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Chapter 75

Proofread by Liang Yaping

But even so, the Metfire Stone still keeps colliding with the mountain for another several minutes, and then gradually lost its spirituality; the strength of its impact is also reduced .

“That’s so heavy!”

It costs great efforts of the youngster to raise that Stone up, but it’s still so heavy so that he even releases the Primordial Seal of Heaven-conversing to strengthen himself . Several original-force-formed arms work together with the bulging blue veins, and he is going to collect the Metfire Stone into his storage space .

But just as Yun Chuan has picked up the Metfire Stone, several figures suddenly come from the distant horizon in the same coming direction of the Stone; it seems that they have followed the Metfire Stone down there .

The leading figure among those people is an old man at the middle-stage of Martial Core, and he is followed by several middle-aged martial arts cultivators at the early-stage of the same level . Seeing that Yun Chuan is trying his best to put away the Metfire Stone, they become angry immediately .

“You little thief, put that Metfire Stone down!”

A middle-aged man at the early-stage of Martial Core shouts out furiously: “We Mythical Beast School have been chasing this Metfire Stone for a day and night . Young man, don’t be silly .  Hand the Stone to us, and we will spare your life!”

At the moment, Yun Chuan has only recovered half of his full strength, so the present breath of him is just at the middle-stage of Body Cultivation .

The youngster looks back at them in surprise, simply ignores these people and continues to put away the Metfire Stone . Then, holding Primordial Stones in his hand, he begins to sit on his knees as if there were no one else and recovers his strength .

He has also heard about this Mythical Beast School, a third-rate little known group much weaker than his Daoist Pill Sect . The Metfire Stone was originally obtained by him, and it is also of great use to him .  In addition, that middle-aged man’s bad attitude makes Yun Chuan even lazy to pay attention to that cultivator at the early-stage of Martial Core .

“You reckless Idiot!”

Yun Chuan’s slight attitude immediately irritates that man from Mythical Beast School, and he is now about to take a step forward . However, at this time, that old man at the middle-stage of Martial Core who has kept silence frowns and opens his mouth to stop that man: “Young friend, my name is Zu Xuan, and I’m an Elder Master from the Mythical Beast School .  Truly we discovered this Metfire Stone first, so how about giving it to us?”

His voice is light and soft, but there is an unquestionable meaning high up in the air . After all, he is the Elder Master of a School, and he has given this youngster much face by being so polite to a young man who seems to have a weak breath only at the middle-stage of Body Cultivation .  If this boy knows how to behave in a delicate situation, it’s now the time to take out the Metfire Stone and give it to them .

But Yun Chuan still makes no movement as if he hears nothing . Just when Zu Xuan is about to lose his temper, the youngster gets up, shakes his head and says with a smile: “Elder master, you are totally wrong .  Treasures from the Heaven and the Earth always belong to those predestined people .  Since I have acquired the Metfore Stone now, shouldn’t it be mine? Why can you speak like that?”

As soon as Yun Chuan finishes his words, several followers behind Zu Xuan all surround the youngster one by one with hostile faces . One of them says, “Elder Master Zu, this boy doesn’t know what he was talking . His breath is only at the middle-stage of Body Cultivation . . . Wait, how could it be promoted to the late-stage of Body Cultivation? But even so, he is no match for us . We’d better just rob the Stone from him and save our time!”

Another man also follows: “Boy, you still want the thing belonging to our Mythical Beast School? What’s your name? Tell us and we will leave you a whole body . ”

Yun Chuan sighs with profound resignation: “My name is Yun Chuan .  Senior Brothers, this Metfire Stone is really of great use to me .  For the sake of my face, can you do me a favor? You can look for other Stones elsewhere . ”

“Yun Chuan? I don’t know him a all . ”

Some people can’t help laughing: “Boy, have you lost your mind? Do you a favor? How big is your face that you dare to say that to us? Is your face more important than a Metfire Stone?”

“A young cultivator at the late-stage of Body Cultivation, asks us to give him face? What an Idiot! If it had not been for the benevolence of our Elder Master Zu, I am afraid you would have died by now!”

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Zu Xuan, the Elder Master of Mythical Beast School, shakes his head with a gloomy look: “He’s just a junior who has seen little of the world . You don’t know that strength is the base of everything . No one can give you face; you can only earn face by yourself . ”

“Ridiculous! A youngster at the stage of Body Cultivation wants us to give him face? Ridiculous, totally ridiculous!”

Yun Chuan is not annoyed at all .  A color of approval shows on his face, and he asks seriously: “I agree with you all .  So how can I earn face?”

“Joke! A newbie at the stage of Body Cultivation wants me to give you face? When you have the strength to defeat me, I will naturally give you that . ”

That cultivator who was the first one to talk now continues to laugh till he cries .  He looks at Yun Chuan, as if he is looking at a clown, and says with a sneer: “What an innocent guy! If your fist is hard enough, then naturally, we will give you face . Unfortunately, you . . . ”

Before he finishes his words, the youngster who has been polite all the time now suddenly changes .  His breath bursts out at this moment, forming a blood-like column of light . After him, six arms appear together behind his muscular body, making him extremely tall and powerful .  His moving speed also becomes extremely fast, and he rushes to the front of that cultivator in an instant . Immediately that cultivator is blown away, and finally stops moving after smashing several mountains . The sound of bone breaking echoes in everyone’s ears .

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“Senior Brother, you should have told me that earlier, so I would have also saved my breath .  Such a way to earn face, that’s quite good . Senior Brothers, Elder master, is my face big enough now?”

The youngster dressed in spotless white now stands in the air with all his breath converged, returning to his former elegant and innocent demeanor . He opens his mouth and says with a light smile: “So everybody, is my face equal to a Metfire Stone now?”

A string of coughs gradually comes .

The cultivator blown away by Yun Chuan now comes back slowly while spitting blood miserably, and he is now gazing at Yun Chuan with a startle look .

He can’t imagine that this young man who looks gentle and totally harmless could have such a terrible explosive force . Although he himself is at the early-stage of Martial Core, he can feel that if the youngster wanted to kill him just now, he had no power to fight back .  He can now still stand here, is the result of the boy’s leniency .

The sound of swallowing comes from the crowd .

All around that cultivator, other Brothers are also shocked by what they have seen and couldn’t believe what had just happened .

They are the first group of cultivators to enter the Land of Mirage, so they know nothing about Yun Chuan’s previous performance on the Fanghu Island . If they did, they would not make such a fuss as they do now .

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