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Chapter 72

Proofread by Liang Yaping

After all, he has become an Inner Disciple of the Daoist Pill Sect not so long . However, all these martial arts cultivators around him are now driven by a fever of enthusiasm, preparing for splashing out on the Stones .  Therefore, Yun Chuan knows that it will be difficult for him to get a Stone this time . After all, there are only ten Stones, but there are nearly one hundred people who want them .

As for the second batch of Stones, it is more unrealistic for Yun Chuan to obtain them . In addition to the fact that the lucky chances in the Land of Mirage will be almost wiped out by the first group of people, another reason holding Yun Chuan back is that he has to wait for at least another several dozen days for the second eruption of Stones .  But the Pill Refinement Competition is coming less in a month; the time is running out for Yun Chuan .

“In that case, I’ll take the lead .  Gradually, the bid for the first Stone will not be too fierce . At that time, I will raise the price to the highest limit I can afford, giving people the image of being rich and generous . In this way, many people may be retreat because of this and not fight with me with all their strength on the first Stone!”

Yun Chuan makes up his mind . At this time, Elder Master Sima Tiangang of the Tianyi School looks around, clears his throat and announces, “The bid of the first Stone of Mirage now begins, and there is no bottom line . ”

As soon as Sima Tiangang’s words finish, many people in different private rooms start to shout out their quotes .  The bid gets hot immediately .

“1000 Primordial Stones!”

“2000 Primordial Stones!”

“Such a treasure, I’ll give you 3000 Primordial Stones for it!”

“3500 Primordial Stones! This is the first Stone of Mirage, and I hope that you youngsters will do me a favor!”

“Old man, today we are fighting with our own abilities, and who will give in? 4000 Primordial Stones!”

 Yun Chuan face gradually becomes serious . He knows that such an increase in price will surely put the price to an unimaginable peak . He immediately stands up and shouts out, “I’ll give you 15,000 Primordial Stones for that!”

As soon as Yun Chuan’s words come out, the crowd turns considerably quiet .  The price increase of the youngster is so dramatic that many people can’t make an immediate response .

And the most important thing is that at the moment, Yun Chuan still makes light of splashing out 15,000 Primordial Stones in one breath, which totally holds people in awe .

The price of 15,000 Primordial Stones is definitely not a small number, let alone they are merely biding for the first Stone of Mirage . A lot of people decide to give up, and for a while there has not been a sound .

Yun Chuan feels a little bit relieved, knowing that his plan of being preemptive works . If there is no accident, the first Stone of Mirage will be in his pocket .

“I’ll offer 18,000 Primordial Stones! Yun Chuan, do you think you can get any Stone of Mirage while I’m still here?”

But all of sudden, at the moment when everyone thinks that the first round of competition is about to settle down, Xing Wudao stands up and pushes the price to a new peak again .

Yun Chuan’s face darkens perceptibly: “20,000 Primordial Stones!”

Xing Wudao, on the contrary, shows a cheerful look: “25,000 yuan Primordial Stones! Yun Chuan, no more bid?”

Yun Chuan snorts with a live face and sits down, without continuing to increase the price . In fact, all his Primordial Stones are not enough for a higher bid .

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The first Stone Mirage has been sold at such a high price that many people turns pale . The price of 15,000 Primordial Stones offered by Yun Chuan has already exceeded the psychological expectation of them, so no one dares to bid with him .  Generally speaking, there is a great possibility that the first Stone of Mirage will belong to Yun Chuan .

However, the emergence of Xing Wudao disrupts all this directly .

Although Xing Wudao also knows that the Stone of Mirage is not worth so high price, and part of the Primordial Stones he promised to offer actually needs to be charged on credit . But even so, seeing Yun Chuan’s upset face, he is still hugging himself over Yun Chuan’s failure .

Soon, the bidding for the second Stone of Mirage begins .  Once Yun Chuan participates in the bidding, Xing Wudao just follows closely and raises the price .  Together with the maliciously retaliates from Gui Yantian and others, Yun Chuan also fails on the fight over the second Stone of Mirage . His face becomes even more serious, which adds to the happy look on the faces of Gui Yantian and Xing Wudao .

The same goes for the next, and the next of the next . . . Yun Chuan gets not even one Stone with all the ten Stones of Mirages selling out, and his face turns livid, almost like dripping out of the water . Although it kills Xing Wudao and others for spending Primordial Stone so lavishly,  they are still very satisfied and swaggered from the front of Yun Chuan with a high spirit .

Anger also shows on Sima Tian’s face, but he still tries to comfort Yun Chuan: “Brother Yun, calm down . They love to waste their Primordial Stones, then let them do it . After another several dozens of days, we can also go there after the second eruption of Stones of Mirage . ”

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Seeing that Xing Wudao and others have gone away with a triumphant mood, Yun Chuan suddenly returns to normal and the previous livid look disappears . He shakes his head and smiles: “Truly they are just wasting their Stones . Especially Xing Wudao, he keeps provoking me repeatedly . He has snatched away the Stone of Mirage that originally belonged to me, which just helps save my Primordial Stones . Mine are mine sooner or later, and theirs are mine too! By the way, Brother Sima, can you tell me the specific location of the Land of Mirage?”

Sima Tian is struck dumb by the instant change of Yun Chuan’s face .  And the youngster’s words make Sima Tian shiver unconsciously . He asks himself in his heart, “Is it that Brother Yun has been stung to madness this time that he starts to talk nonsense? I know the details of the last fight between Xing Wudao and him . After all, Xing Wudao is a strong man at the middle-stage of Martial Core, and he is on guard after that . If they two fight again this time, he will not get seriously injured as he did before . However, compared with Xing Wudao, Brother Yun’s martial arts cultivation is still not enough . . . ”

He becomes worried . But when he is about to dissuade him from going to the Land of Mirage, he just sees the confident look of Yun Chuan, so he manages to swallow these words again . He imprints the specific location of the Land of Mirage onto the jade slip and hands it to Yun Chuan .  Opening his mouth, Sima Tiangang starts to talk without saying too much: “Brother Yun, don’t force yourself . If something happens, you can go back to the Fanghu Island immediately, for I’m still of some clout on this Island . ”

Yun Chuan nods to take it gratefully . After a moment of greeting, he takes his leave and heads for the Land of Mirage .

On the North Sea, there is a vast expanse of blue waves with no end in sight . Half a day later, a row of continuous fairyland-like palaces suddenly appear at the end of the vast sea . They are surrounded by a dim and white mist, being faintly visible .

“Is that the Land of Mirage?” Yun Chuan’s look becomes serious .  Those palaces in the front bring him a kind of surreal feeling, just like the mirage on the sea from time to time .

Yun Chuan carefully moves towards the edge of that Land .  But as he has expected, without any Stone of Mirage on his body, the scene of the Land of Mirage is just like a real mirage, and he goes through it directly .

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