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Chapter 73

Proofread by Liang Yaping

“Look who is here! Without any Stone of Mirage, you want to get in this Land? Yun Chuan, you are really good at imagination . ”

All of a sudden, a strange voice comes from far to near . Yun Chuan looks up and finds that Xing Wudao, Gui Yantian, as well as Da Phoenix, Li Tianhan and others have arrived at the edge of the Land of Mirage .

Xing Wudao looks quite proud and pleasant, and he walks towards Yun Chuan step by step , looking down from a high positon: “Yun Chuan, you are here digging your own grave . You don’t even have a Stone of Mirage, how dare you come here? Curiosity kills the cat . You just give me a chance to avenge my shame . ”

“Brother Wudao, this little brute killed my brother .  Maybe you can give me the chance to end his life!”

However, at this time, Gui Yantian opens his mouth with a ferocious look . He stops Xing Wudao’s pace and looks at the youth in front of him while gnashing his teeth in anger .

“Better give it to me! Previously, this bastard insulted my name in the Blue Sky Restaurant and ruined my reputation completely, and it will be difficult to raise my head in front of those cultivators . If I don’t kill this little jerk by myself, my hatred will never be dispelled! Brothers, I’ll give this bastard a lesson today!”

Dao Phoenix’s face turns red with anger, and his head swells again with white pus running down .  If he didn’t open his mouth, nobody would think of Yun Chuan’s previous teasing words; but now they immediately come to all the people, and they can’t hold their strange look back .

“Easy, Brother Phoenix .  But this little jerk dares to insult my Zombie School before .  It will be a great regret in my life if I can’t kill this little brute with my own hands and get revenge .  Brothers, please give me this chance!”

Li Tianhan from the Zombie School says coldly, and he steps forward with a grim smile .

Almost all people regard Yun Chuan as the meat on the chopping board and fight for the qualification to kill him personally . After all, in their opinion, though Yun Chuan truly has something special, how could a martial arts cultivator at the late-stage of Body Cultivation compete with them? At any rate, Yun Chuan can’t escape the result of dying here today .

“Have you finished the discussion? Who’s the first one to challenge me?”

But at this time, Yun Chuan’s simple words leave Xing Wudao, Gui Yantian and others a quite strange feeling .  If the weak decides to fight with the strong, it can be called as a challenge; and Yun Chuan’s words at the moment gives them a feeling he is not in an inferior position . Instead, he is now like a powerful devil looking at them with despises to find out who will be the first one to die .

“Yun Chuan, you want to escape? We’ve sealed off this area, and you have no way to go, unless you have a Stone of Mirage to enter the Land .  But do you have it? Gui Yantian sneers with a teasing voice .

While he is still talking, Da Phoenix and Li Tianhan have already blocked all the directions Yun Chuan can escape . Both of them are strong men at the middle-stage of Martial Core, and they have absolute ability to prevent Yun Chuan from escaping .  And now they are also sneering .

“I don’t have any Stone of Mirage, but soon I’ll get it . Xing Wudao has robbed my Stone, but sooner or later, mine are mine, even yours will be mine . ” Yun Chuan’s voice is flat .

“You idiot! Brothers, don’t argue anymore . The chance in the Land of Mirage is the most important thing in this trip . As for this little brute seeking for his own death, I’ll deal with him .  Brothers, pollute not your hands with the blood of this vulgar!”

Xing Wudao has been at the front from the beginning . At the moment, he is eager to wash away his previous humiliation in the public . After all, he got injured heavily without any preparation .  The rumor of being seriously injured and hunted by Yun Chuan has been spread all over the country, and it has caused a public doubt on his strength . He’s been so frustrated these days that he is always thinking about how to kill Yun Chuan and restore his reputation . After all, he is an Inner Disciple of the Falling Star School .  As a cultivator at the middle-stage of Martial Core, he has been beat and humiliated by a youngster at the late-stage of Body Cultivation .  If this rumor spreads to his Falling Star School, his position as an Inner Disciple may not be maintained .  So as soon as his words end, he rushes out like an arrow from the string .

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The original force starts to surge through Xing Wudao’s whole body .  In the past few days on the Fanghu Island, he has spent a huge amount of money to recover the injury caused by Yun Chuan . In an instant, his speed has risen to the fastest, and the air whistling can even be heard . Clearly he wants to kill Yun Chuan by only on shot .

Only by killing Yun Chuan instantly can he show the huge gap between their strength, wash away his humiliation, and make people believe that the failure of that day was just an accident .

The power of Xing Wudao has also been seen in the eyes of others around, and they are all totally shocked .

“It seems that Xing Wudao’s failure on that day was just an accident . Judging from his power, although his injury has not recovered completely, he is definitely much better than those ordinary cultivators at the middle-stage of Martial Core!”

“It seems that Xing Wudao wants to wash away the humiliation of that day . I think this attack will definitely kill Yun Chuan in full view of the public . ”

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“What a pity! Unless you beat a snake to death, it will cause endless trouble in future .  Yun Chuan didn’t kill Xing Wudao at that time, but let him escape to the Fanghu Island . Now it’s his turn to be killed .  Pitiful, really pitiful!”

“Well, he has no idea of death or danger at all .  After he has provoked Xing Wudao and others, those people will not let anyone get away .  Why doesn’t he stay on the Fanghu Island and keep away from trouble? He is sending himself to his own death, and no one is to blame!”

Seeing the power of Xing Wudao, Gui Yantian laughs merrily, but his eyes are gradually filled with blood-like tears: “Younger Brother, did you see it in the heaven? Yun Chuan, this brute who killed you, is going to die under my eyes today!”

Da Phoenix shakes his head and stares at Xing Wudao with great interest, paying no attention to his swollen head and the white pus on it .

Xing Wudao’s power keeps rising, and his speed becomes extremely fast with the sound of explosion in the air . Like a celestial in the ancient times he rushes with original force burning through his body . He makes no reservation in this palm and finally attacks towards Yun Chuan!

His morale has been greatly boosted by the accumulated resentment and the determination to wash away his shame . He feels that the power of this attack is absolutely extraordinary, and it even reaches the level of the late-stage of Martial Core!

“After this palm, this little jerk Yun Chuan will have no reason to survive! How dare you provoke me? No one has ever lived up to now after doing that to me!”

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