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Chapter 70

Proofread by Liang Yaping

The second floor of the Blue Sky Restaurant covers a large area, and it is separated into a number of private rooms, but they are not completely separated, and people in them can see each other through those white or almost transparent screen curtains . At the moment, these rooms have been occupied by many disciples from different Sects and Schools, and the festive sound of glasses clinking and laughing can be heard clearly .

As soon as Yun Chuan steps into the second floor, many eyes have immediately focused on him .  Most of the disciples here are outstanding disciples in the Sects and Schools, and many are already at the stage of Martial Core; their oppressive gazes are enough to frighten many weak minded cultivators .

  However, the youngster’s look doesn’t change at all . He glances around and finds Sima Tian not far away, who is now standing up and greeting him .  Yun Chuan then nods with a smile and walks straight to his seat .

Sima Tian laughs heartily and says, “Brother Yun, I thought as much! If there is no accident, every newcomer to the Island will come to visit this Blue Sky Restaurant . I’ve already prepared a meal for you .  Let’s get drunk today!”

    After Yun Chuan has taken his seat, many private rooms are filled with voices of discussion at once .

“Is that youngster called Yun Chuan, that new disciple of the Daoist Pill Sect?”

“It’s said that he had exhausted and cornered Xing Wudao from the Falling Star School on the shore of the North Sea . I don’t know if this is true or not . It doesn’t look like it . . .  His accomplishments are only at the late-stage of Body Cultivation . Is it that Xing Wudao so weak that even a boy at the late-stage of Body Cultivation can easily beat him?”

    “Shhh, keep your voice down . Xing Cudao has also come here today .  Beware that he will bear your grudge . . . ”

“Is it exaggerated? He looks nothing special!”

The voices of discussion are blatant, and they clearly greet into Yun Chuan’s ears . However, the youngster cares nothing about them . He looks at Sima Tian and asks doubtfully, “Brother Sima, why are so many martial arts cultivators from those major Sects and Schools gathering here today?”

Sima Tian chuckles and says, “There are things that you don’t know, Brother Yun . A few days ago, a Land of Mirage has appeared on the North Sea, which is thousands of miles away from the south of the Fanghu Island . There are so many wonderful things appealing to many martial arts cultivators, and every one wants to go and have a look . ”

He pauses, and a trace of yearning shows on his face: “The reason why it is called the Land of Mirage is that many people have tried to getting into it at the beginning, but they just failed . They could only pass through it as if it was illusory . Therefore, they all think that it is just an illusion like a mirage . Only a few days ago, someone found that every ten days, this Land of Mirage will spit out some stones that we call the Stone of Mirage . With this kind of Stone, those martial arts cultivators under the stage of Nascent Soul can enter that Land . There was a cultivator from an unknown School who came out of it; we don’t know what lucky chance he has got, but his cultivation has been upgraded from the middle-stage of Martial Core to the stage only half step to that of Nascent Soul!”

Yun Chuan gasps and says, “How could it be . . . is there such a lucky chance in that Land of Mirage? But what is the Stone of Mirage? Or to say, are they gathering for it here?”

Sima Tian nods and answers, “Now the Stone of Mirage that the Land spurts out is less than 100 pieces, which are all controlled by some Sects and Schools . I remember that some cultivators from your Daoist Pill Sect also have obtained some pieces, but there are still dozens of Stones fallen into the hands of some rouge cultivators . They are taken to several jointly controlled shops and sold out a few days ago . Today, we gather here to determine the ownership of these ten Stones . Brother Yun, this Land of Mirage is really a rare lucky chance for us . You might as well participate in the auction this time and get the opportunity to the Land of Mirage and see if you can get anything . ”

   Yun Chuan is a little moved and says with a smile, “Brother Sima, if you say so, I really want to go there and  . . . ”

“A waste that I nearly killed on that day, wants to get the lucky chance in the Land of Mirage? Yun Chuan, do you think you can soar up into the sky after becoming an Inner Disciple of the Daoist Pill Sect by merely chance? You are doomed to die in my hands!”

Suddenly, a voice with deep hatred comes from a private room . Looking at Yun Chuan, the owner of the voice, Gui Yan Tian, looks both ferocious and pale . On that day, he was almost smashed by Dan Ling at one stroke, and half of his bloody figures s formed by using his Escape of Hundreds Ghosts, which made him suffer from unimaginable heavy damage where he has not fully recovered until now . In addition, Yun Chuan has previously murdered his younger brother, Gui Tianli . At the moment, with all the old and recent grudges are all surging into his heart, he stands up and gnashes the teeth in anger .

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Yun Chuan’s face changes a little, and he nods from afar .  Then he takes up the cup and splashes the liquid on the ground .  With a regretful look he says: “Brother Gui, I’m so sorry for your loss . Although your brother died, it just made a great contribution to my promotion .  He really died a worthy and glorious death .  As his elder brother, you should be proud of him . Acting pretentiously like you will not only make people despise, but also shame your younger brother in his grave!”


Gui Yantian’s face turns red as if he is about to spit blood . At this time, another cold faced cultivator beside Gui Yantian stands up and sneers: “Lip service is all you’re good at . You killed Brother Gui’s younger brother, and now you are here talking the flagrant words! Brother Gui, after we get out, I will take his head for you!”

    Yun Chuan becomes serious and opens his mouth: “And you are?”

“Li Tianhan from the Zombie School . Remember, little flea, I’m the one who kill you!” Li Tianhan talks tough with an arrogant face .

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“So you are Brother Li . Sorry I didn’t recognize you .  The Ghost Mountain School and the Zombie Sect, I’ve heard about these two .  Like attracts like; and you two Sect and School just swallow in the mire with each other .  I’m wondering about this description before, but I finally solve my doubts after seeing Brother Li and Brother Gui today . ” Yun Chuan seems to be suddenly enlightened and chuckles .

    “You dare to insult our Zombie Sect!” Li Tianhan’ body trembles with great anger .

“Little jerk, since I’m here today, you won’t get even one Stone today!” In the private room of Gui Yantian, another person rises up with a hoarse and sharp voice .

Yun Chuan turns to the man with narrowed eyes .  That big and tall man looks quite ugly, and there are many pustules on his face . At the moment, he is glaring at Yun Chuan with a pair of big and bloodshot eyes .

    “Oh? And could you tell me your . . . ”

Before Yun Chuan finishes his words, he is interrupted directly by that ugly but strong man .  That rude man says impatiently, “You are so garrulous! Since you ask me sincerely, then I will tell you and let you die clearly! I’m Da Phoenix from the Five Poisons School!” (Tips: “Da” in Chinese means “big” . )

This strong man gets a hideous face, but his name is so delicate that it is difficult for others to associate the two together, giving people a strong sense of strangeness and contrast . Yun Chuan shows a surprised look and praises: “Brother Da, you really got a good name . ”

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