by Yun Chuan, as if it wants to retract .

“Who! Who’s pulling my nose hair?” A thunder-like voice comes from the bowels of the earth .

Zu Xuan can’t move as fast as Yun Chuan and Han Yuanming, and he has not reached the mound yet .  So he can get an overall view of what’s going on: in the center of the mound, where the earth cracks, a huge skeleton seems to wake up because of Yun Chuan’s action . Even though Zu Xuan is a strong man at the middle-stage of Martial Core, he still feels a kind of unspeakable depression at the moment .

“Master Yun, Cousin Han, Run! That Crimson Pure Gold is awake!” Zu Xuan shouts to those two dragging the Gold and stamps his foot anxiously .

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Yun Chuan’ oversight for a moment gives that Crimson Pure Gold pulled out for several meters a chance to retract more than half of it directly .  Yun Chuan almost laughs in his anger .  Paying no attention to the loud voice and the vibration, he suddenly pulls out again half of the Gold with all his arms .  With the flashing of the Xuan Yang swords, he cuts off several meters of the Gold and puffs it on the shoulder; at the next moment, he runs away with stunned Han Yuanming and Zu Xuan .

Zu Xuan and Han Yuanming swallow, and they are all shocked by Yun Chuan’s bold behavior . Knowing not what to say, they run with Yun Chuan as fast as they can .

Yun Chuan looks back, seeing that the earth is shaking more violently . The original small mound has completely cracked . A golden skeleton tens of meters tall is now showing up on the surface . It keeps roaring and rushes towards the direction of Yun Chuan .

“Who disturbed my deep sleep and broke my nose hair? Kid, don’t let me catch you!”

The jawbones of that tall golden skeleton keep clattering . As it runs, the whole Forest of Stone vibrates like the earth is quaking . In the process of running, it scrapes against the black stone pillars, and pieces of Crimson Pure Gold fall down .

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“What’s that? It seems that its whole body is made up of the Crimson Pure Gold . . .  How is that possible? Or to say, the refining materials we saw earlier from the Forest are all the hair of this monster!” Han Yuanming cries out .

The youngster also feels incredible . Carrying the several meters long Crimson Pure Gold, Yun Chuan runs with all his strength .  This Crimson Pure Gold is too large for him to put in his storage bag immediately .  So at this time, Yun Chuan cannot help admiring those strong men at the stage of Martial Core, for they are able to have a storage space explored by themselves .  He once again draws Xuan Yang Sword, cuts the Gold into three sections, and throws them to Han Yuanming and Zu Xuan beside him . That makes his speed increase again .

The skeleton made up of the Crimson Pure Gold behind them is huge, but in this Forest full of black stone pillars, the huge body size is now a hindrance . It keeps knocking against those stone pillars, and thus it can’t speed up at all .

In the Forest of Stone, other martial arts cultivators also have seen them three . The running catches their eyes, especially the Crimson Pure Gold on Yun Chuan’s shoulder; although it has been divided into three parts by Yun Chuan, it still makes many people envious .

“The boy in the front, hand over Crimson Pure Gold on your shoulder or else! What, he is just a trash at the stage of Body Cultivation? This treasure never belongs to you!”

“Are you Zu Xuan from the Mythical Beast School? I’m Zhuo Xingsheng, an Inner Disciple from the Zombie School . Now I order you to take that boy’s Crimson Pure Gold and send it to me! Wait . . . How can this boy look so familiar? Yun Chuan, it’s you! Senior Brother Li Tianhan once asked us to find you alive .  Are you handing yourself to me on a plate?”

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