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Chapter 74

Proofread by Liang Yaping

Xing Wudao finally releases a palm and even deliberately stops for a moment to see the fear of death on Yun Chuan’s face .

But to his surprise, Yun Chuan doesn’t show any fear on his face . On the contrary, there is a trace of slight mockery . Even in the view of Xing Wudao, Yun Chuan is looking at him pitifully .  Then Yun Chuan whispers, “Well, you are already dead . ”

Yun Chuan opens his mouth, making Xing Wudao’s hairs all stand up . An incomparable breath even with a power of the Dyhana at the stage of Nascent Soul roars out with a terrible heat, rushing directly to Xing Wudao .

“What, the breath of the treasure at the stage of Nascent Soul, how could it be?! Yun Chuan, you fool me!”

Xing Wudao looks up and cries in horror . In his eyes, he can only see a dazzling sword shadow, which drowns his whole person . The color of burning red dyes the whole sky, and the white sword light mixed in the red becomes the last thing Xing Wudao has seen for his whole life .

The sword light fades, and only Xing Wudao’s burnt black corpse divided into two parts falls down . Yun Chuan grabs the bodies and collects all the things stored in the space of Xing Wudao’s Dantian . He takes out a Stone of Mirage and grasps it in his hand .  And at the next second, Yun Chuan’s figure directly disappears, for he has entered the Land of Mirage directly .

“What the hell are you? On that day, I said that you were just a trash, and you still dare to provoke me all the time! Brother Gui, didn’t you say I couldn’t get in without a Stone of Mirage? Now I have it, bye then!” The boy’s mocking words come from afar .

The wind keeps howling, and no one ever speaks for a long time, only the sound of swallowing because of the shock .

One move, just with one move, Yun Chuan has killed Xing Wudao, an Inner Disciple of the Falling Star School, and even leaving Xing Wudao no time to respond .

Many people also fail to react at the first time . After all, the defeat and death of Xing Wudao was just too fast . Only a few seconds have passed from Xing Wudao’s death to Yun Chuan’s disappearance into the Land of Mirage .

“The treasure at the stage of Nascent Soul generally needs the support of its matching martial skill, and this kind of martial skill is at least at the Black level . Even the strong at the stage of Martial Core can’t fully release its power without practice of years after getting a treasure at the stage of Nascent Soul .  If Yun Chuan merely practiced that supporting martial skill to the entry-stage, he couldn’t make such a clean shot . Just looking at the released power, that treasure of the stage of Nascent Soul has been fully discovered!”

“How could it be? Is he so horribly talented? I’ve heard that Yun Chuan is only of the second-level blood .  With such a poor qualification, it will be totally hard to avoid the fate of being a bottom-of-the-heap, and let alone to fully display the power of the treasure!”

“Xing Wudao wants to wipe out his disgrace, but he still dies in the same routine . If he wants to kill Yun Chuan with one blow, his personal defense must be extremely weak . If not, even with the help of that treasure at the stage of Nascent Soul, it is just impossible for him to cut Xing Wudao in half . Alas, Xing Wudao really died an awful death!” 

Many of the martial arts practitioners who saw this scene felt inexplicably shocked and could not be calmed down for a long time .

On the other side, Gui Yantian and others who firmly believed that Yun Chuan was doomed to die, now look frozen on their faces . Gui Yantian’s blood-like tears, Da Pheonix’s laughter, and Li Tianhan’s gloomy face all seem to be still at this moment .

Especially the ridicule words of the youngster after he has stepped into the Land of Mirage, these ups and downs in such a short period of time leave Gui Yantian almost no chance to breath .

“The treasure at the stage of Nascent Soul demands a large consumption of the original force, so I think this little thief can only release one attack in a short time . Let’s get into the Land quickly . Maybe we can hunt him down and take his treasure to avenge Brother Wudao!”

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Gui Yantian wipes away the tears on his face, calms down and gnashes the teeth in anger:

“Avenge for Brother Wudao!”

After hearing this, a trace of greed appears in the eyes of Da Phoenix and Li Tianhan, but they soon recover a grief and righteous look, and follow Gui Yantian into the Land of Mirage .

After a burst of dazzling white light, Yun Chuan is totally surprised by what he sees . He looks around, the yellow sky, the gray earth, the collapsed and fractured mountains in the distance, and the ground look like a swamp with bubbles . . .  Everything is just astonishing .

“The Land of Mirage looks like a fairyland from the outside, but it looks like a place of death inside . I’m wondering how it was formed . . .  The greater the lucky chances are, the more dangerous the risks will be .  I must never let down my guard!”

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His face is now a little bit pale, and his breath is much weaker than before . Gui Yantian is right .  Although the power of the treasure at the stage of Nascent Soul is great, he can only barely use it with his current qualification . What’s more, his previous attack completely released the power of the Xuanyang Sword, and only one attack has consumed all the original force in his body .

Yun Chuan sits with his knees crossed . He takes out a few Primordial Stones and starts to absorb them, and several Stones turn into dust in an instant; a complex expression then shows on the youngster’s face . After being quenched by the Fruit of Blood and Fire and the Water of Icy Spring, his Near Core can even compete with the real Core at the early-stage of Martial Core , but correspondingly, the original force needed to be supplemented is tens of times more than that of a normal Near Core . He has just roughly estimated that it will take at least 2000 Primordial Stones to fully recover .

Instead of walking around, he sits down here calmly to complement his original force, and be vigilant to any sign of unusual action around him at the same time, giving no chance to the enemies .

After half a day, suddenly Yun Chuan’s face changes and he looks into the distance . From the distant mountains comes a rumbling sound, as if something is coming . With his eyes, he sees a head-sized and fire-red ore passing like it has some spiritual intelligence, smashing all the broken mountains along its way .

“What a huge Metfire Stone! Truly, this Land of Mirage is full of lucky chances! The Metfire Stone is a kind of excellent material for refining treasures at the stage of Nascent Soul .  Moreover, it is of the same resource with my Xuanyang Sword . It seems that this Metfire Stone is the pick of the bunch, for it has already cultivated its own spirit .  But what it’s hiding from? If I can get it, the power of my Xuanyang Sword will surely have a big rise!”

A glimmer of joy flashes across Yun Chuan’s face . He looks at the moving direction of that Metfire Stone . With a shout, he suddenly jumps up and releases thousands of palm shadows, blocking the way of that head-sized Metfire Stone . Although the Stone keeps striking those shadows, it is unable to break free from Yun Chuan’s encirclement . So gradually the colliding force slows down .

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